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CHCECE001 Assessment 

The CHCECE001 assessment is based on the understanding of cultural competency. There are innumerable cultures in our world. Many different cultures live together and a society is created. Cultures instil a sense of belonging in an individual. It becomes the strength in the time of emergency.

Cultural competence is the study of different cultures as well as their respective perspectives. The understanding of a student regarding this topic is assessed with the help of the CHCECE001 assessment. The questions in this assessment analyse the level of clarity achieved by the students regarding the cultural competence topic.
The majority of the students find themselves struggling in curating the answers for the CHCECE001 assessment. The students are not clear with the rules, customs or expectations of various cultures. The students are required to have patience for understanding different cultures. The research also takes time.

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There are two units that are covered on cultural competency: CHCECE001 assessment answers and CHCECE007 develop positive and respectful assessment answers.

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What Are The Different Ways To Develop Cultural Competence?

  • Identification of the community and their beliefs.

  • Knowing more about the identified community by culturally diverse clients as well as co-workers.

  • Having clear conversations to know more about their customs.

  • Having a respectful attitude towards culturally diverse people.

The cultural competence course helps the students in acquiring skills required for handling culturally diverse populations. The experts associated know different approaches required to communicate with a different culturally diverse population. Efficient answers will lead you to bag an A grade in this course.


What Are The Different Components Required To Measure Cultural Competence?

Cultural awareness: General knowledge about a particular community is important.

  • Attitude: displaying a proper attitude is crucial. It helps in the identification of an individual’s behavior towards a culturally diverse community.

  • Knowledge: lack of proper knowledge makes an individual insufficient in judging other communities. This can lead to the development of a negative attitude towards a particular culture. This can be avoided by having proper knowledge about an identified diverse community.

  • Skills: skills developed from theoretical knowledge can be modified according to the demand of the situation. After having some amount of practical exposure, with the help of proper attitude and knowledge, a social worker can modify the handling procedures with respect to the community they are working with.

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