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Most students everywhere are familiar with the concepts of assignments and dissertations. They are essential components of any degree regardless of whether it is graduation, post-graduation, or Ph.D.

Though they are often great assessment tools they often disregard the innumerous activities that students are involved in. This usually puts them on difficult deadlines while increasing the pressure of good grades.

Thus, they prove to be a tough challenge for university students. Understanding this predicament, the experts at digiassignmenthelp.com provide an excellent service that not only ensures a dissertation of impeccable quality but also one that will boost grades.

Australian experts that possess advanced writing and research skills take up writing a high quality dissertation such that the student has more time to focus on other skill-building activities such as practical internships, alternate training, other research interests, etc

Key Components Of A Dissertation

A dissertation is a culmination of an extensive analysis of a certain topic that students and researchers write following the stipulated requirements of their degrees. A dissertation is reflective of a student’s ability for research and study.

The document is quite long and reads like a book with distinct chapters that correlate to the introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and conclusion. The different components of a dissertation are illustrated below.

  1. Introduction: The introduction of any dissertation gives an overview of the topic as well as introduces the background and direction of the study. If the dissertation is research-based then here is where the origins of the research question, aims, and objectives are highlighted.

  2. Literary review: A thorough review of available literature on the topic is important to ascertain the validity and originality of the dissertation. It also helps identify possible shortcomings of the methodology

  3. Methodology: This section deals with the techniques and experimental procedures that are utilized to generate data and information to further elucidate the research question or the topic of the dissertation.

  4. Results: The data generated is analyzed and ordered in a logical sequence. All results and conclusions are explained such that they serve to support the research question or the topic.

  5. Conclusion: This part of the dissertation gives a clear idea of what the study has concluded, and solutions to the research problem. It also gives suggestions for future directions of similar studies. 

Thus, a dissertation requires clarity of thought, it is further strengthened by a structured flow of information and requires all included content to be well-researched and original.

Common Issues Faced In Dissertation Writing

Writing a dissertation paper comes with its own set of problems for most university students as each individual aspect of the document acts as an obstacle. Most students that are writing their dissertations in Australian universities run into trouble when it comes to finding the correct structure and ordering their documents.

Another issue that creeps up even before the writing begins is the selection of a good dissertation topic. Next, the literature review seems intimidating for most university students as there exists a large body of available literature.

The student not only has to comb through it all to make sure that the topic is original but also to analyze whether their approach in their dissertation is correct.

Yet, another reason why dissertation writing tends to be more arduous than other components of a degree is that most universities specify hard deadlines that can sometimes be difficult to meet.

The whole process is time-consuming, taxing, and can become a constant source of worry and anxiety.

Things to Know When Writing a Dissertation 

  • Conduct a Detailed Literature Review :When writing a dissertation, based on a proposal that is assumably, already approved, you must conduct a review of literature on the topic on which your study is based. This provides you with clarity of the type of research that has already been undertaken in the chosen field.

  • Identify the Gaps in the Literature Reviewed :Performing a literature review makes it possible for you to locate the possible gaps that may exist in the literature with reference to your topic of study. This in turn further helps you to justify why it is that you need to conduct the study that you have chosen to undertake. You will be able to explain after conducting the literature review, how it is that your work will help to address some or many of the gaps found to exist in the literature that was scrutinized by you.

  • Determine the Methodological Approach for the Project :You need to decide at the outset the type of methodology that you are going to use in order, to conduct the study. For instance, it is necessary for you to decide whether there is a qualitative methodology that you will utilize in order, to do the work or whether your study is going to be based on the use of quantitative methods.

    This is going to require you to first read up rigorously on what research methodology is, how it is used, and what methods are ideal for specific genres of study.Once you have done all the background reading necessary to choose the right research methodology, you must decide on a specific method for performing the investigation.

    There is considerable reading you need to do on how the data which you collect for your study is going to be interpreted and analyzed. A quantitiatve approach would require you to use numerical or statistical data that is shown in the form of charts and graphs.

    Qualitative data is usually presented in the form of a textual analysis since it involves interpreting words as well as phrases that are uttered in conversation or dialogue with research participants.

    The correct analysis is essential if you want the dissertation to be graded well, because it is the analysis that reveals the value and the relevance of the investigation that you conducted.

  • Conclude your Study : You must learn how to end the dissertation work conclusively. This means that you need to tie up all the essential arguments made from the first chapter of the study till the final chapter. You must be able to present the findings will clarity, and in certain instances, provide a list of recommendations on how the problem you investigated, can be suitably, resolved.

    Our experts have the patience and the skills that are needed to perform all the essential research that is associated with dissertation writing. They will strive not only to produce a thesis that is excellent in terms of its research and in terms of writing quality but will also make sure that the plagiarism issue is something that is successfully, avoided in the same.

    Our experts have the capacity to perform original research while making sure that the content written does not contain duplication in any form whatsoever, ensuring quality work in the process

How Can Digiassignmenthelp.com Help?

Keeping all this in mind, digiassignmenthelp.com provides respite for students through its online dissertation writing services. Students can avail of the dissertation help service to have all their academic needs met.

Once a student avail of this service they are assigned an expert. These experts are Australian professionals that are well versed in dissertation writing. They are incredibly skilled dissertation writers with years of experience and industry training that helps them craft a perfect dissertation for the course.

The expert in Australia will coordinate and take the initial idea to a structured well-written document that is plagiarism-free and is equipped with everything required to make a perfect dissertation.

They will interpret all important components of the document and are equipped with knowledge of the most recent methodology for data pulling, interpretation, analysis, etc. Most Australian universities require a logical conclusion or solution to an original research question which will be provided in detail.

Our top notch expert will perform a detailed investigation of available research on the topic of choice so that the dissertation is written with good content of unparalleled quality.All experts work on the dissertation with careful consideration of student needs, critical thinking, and practical knowledge which leads to the selection of the most appropriate technical approach.

They extend their service from the very beginning in the selection of a suitable topic or research question right till submission.

What Makes Digiassignmenthelp.com Unique?

Research is carried out to analyze the topic effectively. All objectives and aims are chosen such that they are strong and lend the study credibility and originality. A structure is set up with a definite plan for execution.

The literature review is done meticulously leaving nothing to chance. The methodology is then carefully chosen with a focus on techniques that truly encompass all the requirements of the research problem.

There exists a stringent training process for all experts, and this leads to a negligible chance of error as well as originality in terms of the delivered content.

As this is a professional dissertation service, there are also provisions made for an assigned Australian team that makes sure that the dissertation is submitted on time, without there being a single instance of late submission.Thus ontime delivery gives us high customer satisfaction .

The service provides for a comprehensive approach and tackles all issues that may arise in a timely and efficient manner. digiassignmenthelp.com with its Australian services also makes sure to provide documents that are free from plagiarism. There is 24-hour customer service with affordable rates as well as discounts.

All work is checked for grammar and spelling to make sure that quality is maintained. An accurate reference list is also provided to the student for any further reading or cross-referencing.

How To Avail The Service?

Availing digiassignmenthelp.com online in Australia is also made easy and very few details are required from the student, most of which can be submitted through the online platform. These can be details such as the topic if it has already been selected, the length that the document needs to be, the reference style, and any other specifications that the document needs to incorporate.

Once the details are provided the price will be put forward, once the price is approved then the payment is processed and then the writing process can begin.

Dissertation submission is one of the most difficult journeys that a student can embark on in their academic career. Doing it alone often increases the frequency of errors, and small mistakes can affect the overall quality and presentation of the dissertation.

The expert help provided by digiassignmenthelp.com assures that the dissertation is of impeccable quality and ensures a 100% satisfaction rate. The service is thus proficient at taking care of the task to make sure that dissertation writing stays anxiety-free, and that help is freely available.

What Is The Maximum Word Limit For Dissertations And Thesis?

  • Master thesis – Although the maximum word limit is 50000 words but as a scholar try to reflect your entire research and findings in lesser space. An accepted word count for a master thesis is 40000 words.In case you feel that it is imperative to add words more than the prescribed count, take prior approvals from your faculty. 

  • PhD Dissertation or a Doctoral thesis – Most universities in Australia put a cap at 1,00,000 words for submission of your doctoral dissertation. You should try and curate it within 80,000 words and take permissions from your university, in case you feel that excess word count is unavoidable.Consult about it with an experienced dissertation writing expert or your academic supervisor and go ahead only after taking due approvals.

What Are The Standard Guidelines For Editing A Dissertation Paper?

When you hire a PhD expert at Digi Assignment Help to edit or proofread your dissertation paper, you can trust us to deploy only the ethical guidelines concerning the rule book created by “State Working Group of the Council of Australian Societies of Editors (CASE)”.

This is an academically integral method using which the structure of your dissertation remains unchanged however the paper is edited for grammar and research competence. It also allows for changes to be made in Preface, Introduction and Glossary pages of your research piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts are highly skilled and trained Australian professionals who are well versed in dissertation writing . They will provide plagiarism free solutions and high quality content .

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