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Project proposals are a very common and normal part of any course. It is demanded by every academic organization. It is given with a view to evaluating the understanding of the primary purpose of the concerned subject. It displays the skills of the students that are required to be done in the composition of paperwork.
Academic writings are complex. It gives students nightmares. The writing of a project proposal is no less than a troublesome task. The students tend to take help from academic helpers. Students are demanded a lot in terms of assignments. They are supposed to be multitasking. But it is not the ability of everyone to manage everything effectively. 

Problems Faced By The Students While Completing Assignments 

There remain various issues regarding the completion of an assignment. it requires proper attention, dedicated time, thorough research, the inclusion of reliable and updated information, proper format and editing, zero plagiarised content, and many others. Students are not versed thoroughly in the requirements of an assignment. 

Project Proposal 

As far as the project proposal is concerned, you will get a properly constructed project proposal on the topic you want to work on. The experts will help you in getting your proposal accepted at once.

This will ensure a positive impression on your professor. You should not take this assignment lightly as it is a mandated piece of writing required to be completed at the end of your graduation and post-graduation.
It has a proper format. You need to compose it aligned with the same. You do not need to feel embarrassed if you are not clear with the format or the requirements. Everyone is a learner at every stage of their life. There is no limit or timeline to acquiring knowledge. 

So to clear the concept, I will demonstrate a project proposal assignment sample. I hope it clears the basic requirements of the project proposal assignment for you. If not, I will provide you with an alternate solution for the assignment. But, will it not be better if we give it a shot first?

Project Proposal Assignment Sample Online 

Assignment Question 

The project proposal is required to be written in 1500 words. Draw on one of your previous experiences for developing a theoretical and visual contextualized proposal with the following sub-parts: 

  • Project title 

  • Research question or hypothesis

  • Rationale for choosing the concerned topic 

  • Research review: analysis of data or research

  • Conclusion 

  • References and Bibliography 

Source: Collins, H (2010) Creative Research: The Theory and Practice of Research for the Creative Industries, AVA Lausanne. The content should not exceed 1500 words. it is required to be typed on an A4 size paper. The inclusion of photos/images/diagrams/flowcharts etc is permissible. The suggested structure is proposed below. Kindly use that. It will help you in organizing your ideas and put them in a proper format. You have to include every section in your project proposal but you are not required to answer all of the questions. The questions have been given to guide you. the font to be used is a sans serif and the format is given below: 

  • Top of the pages (Header) – name/pathway group/ID/ topic of the project 

  • Bottom of the page: page numbers 

  • Top of the first page of the proposal: name of the project- research question 

  • Margin: 2.5 (Normal option)

  • Spacing in the lines: 1.5 

  • You need to leave space among the paragraph .

The questions and marks division 

  • Project title: the general topic of the research is to be included 

  • Research question or hypothesis: the hypothesis or question that you can derive from the content according to which you will compose your context. 

  • Rationale (200-300 words): what is the reason for the choice of this topic? what are your limitations? 

  • Research review (500 words): what previous research holds importance for the topic? Where is your topic leading you? 

  • Analysis (500 words): how the research has enabled you to contribute to the research world? How was the experience? Was the reality any different from the supposed hypothesis or question? 

  •  Conclusion (100 words): summary of the major findings of the research. 

  • References: it is never a part of the total word count. 

Table of contents 

1. Introduction – 2 
2. Research question – 2 
3. Rationale- 2
4. Research review- 2 
5. Analysis of the data/ research – 3 
6. Application and evaluation- 3 
7. The strategies for promoting the app – 4 
8. Conclusion – 5 
9. References – 5 


Globalization has resulted in the opening of various brands to devise their own strategies. It has helped in the expansion as well as diversification of the companies. Digitization together with e-commerce has enabled many industries ways for exploring fresh channels.

It has proved to be engaging for the customers that contribute towards the growth of overall sales of their product. According to this context, the project is proposing to analyze the various requirements as well as the fundamental strategies that are found to be instrumental in providing shape to the development of an innovative business idea with respect to selling, branding, and expanding a brand related to fashion (Pani & Sharma, 2012). 

Research question or hypothesis 

The research has its direction towards identifying the requirements and development of basic certain strategies, that can result in changing the dimension of innovation for the fashion segment of the industry (Bhardwaj & Fairhurst, 2010). The vision is to curate ways and define the route for GAP Analysis. The GAP Analysis will assist in understanding the different steps that are required to be taken to stand out from the competitors in the market. 


The increased use of the app and social networking sites have become a basic necessity for getting connecting at any given time. It has been established by research that more than 1 billion people remain connected with each other at a particular time (Cecilio, 2015). The social media platform has opened many doors for industries to pitch their products to billions of customers.

The industries have become successful in placing their brands globally and reaching out to the people in the most convenient way. But the negative aspect of this phase is that every business is forced to face competition from various lesser counterparts (Cecilio, 2015). The current research proposal will try to curate opportunities and provide recommendations for building a sustainable business proposal. 

Research Review

The app is being tagged as a channel for selling and being a medium of showcasing itself to the world. The application requires a huge platform. It is required to be developed with securities, guidelines, protocols, ethics, and regulations that can guide confidence to the users for using the same.

The app has some features like taking a snap and posting it anonymously. It would not fringe the rights of the sellers in the websites. The features incorporated are modular. It is required to be well integrated with the application of the platform.

There is a need for a separate section where the fashion experts can interact with each other and suggest the most trending brand to be put on display. The developers should have their focus on developing the app. The L’Armoire should have an extensive marketing team that can devise effective strategies for making its customers attracted to its products (Varshneya, 2013).

It has been established by the research that in 2014, people had been taking help from an average of 2.8 devices in taking a purchase decision. Now they are taking a minimum of 5 devices for making the mentioned decision (Mohr, 2013). 

 Analysis of Research/Data 

It can be said that there is a requirement for five vertical modules. Each of them should be able to interact with them. 

Application and Evaluation 

The five modular structure is concerned with the seamless experience across the modules and enabling the visitors to buy the trends of the last: 

  1. Robust Platform 

  2. Security Assurance 

  3. Module for Picture Snapping and Posting 

  4. Social Media Interaction Facility 

  5. Fashion Industry Expert 

Strategies for Promoting the App 

The app is supposed to be an online platform. It will enhance the comparison, blog writing, buying, opinion gathering, expert interaction modules, and social media interaction. The success of the app is based on the proper execution of the strategies. The focus is required to be on the KPIs that are relevant to the APP market.

It will enhance the visibility of the app to the customer. Before the launch of the app, extra care is to be given to the quality of servers, websites, software, and hardware that are being allocated for the users. Identification of the target segment is very important so that the users are compelled to use it again and again. A proper brand is required for a successful launch of the app. Finally, the marketing strategies should have seamless experience ways for the users rather than just marketing the app. 

One-Stop Solution: Assignment Help Online 

It is always important to take the correct decision at the correct time. if you will not be able to complete the assignment properly or complete it ineffectively, it would be of no use. Online assignment help is available to you . This is one of the best academic helpers available. They have a plethora of expert academic writers.

The project proposal experts have in-depth knowledge about the demands of this type of assignment. They are reliable facts the quality of the solution remains top-notch. Every solution is prepared from scratch. There will be no sense of plagiarised content. There will be no loopholes for the deduction of marks. you will be able to score the best grade up for grabs above .

The assignment help online will help you in every way they can. You can also avail of their tutoring services. You can clear your doubts regarding your topics. They also provide proofreading services. If you are unsure of the format and grammatical mistakes that may be present in your solution. You can get it checked by the proofreaders available on the same platform. Thus, the aim is to provide everyone with a fair chance to stand out in the crowd of competitors. 

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