Understanding Grading Criteria : How to Score High On University assignments ?

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Understanding the Grading Criteria: How to Score High on University Assignments?

It’s every student’s dream to write assignments that score well. Assignments are an integral part of both secondary and tertiary education. During graduation years, they emerge as an important tool to assess your overall performance.

While doing an assignment a lot of students come across a number of problems. Some struggle with a lack of comprehension of the subject, others with the format and some with the short upcoming deadlines. 

However, what’s most important while doing an assignment is to understand its two foremost necessities:

- Its format and content and
- The grading criteria- that is how many marks it holds and their overall impact on your final grades. 

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In this article, we’ll explain to you how you can score high grades in your assignments by understanding the points above.

Let’s start with the first one.

Assignment Structure

Every single assessment has a certain format. It varies as per the subject and topic but has its own guidelines and structure, which must be followed. Before commencing any assessment it is crucial to know its motive and format.

At Digi Assignment Help we help students to understand what an assessment requires. To get specific services associated with their universities and avail of all benefits students can refer to our university pages like UTS Assignment Help and other similar pages.

Below we have explained in brief the different types of assignments that are common in universities and how one should approach them. 

  • Essays: An essay summarises the research of any topic. These are written widely in all subjects and levels. Hence, students should understand their format first. It begins with an introduction that explains in brief what the topic is about and what a reader can expect from it. It develops into a body that contains all the arguments, and ideas. It ends with a conclusion that defines your understanding of the subject and helps the reader to come to a point. If you follow the standard format, you’ll no doubt score well. 

  • Research Papers: research or academic papers require a deep knowledge of the topic. While proceeding with your writing you should have a thorough understanding of the topic. It follows the standard format of introduction, body, and conclusion. To make it more reliable, it is suggested to be strict with proper citations. 

  • Dissertations/Thesis: They require a thorough and profound study of the subject. It's lengthy and students are often asked to come up with original ideas. The main target is to add something new to the already existing vast pool of knowledge. Its format varies as per the subject. Scholars must learn proper citations and stick to credible sources. 

  • Reviews: A literature review speaks about the content of any written work. A review focuses on details and accurate vocabulary. It demands high critical analysis skills and exact understanding. One must develop an opinion of their own to present in the review. 

The above-mentioned assessments are required to be done in almost all semesters in every subject and all colleges. Each one of them holds a significant weight.

As you now know the format, let's also understand the whole process of doing an assignment. Once you learn how to divide and utilise your time, you’ll be able to produce more profound work and eventually score better. 

How To Do Your Assignments?

To create assignments that perform well in an academic year, students can follow the below mentioned strategy:

  • Identify the problem: As you start with your work, first interpret what it's asking. Once you are familiar with the hooks and nooks of it, it’ll become easier for you to study and make a plan. Understanding the jargon should be the priority. In case of any conflict, you can consult your professors as well. 

  • Research: To make your research more fluent and effective, make a time plan. Allocate pre-decided time to every topic. This will help you to give enough time to each reading. For your readings, only prefer reliable books, journals, notes, authors or official websites. It is important for your data to be accurate and backed up. 

  • Write the draft: Start writing using the research material. The goal should be to bring more originality and your points forward. While writing your paper follow a professional tone, use accurate vocab, and use more concrete statements. The writing should clearly show your point without leaving any thoughts in doubt. 

  • Organise: You can arrange your data to increase the readability. This can be achieved by focusing more on using headings and subheadings. Using bullet points and highlighting the important terms can further help your audience to read easily. 

  •  Edit and Proofread: Editing is the last stage of your assignment. This will help you remove all the errors and add more clarity. Facts check and proofread it. Adhere to the timelines and submit it by the due date. 

This process will help you to write impactful essays and more assignments. Using this strategy, you can boost your score. You can get help from our assignment writing services which cater to the needs of all subjects.

Also, our services extend to a number of cities. Now let’s understand the grading criteria of Australian universities. 

What are the Grading Criteria?

To analyse, track or decide how an individual has performed, every university follows a grading system of its own. It is the final scale that makes it easier for your grades to categorise the individuals, and mark who is performing better and who needs extra attention and where.

Let's have a look at the scale so you can understand it better for yourself:

Let’s study the grading system of Swinburne University in the table below:

  1. Code
Grade Mark GPA Value
HD High Distinction 80-100 4
D Distinction 70-79 3
C Credit 60-69 2
P Pass 50-59 1
N Conceded Pass 45 – 49 0.5
N Fail 0 - 49 0
NA Fail No attempt 0
SP Passed Supplementary   1
SN Failed Supplementary   0
WF Withdrawn Fail   0

Here one can notice how grades are assigned as per the marks obtained. The higher the marks the better the grade is. 

High Distinction: This is allotted to students who perform exceptionally well and represent a thorough understanding of both practical and theory. 

Distinct: This is allotted to students who perform well and successfully represent a strong understanding of both theory and practice. 

Credit: This shows that the student has displayed an even understanding of the subject and can perform better. 

Pass: This shows a moderate understanding of the concepts where students meet the basic standard of learning. 

Fail: This status shows that the individual failed to meet the basic understanding and requires more attention. 

Given the marks range and the grade, an individual can analyse where they need to put in more work. Hence a grading system is a very efficient and effective way of categorising students and their subject performance.

You can contact our professionals at Digi Assignment Help to understand these requirements better and how to approach them.

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It is pretty clear that making an assignment requires a clear understanding of the subject. In case you want to score well, having a clear base is essential.

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