Why are ethics important in research ?

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What do you think when you hear the word ethics? Rules, choices, regulations, or others? Most people think that ethics are the guidelines for differentiating between right and wrong. What is the motive of ethics? The answer is to do no harm.

Ethics revolve around the norms of conduct. It helps in distinguishing acceptable as well as unacceptable behaviour. Everything we do revolves around ethics. Another way to explain ethics is to be confined to the boundary of originality. Do not cheat to achieve something. The code of conduct is real and guided by the principle of ethics. 

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We have been taught at home, church, and school that cheating is a bad idea. Do not do bad things. Choose the good over the bad. The ability to differentiate between the positive and negative takes time to generate. It takes time to develop.

Everything does not remain in black and white. Some require reading between the lines so that we can make out the difference. The sense of wrong and right is acquired at an early age.

But afterwards, it is our choice of what we want to do. This is what morale is all about. The morale remains at the disposal of our choices. Moral development is tested numerous times throughout our lives. It matures as we get to experience life lessons. 

The norm of ethics is very vague. One might also be tempted to treat it as common sense. But there is a dispute in this.

If ethics or morals are nothing more than common sense, why do we witness many ethical disputes as well as problems regarding the conduct of our society?

Let us get into the details of ethics and try to find out the answer to the proposed question. 


If we consider layman’s terms, ethics are a set of written rules. It can also be unwritten. It has been laid out to govern the expectations together with the various behaviour. The rules act as a guide for us with respect to the expected behaviour from others. The reasons are also stated to be aligned with this rule.

There are wide agreements regarding ethical values. For example, murder is a conduct of bad behaviour. But the extent to which the interpretations are done has its basis in practice. 

We have to understand that ethics are there to guide us in the right direction. It develops only after a certain amount of practice. We cannot expect toddlers to distinguish between good and bad.

They tend to eat food as well as put their toys in their mouth. They do not understand the difference but just that they can put things in their mouths. Therefore, ethics can be treated as one of the fundamentals of our lives. 

Research Ethics 

Now, what do you mean by research ethics? What comes to our mind when we encounter research ethics? Most commonly the problems come to our mind first when the research revolves around animal or human subjects. The issues are definitely a part of research ethics but we need to start with the positive views. Ethics are about the set standards of conduct that are required to be followed during the process of research. It revolves around the aspects of publishing the research openly or transparently void of any plagiarised content and false claim. 
Plagiarism is a very bad offense in the field of research. It is the grave act of making others’ work one’s own. It is a penalized offense if caught. The full career of a researcher can get destroyed and he/she can be barred from the course. Doing research is not an easy job. There is no denying the fact that it is a complex process. But the struggles do not give anyone the liberty of making the work of others our own. This is a basic expectation from a researcher. 

Ethics in research as a guide for all kinds of research. be it scientific research or another sort of field trip for gathering information, the rules are the same for all. Research ethics try to disseminate how proper action is to be taken. You might have many questions regarding this topic. My aim is to answer the majority of them. Continue reading this blog, I hope you will be able to get a clear concept of research ethics. 

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The Do's Of Research Ethics 

Maintaining a proper record of all the research activities is encouraged to be aligned with the originality of the work. 

Reporting the data in an objective way is encouraged. It helps in maintaining the caution that is supposed to be regarding the data. 

If your research involves any living subject, you need to show due respect, empathy as well as care toward them. 

You need to give due credit to all the intellectual property that you have incorporated into the study. 

Maintenance of confidentiality is one of the major factors that you need to accomplish. It is also a grave act if the confidentiality principles get breached. 

The above do's are the basic ones and the most important ethics in research. While conducting research, you will get to know more. Some are instincts of good and bad. It will direct you to the correct path. Thus, it is important to listen to your sixth sense as well.

Many a time you might get compelled to cross the boundary so that you can collect some more information. Always remember you need to act suitably keeping everybody’s convenience on point. Do not get lost but read to know the boundary in which you are supposed to be confined to maintain the research ethics.

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The Don'ts Of Research Ethics 

Whenever you collect any information, present it in a structured and authentic form. fabrication, manipulation, or any kind of misinterpretation of data is not encouraged in research. 
Biases can lead to confusion. Thus, the data interpretation should not have any biases. The peer review as well as the personal decision should be void of weightage of preference. 
Do not deceive the sponsors who have funded your research. It is a major sign of bad conduct. Never forget the source of your advancements. 

Do not conduct any malpractices with the sponsorship you have been given for your own benefit. 
You are devoid of using any research data, published or unpublished, without the permission of the author. 

As mentioned above, do not practice plagiarism. 

Do not encourage improper ways of publication practices. 

Duplication of any existing data via publication, redundancy, or salami publication is also a major don’t of research ethics. 

If living objects are involved then do not miss out on the consideration for ethical issues revolving around their safety. 

Do not leave a scope for the rise of a conflict from your research. 

As you can witness the list of don’ts are lengthy rather than the dos. It is because sometimes we know the route to reach our goal but we forget about the practices to be followed in between. Thus, the don’ts will keep us in line and aligned with the do’s so that we do not breach the research ethics. 

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Importance Of Research Ethics 

It helps in the promotion of the goals of the research. 
It helps in expanding the knowledge of a researcher. 
It enhances the aids for a collaborative workforce and values. 
It instils the importance of being fair and respectful towards others. 
The cooperative efforts amongst the researchers and other groups have a cordial relation in ethics are maintained. 
The rules ensure that the actions taken by the researcher can be well explained if asked for. The accountability of the researcher plays a major role in commanding the research. 
The money funded is put to good use and the value of money of increased. 
Research ethics helps in actual contribution to the world so that it can become a better place to live in. 
Research ethics helps in the establishment of trust in the eyes of the public. 
The more confident the sponsors of the work the more money they will invest to make it well-researched content. 
It displays basic social as well as moral values like don’t be a reason to harm others. 

Ethical Code  

The different agencies that fund the commission for research published the code of ethics or conduct. The legal requirements for composition, labelling, handling, safety, and primary production as well as the processing of food are published by Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. Some are compulsion while others are advised. 
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Ethical Principle 

The following is the general summary of some of the ethical principles that are addressed by various codes

Honesty and integrity

It revolves around reporting the research with full honesty. This applies to the various methods used in the process of research. Researchers are barred to make up any type of data for unreasonable or reasonable reasons. Do not exaggerate the outcome if it is not supported by the pieces of evidence. 


There should not be a sense of bias with respect to the design, analysis, or interpretation of data. You are not supposed to be a source of conflict


You are supposed to avoid any type of careless mistakes. This can be easily achieved by being transparent with your work. When everything remains on the display then authenticity is maintained with the avoidance of silly mistakes. There is no harm in giving a person the credit they deserve. It will enhance your pattern of work and shows alignment with the code of ethics.

Ethics Committee And Their Role 

The universities have a proper ethics committee. They are there to perform proper checking of your research proposals. This ensures that the research will not spark any ethical issues. This is the standard procedure for the approval of ethics for your research. it is followed everywhere.
The role of the committee is to direct you in the correct direction if your research proposals have loopholes. The appropriateness is judged by the committee. The proportion by which your research can contribute towards the advancements of the concerned topic is analysed by the committee.

The committee will also suggest you different ways for improving the research method and precautions to be taken. Thus, if everybody does their work properly then there will not be any breach of ethics. It is important to maintain a base level of humanity. 

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