Various Models Of Communication In Nursing

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Nursing Communication Models 

Are you a nursing student? Are you looking for information on different communication models in nursing? Then you have reached the right place. You are welcome with open arms as this blog is dedicated to the topic mentioned above.

There is no denying the fact that nursing is a very demanding subject. But you should be knowing this when you signed up for studying this discipline. You need to buckle up as the professional world in nursing demands a lot more in terms of dedication, time, concentration, and communication. So, let us know about it all. 

The daily lectures, the constant pressure of assignments, and a lot of internship requirements can burn you out easily. And to be the cherry on top of your misery, if you lag in any one topic of the subject also, it can become a huge obstacle in your academic life.

Effective ways and models of communication are vital aspects of nursing. The skills are required to be developed from your academic years so that you do not have to face the issue while in an actual working scenario. 
Nursing assignments are also tedious. As it is nursing students do not get time to do anything extra, and assignments require a high level of critical thinking and analysis. The students sometimes start cursing this subject due to the immense pressure. But you would be happy to know that we have a solution for this problem as well.

The assignments on communication are a major assessment process conducted by the universities. You cannot do unwell in this assignment. it displays your skill in the learnings you have been doing in the class.

You will be required to identify the communication models, reflect on the identified one, and lastly, you would be required to throw some light on the limitations part for including recommendations.

Therefore, today we hope all your confusion about effective communication in nursing will get cleared. Let us get started with an informative journey about one of the most important aspects of the nursing profession.

What Is Effective Communication In Nursing? 

Communication is an effective way by which all humans can make sense of and understandable the world. It is a two-way street unless you have booked an all-listening therapy. It needs two or more people interacting with each other. It can be verbal, face-to-face, or non-verbal ways.

Communication is one of the critical aspects of nursing. It is the process by which a nurse communicates with their patient, and the patient’s family in order to achieve transparency.

The nurses are supposed to inform the patient's condition to the doctors and the family. It is important to serve in a better way in any healthcare organization. quality service provision is one of the expectations of the patients and obligations of the healthcare institution.

Quality care is achieved by making the patient safe. Providing evidence-based intervention, patient-centred care, and aligning with the code and ethics of nursing provided in a timely can enhance the outcome of the patient’s condition.

Communication plays a key role in achieving all the mentioned aspects properly and becoming a competent nurse in the nursing profession. 

What Is The Need To Communicate When We Can Mind Our Own Business? If You Have This Question In Your Mind, Then The Following Is The Answer 

The answer is that yes, we can be acting mute and talking a lot. You can keep yourself content with the extent that is required to conclude your business. But kids, this is not such a profession where you can keep yourself intact with only the required job to be done.

You cannot just go to a ward, note down the readings and come back to the nurses’ room. As soon as you will enter the room of patients, questions will be swarmed your way.

The patients, the patient’s families, and everyone will try to solve their queries about the condition of a concerned patient. It is the duty of a nurse to effectively communicate with diverse cultural people belonging to educational as well as social backgrounds.

Communication can never be rude. It has been in a way that provides assurance to every one of the stakeholders in a scenario. It has to be caring and sympathetic. 

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The Communication Models In Nursing 

There are various types of communication theories that help nurses in having a clear guide and explanation as per the requirements of the situation. Communication is not only restricted between the nurse and patient but also between nurses and all the other health care professionals. 

Peplua's Interpersonal Relations Theory 

This theory predominantly focuses on the relationship between a nurse and a client. It also includes the therapeutic process that takes place. Communication that happens involves many complex factors like the environment and the condition in which the patient remains.

It also displays the attitudes towards the profession and beliefs of the nurse for improving the result in any dominant culture. This theory defines the distinct four phases of the relationship between a nurse and the related people: 

  • Orientation phase: the job of the nurse is to engage the patient in the treatment process in this phase. The patient asks questions and receives all the explanations as well as the information about their condition. This phase helps in the establishment of a stable and trustworthy relationship between the nurse and the patient. As they say, the first impression is the last, it is true in this situation also. 

  • Identification phase: the working of the nurse and the patient commences together in this phase. Further interaction makes way for the establishment of understanding, acceptance, trust, and a feeling of being safe in the hands of nurse develops. 

  • Exploitation phase: this is a dreadful phase. It should be avoided but the patient starts taking all sorts of advantages concerning the services offered to him. The former starts exploiting the relationship between the nurse and patient to reach the treatment goal early. 

  • Resolution phase: due to the effective communication taking place, the needs of the patient are met and the latter is ready to move forward independently. The patient remains in no longer need of the nurse and the nurse-patient relationship ends.

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Dyadic Interpersonal Communication Model 

This model of communication in nursing described the dynamic interactive processes between the nurse and the patient. This model is based on a recipient and sender or encoder and decoder relationship in any situation.

The confounding factors that influence the relationship are the perception, content, attitude, physical, as well as, emotional content.

The mentioned factors can result in the altercation of the message or the process of the message delivery. 

The provision of the message remains from the sender or encoder and the recipient or decoder is supposed to process the received message.

The model highlights the importance of awareness and clarity concerning many factors that can result in affecting the verbal and non-verbal communication process. 

The Above Communication Model Improves Nursing Practices 

Most definitely yes. The main aim of nursing is to provide person-centred care to the patient. To achieve the goals of person-centred care, it is important to provide the patient with a feeling of individualism. This can only happen when effective communication takes place.

Secondly and most important one is that when the patient thinks that they are in safe hands, they are receiving full attention as well as care, they would take more interest in sharing their goals for the treatment. They will share everything with transparency so that the care plan remains in the correct direction.

It is very important to make the patient feel accepted as there are various cases of discrimination shown towards the indigenous population. This is highly discouraged and it is a violation of the Code of Ethics in nursing

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