A Guide On How To Fix Academic Writing Trouble

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Academic writing is a different style of writing that is required to be followed in the academic sphere. The tone of academic writing remains formal. This style of writing is applied while writing scholarly publications, assignments, theses, research papers, essays, dissertations, and other compositions.

There are different types of academic writing. One has to follow a particular style according to the universities requirements.
Academic writing is not only referring to composing information, and writing content for the thesis, scholarly papers, and articles; but it is also about one’s imagination power for representing various new thoughts with the help of a unique implementation process.
 If you are on this page, that means you are a student. If you are planning to continue with your higher studies in Australia, this blog is just for you. It is a practical guide to academic writing trouble. It is critical to meet the expectation of educational papers by implementing academic writing.
You need to understand that there is a huge level of difference in the language of high-school essays and University level academic writing. The curriculum followed by Australian universities is majorly based on research. You will have to submit various papers on different styles of academic writing in a trimester.
The guide or the steps to achieve perfect academic writing to match with the university level can serve you as grace. You will not have to redo your assignments multiple times. I am sure that this blog will serve as a source of developing confidence in yourself.
Also, if you are one of the fluent writers and know all about composing great content. You should remember that creative writing differs from academic writing wholly.

You should know that the Australian rubric has a separate marking percentage for writing style and grammatical errors. This part should be the one in which you do not lose marks. You need to follow the rubric to the letter for scoring the best grades in each section of the paper.
The majority of the students believe that they are not good writers. They hesitate to start writing their assignments.

Are you one of the struggling students? kindly read more in this blog to understand the tone of academic writing. I hope by the end of this blog, academic writing will not be a problem for you anymore. And, if it still remains, no worries, I have a solution for that also.

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Five Essential Elements Of Academic Writing 

Each and every academic paper has a goal to accomplish. This is required to be followed throughout the paper. The goal is provided by the professor as a topic of the assignment.
If the academic paper consists of answering questions, students tend to score less even after answering the questions properly. This happens when the language does not remain appropriate.
Sometimes the word used is not formal. The object of an academic paper is required to be followed throughout. It might not be mentioned several times.

But, a sense of connection should be there in the full content. You are required to establish a flow in the content so that the information seems relatable from the previous one.
To establish a flow in the content the following five elements are necessary to be followed:

  • Complexity: academic papers are written to showcase an actual cause. It remains informative. Thus, it is a more complex worded piece of writing when compared to informal creative writing.

    You should represent your ideas as well as arguments in an object-oriented direction, rather than putting information as your thoughts. Any inclusion of perspectives should be supported by evidence. Otherwise, it will be considered made-up content.

  • Formality: the language needs special attention. The format is required to be crisp. There should be a formal tone all over the content. There should not be any first-person words.

    Third-person words are to be used with formality. The requirement is not to know all but to know the correct ones. It will do sufficiently for your goal.

  • Precision: you have to be concise with your writing. You are not supposed to use fluffy words just to fill in the pages. This part can be tricky but it is critical to be learned.

    The use of facts, data, figures and evidence-based conclusions is more encouraged in academic writing. You are not supposed to exceed the word limit. Be crisp with the inclusion of relevant information.

  • Objectivity: you have to keep your focus on the objective of the paper. You are not supposed to get non-aligned with respect to the topic.

    Going astray from the central topic is one of the most common mistakes. It leaves a negative impact on the professor. Being aligned with the central topic will make your content subject-centralised. It will leave less scope for deductions.

  • Straightforwardness: the last element ensures that the aim of the academic paper is achieved. My aim, I mean the proper presentation of facts, information, and figures that are related to the topic.

    The aim is also to maintain connectivity throughout the content. It will ensure the establishment of flawless slow. It keeps the reader engaged and they would like to read it further.

The above-mentioned five elements of an academic paper are required to be followed for curating excellent assignments. You need to stay focussed, clear, precise, connected, and object-oriented for the creation of an efficient academic paper.

I understand that there are as many academic writing trouble points as the number of features. But, as they say, practice makes a man perfect.

You need to practice to become perfect and it cannot be achieved in one attempt. So do not take stress but rather try to implement the features properly in your content.

Some Tips To Improve Your Skills For Academic Writing 

  • You need to understand that paragraphs are not placeholders in your content. Each paragraph must have a connection to the thesis statement. Every paragraph must project a theme. You cannot use improper words to fill in the word limit. There should be a connection between the previous paragraph and the scope of the next paragraph so that the reader continues reading.  

  • You need to use an active voice while writing the content of an academic paper. You cannot start with “once upon a time……….”, it is a very informal tone. You have to represent every finding in the present narrative showing its relevance to the topic.

  • You need to be careful with the pronouns as well as the possessive pronouns. You should always approach the establishment of a neutral tone in your content.

  • Do not write long sentences. It increases the scope of making language errors. Long sentences appear to be confusing and complex. It is immensely discouraged to be used in an academic paper.  

  • Proper citations should be inserted wherever necessary in the proper format. The bibliography section should also follow the proper style as mentioned in the assignment file.

  •  Your paper should not have unnecessary information. it should not appear to be too full that the reader starts to feel like drowning in it without making out the idea or central theme.  

I hope the above-mentioned tips appear to be useful to you. but if it does not then you can take professional help also. The online academic writing help services serve to help students struggling with completing academic papers.
The academic experts know it all. They are from diverse fields. They will provide you with the best solution for your academic assignments. It will help you in scoring better grades with less struggle.
Lastly, I would just like to say that keep it simple. Follow the rubric and do not get diverted from the topic. You can always include your creative angle but in an informative and formal way.

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