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How To Write An Executive Summary

The professors in the university want to get an idea about the understanding level of the students regarding executive summary. The definition is the literal meaning of the words but writing it poses a challenge for the majority of the students. The professors get a clear idea about all that must have been included in the content just by reading the executive summary.

The sole motive of this blog is to provide you with a proper understanding of the executive summary. It will also focus on providing the necessary steps for writing an efficient executive summary.

I want to guide you in such a way that it helps you in getting high scores. Proper information for understanding one content will save all your time and energy in searching for the understandable one. But first, we need to know all about executive summary. 

A Good News And A Bad News To Start With 

A piece of good news I want to share with you all is that the executive summary remains short. It is part of a lengthy document like a business plan, project proposal, business case, and different types of reports. As the meaning of the name goes, it is written to summarise a long report. This is a very critical and important part of a report. 

Here comes the bad news: the inclusion of an executive summary has a purpose. It serves to provide the reader with an idea about everything included in the content in short.

Thus this makes it critical and challenging as you need to keep track of a lot of things. It serves to be an introductory part of the report and simultaneously outlines each section of the academic piece of writing. This part is supposed to spark the interest of the reader. 

All Eyes Are On The Executive Summary

The executive summary captures a lot of attention as its place is in the initial part of the document. It is placed even before the Table of contents. So this small piece of writing makes the reader either interested in the topic or just disinterested in the whole content covered. 

It contains a short statement addressing the proposal or the problem discussed in detail. It contains a short introduction, a concise analysis, and an impactful conclusion. It is required to be written in a way that showcases the potential of interesting information hidden in the document. It should leave a lingering effect on the reader, wanting to read more.
The main aim of an executive summary is to help in deciding whether to go forth with the document or not. It helps in making or breaking the proposal in business and scoring good marks on a report assignment.
The above explanation might seem similar to another summary known as an abstract. But executive summary and abstract are different from each other. It is better to proceed with a clear understanding of both terms. 

Differences Between An Abstract And An Executive Summary 

Confusion is a major issue regarding anything on this planet for human beings. Students generally get confused about two similar terms or concepts. But to attain perfection we need to know the difference if the terms or concepts are not the same. 

The same thing happens with an executive summary and an abstract. It is totally fine to get confused as the meaning of both summary and abstract is directed towards similar concepts. I am here to tell you the basic difference between the both.

Let's start with the purpose of an executive summary and an abstract: both are written with a view of providing a precise and concise understanding of the entire document in short sentences. Both are placed that the beginning of any write-up. Both are independent element and does not take part in the main body of the content. 

Now for the differences in both types of write-up: an abstract is usually short in length. It can only be a maximum of ten sentences long. It provides an idea about the content of a medium-length document to the reader. This short piece of writing enables the reader to chuck out the purpose of the document.
On the other hand, the executive summary is longer than an abstract. The content of this write-up is more condensed. It can be a little more than a page. An executive summary is a part of a lengthy document. The readers will be able to get a clearer idea about the document’s topic. 

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Simple Steps For Writing An Effective Executive Summary To Be Included In A Report

An academic piece of writing like a report is a long piece of document. It remains divided into different sections according to the topic and sub-topics. To make the reader understand the full content in a short as well as accurate manner, an initial small piece of writing is included. This is known as an executive summary.

But the issue lies in crafting a proper executive summary aligned with its purpose. To ease this problem I have underlined a few important steps that will help in curating a proper executive summary. The following guidelines must be followed : 

  • Pithy Introduction: You need to start with a clear and direct opening sentence. It should define the subject matter and the purpose of the report. You can also include other aspects included in your paper apart from the aim. You need to remember to stick to the strengths of the paper in the earlier part of an executive summary. You can also include the background of the problem as to why you have chosen a particular topic.

  • Analyses method: As the heading suggests, you need to include the appropriate methods that you have used to address the issue or proposal. You are not supposed to go astray from the main topic. Be confined to the boundaries of the extent of the scope of the topic. 

  • Findings: The next topic you need to address is the key findings of your analysis. You also need to justify the cause so that the findings seem relevant to the topic. You need to include some concepts from the body but do not just copy and paste from there. You can paraphrase the information in a complex and condensed form. You need to choose appropriate words as no fluffy words can be used to fill in the length. This portion will give the right integrity to your report. 

  • Solution of the problem: It is important to recommend a solution to the problem. It is important as it will help in showcasing the value of the issue raised by you. This section will show that you have done enough research to address the problem. 

  • Recommendations and conclusions: If there were challenges then to avoid them further you need to include recommendations. This remains entangled with the conclusion. You can include anything until it is relevant to the problem. 

  • Limitations: A subtle way of ending an executive summary is with the acknowledgment of the limitations. No work is void of limitations. This gives the scope for further research. it is better to identify them and include them in your work so that it gives complete closure to this piece of writing. 

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Executive Summary Samples As Written By Executive Summary Writing Help Expert 

To make you understand in a better way, online academic writing help services bring you an executive summary sample. It will help you in developing a clear understanding of the requirements of an executive summary. 

Executive Summary

Work design is the process of defining how a task can be performed. The aim of this report is to identify the relationship between employee innovation and work design.

Research has claimed that there is a positive relationship between employee innovation and performance on a task. Traditionally task performance is the work description of an employee. It does not take into account an employee’s non-explicit contribution to a business or organization.

This report will try to understand the working principle of CERA. It has been established that there is an urgent need of redefining the work design in different departments of CERA to improve innovative thinking.

The report finds that the approach best suited for Rachael’s drafting department is mechanistic. It is the most relevant approach for confirming employee innovation in Rachael’s drafting department. 

Academic Writing Help Service 

It is an online academic writing assistance platform that provides assistance for report writing also. It includes executive summary writing help service also. The report writers are experts in writing an executive summary. We have a professional team of premium writers eagerly waiting to help you in writing various types of summaries.

The native writers are well-versed in the requirements of the professors. The content written by the writers is run for plagiarism checks. It is proofread by the proofreaders to find any missing aspects.

After the solution is successfully passed through the checking parameters, it is uploaded for the student to access it. We provide authentic solutions developed from scratch. We are available 24/7 to assist you whenever you wish to reach us. 

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