CHCCCS015 Assessment Answers: Provide Individualised Support

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CHCCCS015 Provides Individualized Support Assesment Answers

CHCCCS015 Provide Individualised Support has been designed for providing the students with the necessary skills for excelling in their academics. This platform also encourages students to gain better knowledge.
They will gain confidence and become vocational. The individualised approach encourages the personal development of the students. The courses provided by the CHCCCS015 include several topics.
Every topic is centred around the different developmental necessities of the student. Some strategies are used when coordinating with people from different cultures or disabled or who need special attention.
The following are some of the topics included in the CHCCCS015 syllabus: 

  • Understanding disabilities: assisting learners who are intellectually disabled. 

  • Working efficiently with different cultures.

  • Understanding the basics of diverse cultures, values, beliefs, and practices. It also encircles the management of cultural differences.

  • Development of an individual support plan. 

  • Developing own’s support plan.

  • Ways to assess the needs of an individual. It encourages the establishment of ways of different outcomes in an individual’s life. 

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Assessment Activities

1 . Identifying The Need For Support

It is critical to identify the areas where you need support. It is also important to find the differences between your and others’ need for support. There are a lot of different ways by which this can be identified. This blog will try to cover some of the most important and widely used methods for determining the support required by students. 

The language used here is informative as well as professional. It is also aligned according to the concern of some individuals who have no idea that they need assistance with school homework or in their lives. The information covered in the blog is detailed which can bring some certainty about a people’s need for support.
The initial information has been curated in such a way that it is enough to understand the context. We have started the blog with the definition of “ the meaning of the need of support to you” formula. This has been done with one view that it would help in drawing the attention of people who do not know that they need support.
 We have also included some personalised examples for a clear understanding of the concept. It will facilitate the establishment of a connection with the readers and better understanding. 

  • Confirmation of individualised plan details with the concerned people. Their families as well as carers are also involved at the required time.

As this plan is derived from an individual program, it is better to start with a person with dementia or carers.
The different people involved at any stage of a person’s life affect the plan for the concerned individual. The number of people also influences the type of plan being designed. Some do not want to involve the family members but just their spouses. If the spouse is alive and they are dependent on each other. Sometimes, the person feels confident about signing off by themselves for various reasons. 
Some people with the medical condition of Alzheimer’s Disease support privacy in the events of their personal life. They feel that their sufferings can inflict more emotional stress on their loved ones than getting a better outcome. 
In the above situations, it will be better to consult their carer and social worker about the availability of the support that can be provided to the sufferer. 

  • Ensuring that the needy have the correct information about their rights and the platforms for complaint procedures

Any disabled person which special needs should have all the necessary information about their rights. The correct place for complaint processes is also required to be known.
It is important because if they want any support or help from the government or non-governmental platforms, they should have all the necessary knowledge about who and where. 
Clarity from before the commencement of the procedure will reduce the harassment or mental trauma. Such processes are complex. It is highly advised that all avenues are discussed before finalising a process. 
The medical business has become corrupted in recent times. They are not implying the patient’s rights and neglecting the patient’s needs. 

  • Identifying the necessary actions that are favourable for an individualised plan and promotion of a person’s independence as well as their right to an informed decision-making process. 

Identification of an individual’s rights, safety as well as independence helps in the making of an effective support plan. This type of intervention has been proven to be more successful. The person tends to take part in their plan of support needs. They also incorporate their inputs about their needs. 
Some important aspects to keep in mind are the day-to-day needs to be accomplished. This can be shopping, transportation, cooking, financing, and many more. 
All the agendas mentioned above pose problems for the needy at different levels. The next level should be entitled to finding ways to minimise the constrictions. The barriers are to be removed in such a way that it aids in the completion of all the tasks but with fewer problems. 

The main aim of identifying the resistance and ways to reduce it is to make a plan with expectations that can be met. Giving false hope is never encouraged. The inclusion of expressive leisure or music therapy, massage, and social interaction is encouraged. 

  • Preparation of support activities according to the plan, preferences, policies, procedures, and protocols. 

It is important to provide the needy with choices rather than asking for them to comply with the supply. 

The help is given with a proper plan. Support activities are included for the betterment of the concerned person’s needs. The article is trying to address the issues faced by people with dementia.

Help is being given to make them efficient in making decisions. 
The work of an occupational therapist is to provide therapy according to the occupation or sufferings. Occupations revolve around daily requirements including jobs such as teachers, scientists, or artists. 

2 . Provision Of Support Services

The lack of support services has made it difficult for Australian students to cope with the transition from secondary to tertiary education.  The Australian government is trying to raise funds for providing necessary support. The funds are directed towards both quantity and quality support for the students. This will facilitate the proper studying pattern. It will help students in completing their studies. The support services will also enable them to achieve academic success positively for disabled students.

  • Inclusion in the family and respect or carer as a part of their support team 

The involvement of family or carers is important for a disabled person. The latter need inclusion and respect in the family like normal people. We understand that friends and family cannot act as medical practitioners. The guidance can direct the former to support the patient properly. 

  •  Provision of care according to the dignity of the risks

The duty of care as well as the dignity of risks cannot be compromised. The caregiver is required to provide the necessary care keeping both alignments in mind. It is important to know how a person is feeling about receiving help. Children’s abuses are to be taken care of very sensitively otherwise it can go sideways. Maintaining safety guidelines and dignity for both parties is important.

  • Importance of a clean as well as a comfortable environment 

The caregiver should instruct the needy for maintaining a safe as well as a healthy environment. This can be achieved by practising personal hygiene and good health. Health-compromised persons are at a greater risk for infections. It can be diminished by practising the use of sanitiser. 

  • Assistance in providing a clean as well as a comfortable environment

Keeping a check on the cleaning prospects of a sufferer is important. The walls, windowsills, furniture, and picture frames are required to be cleaned every day. The use of a vacuum cleaner is encouraged. The second aspect is the prevention of infestation by keeping open vents covered so that bugs do not penetrate.
Ants should not come in contact with the food. This can be ensured by keeping all the foods in an air-tight container. 

3. Monitoring Support Activities

It is an obligation that is required to be completed by the organizations according to the Employment Equity Act. It is crucial to know that it does not include any legal advice but different ways of monitoring the requirements. 

  • Monitoring own work 

    It is important with the fact that it will ensure that proper support is in position so that no problem arises. It is important to be proactively aware of the changes in demands according to the situation. It will ensure that customer service works smoothly.  It is important to be consistent and identify the uptime and latency of an app. Downtime can be reduced by having an informative incident plan for providing appropriate responses.


  • Feedback from the person is important 

    Taking necessary feedback about the support plan provided is important. The customer’s feedback will throw light on the changes to be done.Feedback can be given by sending an email to the CHCCCS015 to provide individualised support so that we can get better. 

  • Evaluating the outcome

     This would provide the chance of getting efficient if any of the aspects of the support plan is not working. If this can be figured out then proper improvements, as well as changes, can be achieved.

  •  Enhancing self-determination   :

    The feelings shared about the support plan can lead to the development of a better support plan. In the long run, it can be proved to be fruitful. Understanding their reasons for criticism without judging them is important.Self-determination of the needy can be enhanced by directly engaging in a discussion between the concerned person and supervisor.

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4 .Complete documentation and report 

Completion of any project is initiated with reporting as well as documenting the whole experience.The important part of this aspect is to include all the necessary information about the person and their need. 

  • Keeping all the drafts, and a record of changes and revisions in detail is important to analyse the steps taken. 

  •  The use of bullets is encouraged rather than long paragraphs. 

  •  A proper list of all the stakeholders as well as their feedback in written form is important. 

  •  Identifying the actual risks within the horizon of one’s own role as well as reporting to the supervisor if required. 

  • Signs of unmet demands of the person and their preferences not met. 

  • Keeping up with the confidentiality of the person’s information and their requirements. 

  • Working according to the organisation’s policy as well as the protocols. 

  • Storing the information according to the guidelines of the organisation and its policy. 

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