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Tips To Write Marketing Assignment Sample Online

Marketing is one of the subjects that revolves around identifying, anticipating as well as satisfying the requirements of consumers. All should be done in a profitable way for both parties. Marketing involves creating, communicating, delivering, and offering transaction that has some value for customers, and clients.

Marketing also impacts society in the bigger picture. There are some of the main components of marketing agendas that are given for marketing assignments. If you know the ways to use these marketing components then you will never need to go to marketing assignment help providers online.

Let us look at the parts of marketing: 

  1. Market research: You are required to do market research for creating an effective marketing plan. The plan is very important to proceed with the requirements of displaying the products in the market. You are supposed to analyse the industry or market, identify the correct audience or target audience, the size of the market, and lastly, the current trends.

    The need of the world and customers are ever-changing. You need to correctly use the demands in an attractive way. This way will help you to get proper results in a profitable way. 

  2. Target market: As mentioned above in the first component, identifying the target market or target audience is very critical. If you will figure out the consumers to whom you want to market your product or service then you will be able to concisely figure out suitable ways for marketing to them. The target market is usually segregated into two different genres for proper analysis of their demands. 

  3. Positioning: It is important to know the exact position of your brand. The perception of the consumer is developed according to the status of your company’s position in the competitive market. You are supposed to change the perception of your consumer through effective marketing strategies.It will boost the visibility of your product or service.

    If the views are bad then there are many ways by which you can turn them around to good. And if the perception is already good, with a little more effort it can be changed for the better. you should know that there happens a continuous comparison amongst the same market and the same product. Thus you need to be attractive enough for getting profits. 

  4. Budget: Developing a budget plan is very important for all the marketing activities you want to do. Every client who comes to you for marketing will propose a budget and you need to rely on that. It is also attractive if you do it on a lower budget as proposed by the client to make your name in the marketing firm.

    You will be required to analyse the marketing activities as well as the cost of the hardware required for marketing a product. You need to figure out which investment will return you with greater profits for the company. Those that seem to have loopholes should never carry forward. Because the likelihood of loss is greater. 

How Is Marketing Management As A Discipline ? 

It is a huge subject. It encircles different fields of traditional as well as contemporary marketing techniques. The use of marketing is important for the real world. This is the reason that this subject is getting a huge response from the students. Students find it attractive and universities all over the globe are also putting great emphasis on marketing assignments.

The assignments are provided to the students so that they are able to display their level of understanding. It is an important means of assessment for the students. There are a lot of theoretical concepts, practical skills requirements, and methodologies in this subject. The students are required to know clearly about them if they want to get successful in their professional life as marketing agents. 

Assignments are scored by the professors. If the writing remains poor and not sufficient enough to at least get a B, then it leaves a bad mark for the student. Also, the students are not able to complete the assignments on time. They already have so much on their plate that they sometimes forget about the assignments altogether. They are highly engrossed in procrastinating nature, they do not feel enough motivated about doing the assignments, their part-time jobs, and many other things.

Thus the saviour is the marketing assignment help online. This platform not only has marketing experts but also has some marketing assignment samples. You can go through the sample so that you get to know the quality of work being done by the marketing experts. It has been a decade that they are helping students achieve their dream grades. There are a lot of reviews on the website page that will help you to chuck out every other assignment helper in front of marketing assignment help services. 

Marketing Assignment Sample  

A product has already been selected and a presentation has been provided to you. you need to complete an individual report in not more than 2000 words. The item cannot be changed by you . This is the second part of the assessment. Your assignment should have proper relevance to the marketing concepts that have been learned in week 12 of the course.

Detailed explanations about the marketing concepts are not required but the applications are supposed to be discussed for marketing the product. You can also use the example available on page rage 75-81 of the textbook taken as a guide and informed about it to you before. But, you are also recommended to use other sources for devising an effective marketing plan. 

Assignment Solution Report - Hublot Big Band Blue


Hublot Watch Company was seeded in 1980. It was developed by a man named, Carlo Crocco. The watches have been designed with a touch of gold finish and they use natural rubber in the straps has been made. The innovation as well as the fusion of different parts have lately become a driving force for the company. The company is a luxury brand and can not be afforded by normal people, Hublot Big Bang Blue is one of the limited edition watches. They have only made it 100 in number. Thus, it is an exclusive one. 

Different Steps In Composing A Marketing Plan 

The marketing plan can also be defined as a document that has advertising agendas for the concerned product. It also contains the marketing efforts penned down by the company for a year for the product in concern. The plan is supposed to describe the present marketing situation and details the target markets, position, segmentation, and marketing mix that are used by the company to set its goal.

The plan should also have an analysis of the situation in which the company is at the current moment. The current situation should have details about the SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. The situational details should also have the details about the competitors so that the company is prepared about the next thing to come from them. 

Describing the target audience is very critical. Those are required to be segmented according to the demographic details or some other specification will also do. As the product is a luxury item the target audience will be the elite ones. The higher middle class can also attempt to buy a luxury watch.

The next is to discuss the marketing as well as the financial goals. These are supposed to be written using the SMART pattern. The next thing that will be discussed is the tactics as well as the strategies. The set goals can only be achieved by the successful implementation of the strategies. This is one of the major aspects of the marketing plan. 

 As the company in concern is a luxury watchmaker, innovation is the greatest strength of the company. It will make them consistent with increasing the expectation of the target audience so that the pricing can also be increased. The big-band blue watches are considered to be one of the most priced and valuable possessions of the company. 

The SWOT Analysis 


The fusion created by the company remains in great demand. It has been able to develop an executive niche for elite-class people. The campaigns and associations have made marketing easy for the company. 


It does not have a global reach. It is only visible to a limited number of regions and populations. It uses an aggressive method of marketing that is not encouraged nowadays. 


It has many openings in emerging economies. It can new audiences with the use of smart online platforms. The watch industry is void of monopoly


The competition from the competitors is the biggest threat to the company. Companies like Tag, Heur, Calvin Klein, Casio, Fossils, Timex, and many others are some of the major competitors of the company. 


The competitors of this company are some of the biggest names in the world. The sports endorsements have been huge for the gaining profit of the company. It has increased the visibility of the brand. 


The portfolio of the product is huge in comparison with that of Rolex. The attractive name of the products is the high-end catch features of Hublot. 


The prices are quite similar to that of Rolex. It is affordable for high-class people. 


It has many boutiques of its own in different countries worldwide. They have increased the selling being online on the shopping sites like Flipkart and Amazon. 


The mission statement is “Be First, Be Different, Be Unique”. And the company lives up to the marketing statement effectively. 

Marketing Objectives 

  1. Increasing its virtual presence in the world of watches. 

  2. Selling its product by merging with other stores as well. 

Financial Objectives 

  • To have a crystal clear forecast in six months as it is not aligned according to the demand of the consumers due to aggressive marketing. 

  • Increasing the revenue by 2% in the coming 6 months. 

  • Increasing the revenue with the help of virtual selling as well as online selling.  

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