Why I Chose Civil Engineering ? A Student's Perspective

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Why I Chose Civil Engineering: A College Student's Perspective

Civil Engineering is a popular and well-liked branch of engineering amongst students. It deals with the construction and designing of the massive infrastructure you often see in your neighbourhood. Like the current multi-apartment building, you are staying in. At the railway station from where you catch your regular trains.

These are huge projects that are constructed after considering the needs of the masses or an individual. There is little space for mistakes allowed as the risk is typically high. To train and educate students accordingly who aspire to become civil engineers, a very tight and hard curriculum is followed. 

Australian universities are and have always been very strict with the quality of their syllabi and focus on keeping updated with the latest revisions. When it comes to engineering curriculum, it is of top-notch quality and demands high attention.

The admission process in excellent universities like RMIT, UTS, and UNSW requires a strong academic background in maths, physics and chemistry. For international students clearing a language test like IELTS, or TOEFL is also required.

But what is the next step? What all happens in a civil engineering degree and why more and more individuals are opting for it? 

Let’s hear it from one of the students Daniel Stephenson who is a final-year student at the prestigious University of RMIT. 

A College Student Review

Entering the campus of RMIT, I was hooked by the infrastructure- the huge classrooms where everyday lectures were held, labs for experimentation, the latest updates in the tools, and of course the attraction towards learning from a set of excellent professors and amongst a brilliant crowd.

I was always fascinated by engineering principles and saw the campus as the perfect place where I could learn and pursue my passion. Living in the heart of Sydney, I have always been fascinated by the structural stability of the vast buildings catering for environmental sustainability. To learn about urban development, I decided to pursue a BTech in Civil engineering and have never looked back. 

My 3 years here have been entirely productive and full of learning. We learned theory and its application and ended up creating some environmentally friendly models that will contribute equally to urban development. Let me take you on my academic journey, highlighting the reasons behind my choosing this program and the profound impact it has made on my academic and personal growth. 

At the start of the first semester, it felt challenging to grasp the never-ending syllabus. The subjects were interesting and made us think out of the box to bring our innovation and be more creative. Some of the subjects we studied were structural analysis, material sciences and surveying. All these subjects brought me and my classmates closer to the fieldwork.

They helped us understand how to practice what we were learning in the classes. I always had help from platforms like Digi Assignment Help. I availed their RMIT University Assignment Help frequently to get assistance with any doubts and better assignments. Their professionals made my journey smoother. 

Over three years and a few semesters, I have encountered many pivotal points. I realised that the discipline wasn’t just about designing structures, the field is broad and allocates a lot to your individual growth. It doesn’t only focus on creating a multi-apartment building where people can live- it gives them a home to live in.

The discipline is about creating sustainable solutions that sorts the issue the society faces. It creates dams and bridges which provide environmental stability, and societal needs. These projects helped me realise we are not only making a successful career but also contributing to the growth of a successful society. 

My academic journey has been equally enthralling. Often, I found myself surprised when it came to the application of the theories we have learned. The curriculum consists of a strong framework that slowly introduces the basics and then goes on to the tough topics which involves a high command of theoretical knowledge and experimentation to reach a conclusion.

Some of the subjects that academically challenged me were geotechnical engineering, transportation, urban planning, finite element analysis and hydraulics. I was consumed by the vastness of the subjects many times.

The theory was difficult to comprehend at the university level. During this time, I referred to Digi Assignment Help, which offers a number of services that help with academic doubts, better assignment writing and personalised assistance. 

Many times, I was able to catch up with short deadlines by availing their professional writers who produced brilliant assignments for me. 
I also learned how to approach real-life problems with more confidence and perspective and developed a problem-solving mindset. My perspective changed towards the problem when I focused more on solutions and being innovative. 

Apart from the valuable learning, it also provides a secure and stable career. Stability is also one of the major reasons I like many other students opted for this field. As I am in my final year, I will soon be starting to apply for job prospects. RMIT campus has given me the chance to gain work experience from some reputed internship centres.

A degree in civil engineering has opened my path to a bright and stable future. Some of the job roles I am eligible for considering my education background are design engineer, building control surveyor, water and nuclear engineer, and structural engineer. These cater to the different needs of different industries. As a result, students of civil engineering have the chance to work in a variety of fields and gain dynamic skills and experience. 

Another major benefit of this degree program is the skills I learned. Individuals will have the opportunities to develop multiple skills which can come in handy in a number of professions. The course is simply not syllabus-centric it focuses on building skills like problem-solving, strong communication and analysis. This increases your performance inside the college campus and in your office. We also get to work in collaboration on a number of practical projects. It is one of my favourite assessments.

Group projects are the place to meet a diverse set of crowd, with each having a specialisation of their own. You get to learn tremendously while sharing what you know. The tasks assigned are never boring, or dreadful. They are designed to bring out our innovation and build models catering to the needs of urban people today and its growing population. These often involve site inspections. A site inspection is a real fieldwork, where we measure and take an analysis of the work site, which greatly enhances our models. 

Hence it is beyond doubt, that a civil engineering degree has helped me to revolutionise my knowledge, skills and personality. My interest has soared because of the excellent curriculum and technology advanced courses of RMIT. All my doubts were handled by the professional tutors of Digi Assignment Help.

I was also able to maintain a smooth scorecard all thanks to the extended services like civil engineering Assignment Help. In case you are looking for a stable career, and are interested in the building of infrastructure and urban planning, then the civil engineering course won't disappoint you. It is a highly rewarding field and brings the most of your potential. 

Through Our Lens

As Daniel rightly summarised universities like RMIT are excellent places to enrol for your advanced education. We have assisted a number of students enrolled in such universities. We extended them offers like tutoring sessions, personalised solutions, assignment writing, on-time delivery and a strong communication flow.

With the guidance of our services at Digi Assignment Help they were able to catch up with multiple assignments at once, understand complex topics and increase their performance in exams and overall scorecard. We provide civil engineering assignment Help services across all universities and cities in Australia. For each and every query you can feel free to contact us!


Having introduced the degree program, its benefits, and job prospects one can figure out their interest towards it. The degree is definitely resourceful and focuses on bringing creative solutions applicable to real-world situations. Individuals gain different perspectives and learn something new every day.

It involves fieldwork and theoretical knowledge. With the help of professors at universities and our platform students can solve all their doubts. If you still have any queries regarding the curriculum or its complexity, contact us immediately and build a bright career as a civil engineer. 

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