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Torrens University Assignment Help Online

Torrens University is one of the most elite private universities in Australia with more than 5 campuses across the globe. It believes in vocational education and gives access to think tanks following strategic learning.

It has six schools that offer specialization in various fields like business, design, media, hotel management, and other diplomas. It also has research centres that let students explore the fields of Artificial Intelligence, business organisation, health and hygiene, and sustainable development.

The university campus welcomes people from all backgrounds globally. Recently it has started a course called “The Voices of Autism”. It has also given the country excellent alumni who are shining stars in their fields. It has achieved excellence by following a curriculum that fits the current requirements of individuals in a changing world. 

Digi Assignment Help is a platform that has been helping the students of Torrens University to meet their academic needs. We have been addressing all doubts and helping pupils to score better by delivering them on ten on-ten projects. Contact our Torrens University Assignment Help to avail all the benefits and better your college journey. 

Understanding Torrens University Assignment 

Torrens University Assignment types:

The university has designed different assessments to suit the requirements of different programs offered by various colleges. Some of the most common forms of them are:

  • Essays: Essays are relevant in every university program. The frequency may vary but every graduate student has to write essays in their degree and they contribute a significant portion to the weightage. Giving them attention is necessary to maintain a good record. For this, students can follow the mentioned format, and relevant arguments, while adhering to a consistent tone and facts.

  • Dissertation: To complete their doctorate or a Ph.D. scholars are required to write a dissertation which is an in-depth investigation of a particular subject, assessment of the literature, the gathering and analysis of data, and presenting of conclusions. Dissertations show the student's subject-matter expertise and add new knowledge to the field.

  • Thesis: A thesis is significant in a master's degree program. It displays a student's individual investigation and evaluation of a certain subject matter within their area of study. A thesis is intended to offer a well-reasoned viewpoint or argument that is supported by research. 

  • Review Writing: The practice of critically examining and summarizing current literature or scholarly works on a particular topic is known as review writing. Reviews come in a variety of forms, such as critical, systematic, and literature reviews. It includes evaluating the reliability of the sources, spotting patterns or gaps in the research, and summing up the context.

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Grading System

The college adheres to its own grading system which is mentioned below:

Grade Grade Descriptor Marks Range
High Distinction (HD) Shows the sufficient quality of performance to be considered outstanding or highly competent in relation to learning outcomes. 85-100
Distinction (D) Shows the sufficient quality of performance to be considered brilliant or competent in relation to learning outcomes. 75-84
Credit (C) Shows the sufficient quality of performance to be considered above satisfactory or competent in relation to learning outcomes. 65-74
Pass (P) Shows the sufficient quality of performance to be considered satisfactory or competent in relation to learning outcomes. 50 - 64
Non-Graded Pass (NGP) To depict achieving all learning outcomes N/A
Supplementary Pass (SP) Meeting the criteria for taking a supplementary assessment 50
CP Conceded Pass 50
TP Terminating Pass Below 50


Interim Grades

Grades Grade descriptor
IN Incomplete
SUP Supplementary
CCT Conditional Credit Transfer
CX Conditional Exemption

Other relevant grades:

Notations Abbreviation Meaning
Withdrawn Deleted WD Withdrawal without financial or academic penalty
Withdrawn Not Fail WNF Withdrawal without financial penalty.
Withdrawn Fail WF Withdrawal after the subject withdrawal date but on or before the withdrawal deadline.
Credit Transfer CT Achieving all the learning outcomes for the subject
Recognition of Prior Learning- Not granted RNG Failure to achieve all the learning outcomes for the specified subject
Exemption X Grant of exemption from completing the requirements of the subject under a block credit agreement
Elective Exemption UX Grant of unspecified credit and is exempt from the requirements of an elective subject.
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Torrens University Assignment Cover Sheet 

Torrens University follows the concept of an assignment cover sheet. It is a document which is submitted alongside all projects. It acts as a front sheet that contains the essential details of a student that helps recognise them. It benefits both the administrators and students.

The assignment cover sheet helps with the classification and makes the management of the massive influx of paperwork easier. Hence students should always be careful while filling it out. 

The sheet is available on the main university website. Pupils can download it and fill it out virtually. Download the correct cover sheet and mention all the information accurately to keep confusion away. The details asked are:

-    Name/ID, 
-    College, 
-    Course, 
-    Lecturer Name, 
-    Subject Name, 
-    Assignment Title and 
-    Declaration of no plagiarism and 
-    Signature. 

Download Torrens cover sheet sample from here -

Challenges Faced by Torrens University Students

Time Management: 

We implement time management to write your assessments. It is a skill that brings in positive returns to everyone including learners, businesses or any other organisation. As a strategy, it is proven to increase your work efficiency. Students can make a workable timetable and follow it to cover up their backlog and save time by working quickly.

Subject matter

The relevance of the subject matter extends beyond college years. During college, it helps you score good grades but when you master its application you can perform equally well in your workspace. This also leads to innovation and individuals gain enough knowledge to handle any challenging situation. It is also recommended to keep yourself updated from time to time.

Language and writing abilities

Strong language skills play an important role in your academic success. Students who have strong language command write their assignments better, and understand lectures and readings better. It's also easier for them to make friends and adjust quickly. Hence, working on your English language skills is mandatory.

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Digi Assignment Help: Assisting Torrens University Students


Digi Assignment Help is a platform that has been catering to the needs of university students' assessments for almost a decade now. Our team of experts easily spot your problems and offer workable solutions. We provide a hundred per cent plagiarism assignment that sticks to the university guidelines. By offering solution-oriented projects with zero duplication or spinning of content, we have helped thousands of scholars excel in academics and score better.
You can contact us to avail all the benefits and get premium quality projects that are bound to change your academic journey.


Our writers don't leave doubt for clients. Their work is impeccable and impressive. Our writers are exceptionally well in their field with PhDs this gives the assignments a new outlook and is always on time and up to date.

Suzzane has a Master's in Business Administration and excels in writing projects on accounting, financial management, and business studies. Having experience of almost a decade she creates excellent, data-driven assignments that match academic standards reflecting her in-depth understanding of financial research and market trends.

Kevin has a Ph.D. in biology and is a committed academic writer. His knowledge includes microbiology and genetics among other subfields. Mark enjoys conducting scientific studies, and he is skilled at writing lab reports, and research papers. His dedication to precision and clarity guarantees that all works are on the mark and on time.

Emily is an accomplished author with a focus on English literature. She has a Master's in English Literature and a strong grasp of critical thinking, creative writing, and literary analysis. The insightful interpretations of Emily's assignments, whether they are on classic literature or contemporary literary theory, are renowned for captivating readers and achieving high grades.

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Customised Service

The college syllabus includes a variety of assessments like essays, dissertations, viva, quizzes and many more. An individual faces different issues while covering different assignments. We know their struggles hence we provide a customised solution to every individual. This way they get a chance to describe their problem in detail and we deliver the most affordable solution with premium quality.

Timely delivery

Lack of time is one of the reasons students outsource their projects. We understand the urgency and anxiety pupils deal with when it comes to assignments. Therefore, our writers deliver promptly after working on details. This way they get time to analyse their assignments and make any relevant changes if they feel so. Our on-time delivery service makes the submission process smoother. 

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How to Avail Digi Assignment Help

Placing an order

Are you tired of scoring mediocre marks after giving your best? Do you want to upgrade yourself and your grades too? Stop the wait then! We provide you with a variety of solutions that will enable you to receive high-quality assignments while saving time. To order something from us online and get all the perks, follow these steps.

  1. Google search and click on our website digiassignmenthelp.com

  2. From the “Services” choose what you need help with

  3. On the front page a form will appear with the title – “Take assistance from our experts”, asking for basic details like- 

    1. Email, 

    2. Subject, 

    3. Contact number, 

    4. Number of pages, 

    5. Deadline,

    6. A description box, in case you want to attach a file or mention in detail your requirements. 

  4. Once you submit the details, your order ID will be assigned. You can edit it more by clicking on Edit Details and also provide a level of study and reference style, in case needed. 

  5. Choose the plan as per your need.

  6. Pay the amount to finalise it. 

Pricing and Payment

Choosing the plan

We have crafted three personalised plans to secure the educational requirements of students. With our Limited, Standard, and Premium plan options, individuals can fulfil their needs at affordable rates. As each plan is unique and full of benefits they don't miss out on any opportunity! Choose your plan and proceed ahead.


You can rely on our reasonable rates. Our pricing calculator evaluates the sum for the plan you'll choose immediately. This way you can check which plan fits you the best. 

We extend the services of PayPal and Razorpay to proceed with smooth transactions. The services of these payment apps can be accessed across the globe making the payment process easier.

Customer Support 

Our customer support team is active 24/7 to assist you throughout the whole transaction. To make it smooth for you we are active on all social media platforms like - WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, we give you the option to drop your enquiry and our team will reach out to you. You can either call us or mail us your problems and we'll sort them out within no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The eligibility criteria for PTE academics is 50 overall, alongside a 169 in C1 Advanced and B2 First. 
As per the survey, the university stands at number 7 in Australia for its Quality of Entire Educational Experience. 
Yes, at Torrens a GPA system is followed which is used to determine the result of students. It can be calculated using simple formulas- GPA Sum of (credit points x grade point) / total credit points. 
English Language Program or ELP is launched to assist English speakers whose first language is not English. The eligibility criteria is 4.5 in IELTS. To know more visit the main website. 
On failing you can choose to reappear in an assessment exam if your marks fall between 45-49 per cent. In case you score below 45 per cent you’ll have to repeat the entire subject. 
An HDR or Higher Degree by Research is an independent research initiative whose goal is to strengthen the core discipline knowledge, research skills and scholarly writing abilities. 
Yes, FEE-HELP is a scheme that grants loans to help eligible full-fee-paying students cover their tuition fees. Notice that it does not cover extra expenses like accommodation, e-gadgets like laptops, or study material including textbooks. It is also to be paid back as it is a loan. 
Unfortunately, the university doesn’t offer any scheme for international students now. The FEE-HELP is limited to domestic students. There is no full fee waiver or stipends or living costs. In case you see any false notices, do not rely on them. 

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