Top MBA Dissertation Topics

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As heavy as the name, the dissertation gives goosebumps to everyone. it is most certainly not a very enjoyable task. It is an academic piece of writing that remains lengthy. It requires an immense amount of research before composition. It can be written on any topic that you like but needs approval from the professors. It is an important last piece of work that is required to be completed at the end of post-graduation, PhD, and graduation also. The choice of topic is very critical as all the research will be based on it. But before you chose the topic, you need to check on the requirements of the subject you are pursuing. I agree that completing a dissertation is immensely boring but in the end, the sense of accomplishment gives major joy. 

Three Major Things You Need To Remember When Choosing 
Dissertation Topics For MBA 

I will be providing you with a good number of dissertation topics. Before you jump on choosing the same, you need to remember certain points. Of course, the dissertation is not something that any student would kill for but love but when you have to do it, let us do it properly. The following three things will help you in choosing an appropriate topic for your MBA dissertation: 

It is totally fine to choose an old topic 
Well, we have always been told that research should be done on a new topic. But, you should also know that there is no significant harm in choosing a covered topic. It has added advantage that there must be plenty of information related to this topic. The only problem you can face is when you do the same research. You need to make your content authentic and original as much as possible. The required credits are to be provided to the original authors without copy-pasting. If there remains no plagiarism then there is no problem in choosing an old topic. 

The dissertation topic should have secondary data on the browser 
The topic is required to be catchy. Students tend to choose something that remains attractive but they are not able to find the secondary data on it. It is very important for analysing the information you are including. No proper defence will mark your content as a subject of the question. This leaves a very negative impact on the professors. Then the students try to change their topic but as the train has already left the station what can be done? Thus choosing a dissertation topic in general is a very tricky and sensible job. You just cannot impress the teacher only with an eye-pleasing topic. You have to think about the outline of the job or purpose that is served by any dissertation. 

The use of quantitative study is encouraged 
As the name suggests, quantitative data is any piece of information that has numbers associated with it. The use of theory always has the upper hand but there is a proper reason why you should include numerical data in your research paper. Only written data bores the reader. Now let us take an example of my blog. 

My blog is being read by 100 students in 60 minutes. I can say that 50% of these students are international. From this, I can conclude that the topics discussed in this blog are reaching 50 native students every hour. According to the mentioned numerical data, I can show you some fancy calculations. The number of students reading this blog per hour is 100. In Australia, there are 43 universities . Therefore, the number of students in each university is 100/43 = 2.32. The target is 500 students per hour. The target per university is 500/43=11.63. Thus, the target achieved can be given by (2.32-11.63)/11.63 = -80%.

The above calculation made this section of my blog interesting. Thus, it is important to use numerical data for making your dissertation engaging. 

The above-mentioned points are to make you understand the importance of proper dissertation topics. The content is required to be composed in such a way that the reader remains connected with the information. In the end, the readers should feel that they can retain some of the information from the dissertation. Short facts are easy to remember and transmit. It will leave a positive impact on your teacher. 

The 40 MBA Dissertation Topics

Human resource management dissertation topics 

1. In-depth analysis of the confounding factors for employee empowerment that would result in increased job satisfaction and productivity contributing to the overall gain or profit of an organization. 
2. How does the provision of flexible working durations improve the retention of employees in a company and contributes towards one of the major recruiting tools for employees? 
3. What is the effect of resigning from a particular team in a company? 
4. What are the human resource policies that require investigation for their pros and cons for the matter of employee retention in an organization?
5. How does the role of an effective team of a human resource affects start-ups or established company and their management? 
6. Policies that displayed errors in the process of manufacturing industry- a Tokyo case study. 
7. How do the rewards as well as incentives make the employees more docile in an organization? 
8. What are the major and common factors that lead an employee to the verge of resignation and how the resignation rate can be reduced to maintain consistency in the company? 
9. How the new start-up, Uber Eats is found to be exploiting the food delivery persons in Australia? 


Dissertation topics of operations management in MBA 

1. Analysing the supply chain that is associated with the two types of industries: B2C industries and B2B industries. 
2. How can the use of robots be improved with the efficient supply chain as well as the logistics for increasing turnover and productivity in an organization? 
3. How does inventory control still an effective backbone in concern with operations management in an organization? 
4. What are the effects of incorporating Artificial Intelligence or AI with respect to inventory management?
5. The various ways in which the real-time conversation amongst the multi-site manufacturing can improve the management of a project- an analysis was done for the manufacture of Lamborghini. 
6. How is producing a new product better than upgrading the previous ones? 
7. How has the process of 3D printing development changed the development of a product? 
8. The enormous effects of dynamic prices on the companies of Australia. 
9. What are the risk management terms to be undertaken in pharmaceuticals in Australia? 
10. What are the various ways by which the logistics can be improved for the delivery of fresh vegetables and fruits in a city?  

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Dissertation topics for business management in MBA 

1. How does the culture of an organization influences the nature of employees in a company for lengthy turnover?
2. How do environmental issues impact the activities of the business? 
3. A detailed analysis of leadership styles and their impact on the growth of business in Google. 
4. The process of change management can be soothed by necessary changes in human resource policies. 
5. For empowering women, is it necessary to have a fixed number of female employees in an organization? 
6. Analysis of the “ customer is always right” policy in service-providing industries. 
7. What are the effects of a closed economy on Australian organizations? 
8. How the concept of cultural diversity is useful for the growth of an organization in Australia? 
9. The hurt provided by espionage as well as embezzlement on the reputation of a business. 
10. The image of the brand as well as its role in the process of recruitment together with employee retention. 

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Dissertation topics for marketing in MBA 

1. The efficiency of traditional marketing techniques in comparison to social media techniques for the promotion of a product or service. 
2. What is the role and significance of introducing products for a specific community? 
3. A comparison of the behavioural display by the consumers in Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide. 
4. How does the incorporation of celebrities influences the choices of customers and decisions? 
5. A study on product packaging in relation to customer satisfaction in the retail sector of Australia. 
6. What will be the result of the removal of ethical boundaries from marketing? 
7. What is the motive of premium pricing strategies- an analysis of Apple Inc. 
8. The various role of the internet in the decision-making ability of the customers. 
9. How can improvement be noticed in customer loyalty- a study of Honda Motor Company?
10. The number of customers or loyal customers: what should be the priority? 

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