How To Write Business Management Assignment Sample Online ?

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How To Write Business Management Assignment Sample Online

The constant change in the business process and environment is due to the changing consumer demand. Business management is learning about the required skills and knowledge that will enable students to adapt to the changes in the business field. It helps in the development of efficient business skills.

The skills are used in specialist areas like human resources, advertising, business economics, international business, marketing, sustainability, and real estate. It can be seen that the scope of business management is huge. The subject opens doors for many exciting work areas. 

If you are a student of business management, then you must be dodging all types of business management assignments. The assignments are given to test the development and the level of understanding of various business theories as well as practices that can be implemented for the process of sustainable development in the market.

Composing a business management assignment requires a lot of research as well as analysis. It is a complex assignment and requires a dedicated amount of time. students are required to use appropriate business terms and display a high level of business sense through their evaluation of the business case studies.

The analysis of data is required to be on point. It is important for the correct derivation of the conclusion. The use of business concepts is required to be clear so that the related decision can be accurate. 

Business management assignments can be considered to be challenging. It requires an immense amount of focus. But, students do not have that much time or patience to conduct the research properly. Students start feeling burdened with multiple assignments to be completed at once. The stringent deadlines give them nightmares.

This results in being late for the submission and loss of marks as a penalty. So they seek out help from different writing services online. One such good management assignment composers are the management experts from management assignment help services online

Management assignment help services online are one of the best business assignment developers. Business management experts have years of experience in composing assignments related to business management.

They have a great flair for writing assignments properly. The assignments will not have any flaws or errors. The expectations kept by the professors regarding the business assignments are fulfilled properly. The professors are compelled to score the students quite well. 

The reason why students always score good marks by taking our help is that the business management writers do not stray from the guidelines. The marking rubric becomes their map to complete the assignment. It is very important to have adhered to the marking criteria as it displays the potential of each section for scoring the highest marks.

All these collectively result in providing an A-grade in the assignment. The assignments are curated with perfection and delivered on time. No deadline misses occur and a high-quality solution is crafted. 

We understand that assignments can never be completed without a proper understanding of the requirements. And it would be a piece of good news if you get to see an example of a business management assignment. So let us see a business management assignment below for a better understanding of the concepts. 

In this assignment, the students are required to compose a business report on Videochamp company in Australia. The assignment requires the student to analyse as well as identify business problems. They are also supposed to give the root cause of the problems. Addressing the problem and the major stakeholders is also supposed to be done.

Another requirement of the assignment is to display the approach and requirements of the life cycle of the implemented business management. The improvisations that are required are also supposed to be done for the concerned case study. The aspects like limitations, the age of the human activity system, and cost are being used in learning management. The assignment is required to be completed in a given template by the university.

The solution has been created by one of our management business experts and is given below. 

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Assignment questions 

The following are the primary objectives: 

  • It would help in analysing the operation and its information of the business in concern together with the provision of an assessment done by you on the status of the business. 

  • Include your analysis with respect to the competitive landscape of the company and the effect of technology over time. 



VideoChamp is one of the movie rental companies based in Australia. It has only one centre in the suburb of Doncaster in Melbourne. The customers have to go to the store for renting a video. Over the years of digitization, many other such companies have shut down their shop that includes the companies like VideoEzy, and others.

The concerned company in this report is still found to be profitable despite a huge decline in the alignment towards the movie rental industry. You have been provided with some basic data about the company over the last two years.

The objective of to analyse the provided data and give your assessment. 



The company is one of the movie rental companies in Australia. It runs its business from only one outlet located in the suburb of Doncaster situated in Melbourne. The customers are supposed to go to the store if they want to rent a video. Despite a huge decline in the renting pattern of videos in current times, the company is making a profit. Other similar companies have shut themselves down because of the negligible profit.

The company is still found to be serving it is operations with the same technology as before. The purpose of the current report is to analyse the internal as well as the external competitive factors that can affect the business big time. The strategies required to keep the business afloat will also be discussed. The analysis of the competitive factors will help in gauging the competition in the market and look up to the changes that the company is required to do to maintain its position in the market. 

The data provided in the assignment indicates that the company has made its maximum sales in the adventure genre of rentals. It is because this genre is famous due to the movies as well as the series put forward in the digital platform. The least sales took place for the documentary sections and the decline has been -19.46% from 2015-2016. The cumulative sales that took place in 2015 were found to be $3,91,258.25. In 2016, the cumulative sale recorded was $3,88,237.

We can see that there is a decline in the sale percentage in 2016 by -0.77%. The categories in which the decline rate is observed has impacted the overall loss for the company, the other genre like thriller or crime has also experienced a loss of -5% when it is compared within the year range of 2015 and 2016.

The two other areas which are the major criteria for rent are romance and documentary, which also experienced a decline in rent of -15.57% and -19.46% respectively. The most dangerous constituting area is the musical as the decline recorded is -38.98%. The areas that experienced growth are action and animation by 12.59% and 5.48% respectively.

These rentals experienced a huge demand as there has been an increase in action movies and animation series in the last year. Thus people also want to engage in the same genre.

There are five forces that are defined and analysed for the business management of VideoChamp company. 

  • The bargaining power of the supplier is a major force. There is no proper concentration of the supplier and the production houses cannot be switched easily. The vendor for a particular movie has the sole rights over the movie and if it remains in demand then the rentals have to buy it without negotiation. Therefore, it can be said the power of the supplier is more in the rental industry. 

  • The bargaining power of the consumer is another force that drives a rental company to lose or profit. It has always been high in this industry. In current times, consumers have a lot of options that they can opt for watching content. Therefore, if the company fails to satisfy their customer is a reasonable rate then the loss of for the company, not the consumer. 

  • Substitutes on the rise are a major threat and force that can tear down the company to a considerable limit. Prices and accessibility are the major factors in using substitutes majorly. Movie studios are also a big-time threat to the rental industry. 

  • Threats related to the new entrants, for example, the wide use of website availability are a major force by which the rentals are affected hugely. It not only declines sales but allures or encourages new entrants in the same industry. For example, companies like amazon are also found to be investing in providing entertainment content on their platform. 

  • Competitive rivalry is found to be extremely high in this industry. Netflix, red box, Blockbuster, and many others have got their platform online so that they are more reachable to a large crowd. But rentals have to be accessed physically and it is one of the major drawbacks in current times where everything is accessible online. 

  • Disruptive technology has enhanced the creation of a new market altogether. This has made the loyalty of the customers non-aligned with the ones from before. It results in lessening the buying power of the consumer and draws attention to digitized platforms.

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It can be said that video rental sales have declined over the span of one year. The company has literally managed to just survive for a long time because of its operational efficiency as well as its loyal customer base.

But because of the advancement in the digital world and many other accessible options, customers are diverting their routes and getting comfortable in their comfort zone. It is important to change some of the operational factors so that the rental companies can also be on the roll for a long time.

The recommendation will be to enter the online business so that it can also make people understand the advancement it has done to be present and serve its customer according to the changes in demand. 

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