Top features of the RMIT University Digital Health Hub

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In recent times, the Australian health sector has witnessed numerous innovations and discoveries, in terms of clinical staging, diagnosis, and treatments. From interventional surgeries to health wearables and consumables, the list of innovations that the country has adopted is endless.

But that one event that truly challenged the conventional health practices and opened a new and advanced way of diagnosis and treatment was the launch of Digital Health Hub at RMIT University. 

Known to be one of the most prestigious academic and research centers in Australia, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has always stayed at the top tier for innovative discoveries.

Recently, it joined hands with the Digital Health Cooperative Research Center and the commercial organization of ANDHealth to propel the launch of the advanced Digital Health Hub. 

Goals and purpose of RMIT Digital Health Hub

When such a revolutionary body has been introduced in the Australian health sector, the first question that arises in the mind of the onlookers is about its goals and purposes. Truth be told, digitalization of the Australian healthcare was widely accepted by all the stakeholders involved in various sectors.

However, there exist numerous gaps in terms of virtual care, artificial intelligence implementation, digital consumables and wearables, and many more. This is where the Digital Health Hub of RMIT enters the picture. 

With the goal of fostering innovation and bringing all the stakeholders in the healthcare industry on the same platform, it is dedicated to filling the gaps in digital and virtual care.

Regarded as the “transdisciplinary research epicenter”, it will encompass innovation through various technologies, like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, information technology, social sciences, biomedical science, and many more. 

Besides conducting research, the Digital Health Hub of RMIT will also focus on extending user training and technology adoption. Various short-term courses and postgraduate programs have been included in the RMIT Online portal, which will allow aspiring medical and healthcare students to venture into the world of digital care. 

Salient features of RMIT Digital Health Hub

Workforce development 

RMIT has issued an official statement in which the heads of the departments have mentioned that their Digital Health Hub will be focused on health industry workforce development.

In other words, they will conduct on-site training and short-term courses to train the healthcare workers about technological innovations. Apart from this, they will also focus on spreading word about virtual care and its importance in enhancing the patient experience and convenience level. 


One of the key features of the Digital Health Hub from RMIT is the comprehensive attitude adopted towards virtual research work.

Rather than relying on a single technology, the involved members have outlined an all-inclusive plan, which will bring together business, administration, technology, and social sciences together. The primary goal is to align the research work with the global healthcare standards and bring sustainable innovation that can be widely accepted. 

Support for international digital health programs

In recent times, RMIT has conducted different international programs, promoting the purposes and vision of the Digital Health Hub at the global level.

It has arranged conferences and education programs on physical disability, lower limb amputation, and mental health problems within the Asia-Pacific geographical region. Also, it has initiated an online and face-to-face training course for the Indonesian audience during the last few months.

Digital health literacy

The Digital Health Hub from RMIT is dedicated towards enhancing the literacy rate of the global healthcare industry in terms of digital and virtual care. It will include the modern technologies offering innovative treatment and diagnosis methods like artificial intelligence and big data.

Apart from this, the university will divert its focus on educating the stakeholders about digital wearables and consumables that can pave way for advancements in healthcare industry. 

Clinical decision support software for aging health

Another key feature of the Digital Health Hub launched by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is the use of an advanced software for accurate clinical decision support.

It will assist medical professionals to leverage past historical records of patients and predict any unforeseen health deterioration due to aging. As a result, virtual care offered to the elderly patients can be enhanced with accurate and precise clinical staging and effective treatment plans. 

Sensor-embedded bedding for aged care

RMIT’s Digital Health Hub has also launched a special bedding infrastructure, named as Sleeptite and Sleepeezee Bedding. It is embedded with different sensors, including motion and pressure sensors that can detect any night time fall and prevent the accidents for elderly people.

Furthermore, it will also provide valuable insights into the user’s sleep patterns and health statistics for better care. 


If you are a medical aspirant or an active member of the healthcare industry and want to take the next step for upskilling, opting for the short-term or post-graduate courses from RMIT Digital Health Hub will be the best choice.

On top of this, with Digi Assignment Help by your side, you can easily ace the course through properly written assignments and score the highest marks. 

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