Griffith University Assignment Cover Sheet Requirements

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Making the cover sheet for your college assignment is one of the tasks that needs to be done with complete concentration. Without the right focus, you can end up mentioning something wrong on the cover sheet, which can lead to your submission not being accepted.

At Digi Assignment Help, we take special care to ensure your assignment cover sheets are made at par with college requirements. 

Every college has its own set of rules, and it applies to Griffith University, too. So, what are the most important things to keep in mind when you are creating your Griffith University assignment cover sheets?

And what are the cover sheet requirements for this university? Let’s answer both these questions here.

Griffith University Assignment Cover Sheet Requirements

Griffith University has specific assignment cover sheet requirements, which you must follow to ensure professors accept your assignment.

Here are some of the most important cover sheet requirements for students of Griffith University.

  • Student Information: Student information includes your full name, contact information (student email ID or phone number), and student ID details.

  • Declaration of Originality: Every assignment you submit to the university requires you to fill out a declaration of originality to ensure the work is yours. Failure to declare the originality of your work or finding plagiarism in your content can result in your assignment being returned.

  • Course Information: Along with your student information, you are also required to mention your course information on the cover sheet. This information is used to verify your student details and make sure your assignment is not confused with any other student.

  • Assignment Details: Once the personal details are mentioned, the next step is to mention the assignment details, including the title of the assignment, its due date, and the assignment number.

  • Date of Submission: One of the last things to mention on your cover sheet is the date of submission. Make sure you get it right. Also, remember to mention if you have filed for any extension or not.

    If you have filed for an extension, both the original date of submission and the extended date need to be mentioned. This helps make sure your assignment is not returned due to an error on the cover sheet.

  • Word Count: Lastly, based on the requirement, you may also have to mention the word count for your assignments on your cover sheet.

Important Things To Remember While Making Your Griffith University Assignment Cover Sheet

Be Vigilant

When you are working on your Griffith University assignment cover sheet, make sure you are vigilant about the guidelines and requirements.

Any mistakes on the cover sheet during submission can delay your assignment deadlines. Often, specific information requested by professors at the university needs to be mentioned on the cover sheet; make sure you follow that.

Follow the Template

The university has a clearly defined acceptable template format for assignment cover sheets. Make sure you follow the template carefully.

If you are unsure regarding the format of your cover sheet, make sure you get the necessary information from your department at the university. You can also ask past students to learn about all the essential information regarding cover sheet specifics too.

Be Concise With Your Information

Cover sheets need to be concise and carefully worded. Cluttered pages may make it more difficult for your professors to find the necessary information on the page. So, make sure you keep your page as clear as possible.

Format Consistently

Consistent formatting with similar typefaces, font sizes, and spacing is extremely crucial to make your assignment cover sheet appealing to your professors. Consistent formatting makes your assignment look more professional, which is best if you want to score highly on your assignments.

Proofread Before Final Submission

Lastly, make sure you proofread your assignment cover sheet before you submit it to check if you have mentioned all your details correctly, and that’s it.


Now that you know about the Griffith University assignment cover sheet requirements, make sure you make yours carefully. If you need any help, reach out to us at Digi Assignment Help.

We offer reliable and affordable assignment help services to help you meet tight deadlines. Check out our website to avail of our services today.

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