Explain the Structure of 10000 words dissertation ?

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Structure Of 10000 Words Dissertation

It has been ages that writing a dissertation is compulsory in the final year of higher studies. As forever, students remain perplexed about writing dissertations. A dissertation is an academic piece of writing that requires a lot of research.

A proper amount of dedicated time is necessary for composing an intensive dissertation. It is a lengthy document and given to write in some months but still, students are not able to complete it properly. The lack lies in many places. The major one is the breakdown of the words in the different sections of a dissertation. 

Well, if you are one of the struggling students with the break-up of your total word count for completing a dissertation, then you have reached the right place. This blog is dedicated to the structure of a 10000-word dissertation. It can be taken as a standard irrespective of what is the total word count of your dissertation. 

The break-up is given by the dissertation expert from the dissertation writing help service online. We have a great group of dissertation-writing experts. They are well-versed in the requirements of a dissertation and its format. The dedicated team has gained proficiency in curating high-quality content for the dissertation. We provide our service around the globe. The main aim of our work is to provide assistance to struggling students with different types of assignments. 

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As far as a dissertation is concerned, this blog will solve all the queries regarding the structure of a dissertation. Let us see how we should write a 10000-word dissertation. By the end of the blog, if some question pops up and you won't answer, you can text us and we will solve your query. 

Let's Get Started 

Whenever a student starts writing a dissertation, what is the first thought that comes to their mind? Well, obviously it is about the structure and break-up of the total word count for such a lengthy and important piece of an academic paper. If the initial part starts becoming a problem, then proceeding further will be a great struggle. Thus, our dissertation expert will help you with this by providing a clear segregation of words that are used by them and accepted by the universities. 

10000-Word Dissertation Structure 

The dissertation experts that we have will provide you with a detailed description of the structure of 10000 words dissertation. Let us go step-by-step so that you attain clarity about the content and the word count you can invest in each section. 


The first chapter of a dissertation is the introduction. This is supposed to be completed in the 10% word count of the total word allotted for the dissertation. So as we are talking about a 10000 dissertation, then 10% means that the introduction chapter should have 1000 words. There are different things that you need to incorporate in this chapter: research topic, research questions, dissertation objectives, and the overview of the structure of the dissertation. 

Literature review 

This is the next chapter and the most crucial part of a dissertation. The literature review is supposed to be completed in 30% of the total word count of a dissertation. Thus, if we are talking about a 10000-word dissertation, then this section is to be written in 3000 words. 

This section is also composed of many aspects that include the following: addressing the evidenced-based literature gap, you need to talk about the different methodological approaches, you are supposed to provide the audience with all the possible solutions to the questions proposed and contribute from yourself something original to the already available works of literature.

This section is very important as it provides the dissertation with all the related pieces of evidence on the research questions. The pieces of evidence should be up-to-date and relevant to the thesis questions. 

Research Methodology

This is the third chapter of a dissertation. it is supposed to be completed within 15% of the total word count of a dissertation. Then accordingly for a dissertation of 10000 words, this section is supposed to be written in 1500 words. This section must have the overall structure as well as style of the dissertation, it should include the analysis of the data and finally the evaluation of the data that has been found after research. 

Finding as well as research 

The findings as well as the research section are required to be completed in 5% of the total word count of a dissertation. So, for the dissertation of 10000 words, this section is required to be completed in 500 words. This part is dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the results obtained from the research. 


This is a huge part of the dissertation. This section requires 30% of the total word count of a dissertation. This means that for a 10000-word dissertation, this section is required to be written in 3000 words. This section is supposed to have a brief overview of all the implications found from different evidence. It should display the connection between the findings and the central theme of the dissertation. 

Conclusion and recommendation 

           The last chapter is a combination of a conclusion and a recommendation. It is required to be written in 10% of the total word count of a dissertation. for example, a 10000 words dissertation will have a conclusion and recommendation completed in 1000 words. This section will act as a summary of all that is included in the dissertation so far. Be sure not to include any new concepts or theories in this section. Include all the important points and never stray from the main topic. After reading this section, a reader should get clear with the central idea or theme, or thesis of the dissertation. 


This section does not count in the allotted word count of a dissertation. There is no limit to the number of references to be used but do not overdo it to impress the professor. It has to be included for every important concept and argument being introduced in the paper. You are supposed to include reliable and credible sources in the references.

Lastly, you need to list them in the appropriate style in the reference list section. This is very important to the fact that it adds credibility to the whole research paper. It shows that you have investigated properly and that you know all that you have included in the research paper. 

The research part is a major problem for the students as they do not know the tricks for doing smart research. They end up saying that they are not able to find relevant information about the topic. As a result, they end up including unnecessary information in the content. This leaves a very negative impact on the teacher and loss of marks becomes inevitable. 

By now you must have understood the structure as well as the breakdown of a 10000-word dissertation. The percentage break-up has been included so that it becomes easy for you to break down a lengthier dissertation. if you need guidance on any section of a dissertation, take help from an academic expert.

You just need to hand over all your doubts to us and stay stress-free. It is our job to make you feel less burdened about your studies. We are at your disposal and happy to serve you in any way we can. If you have trouble with referencing part, then also you can take our help. We will guide you and rectify the mistakes you have done in your research paper accordingly. 

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