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A successful essay is followed by a crisp end. Students pay complete attention to writing strong arguments. However, they often get stuck when it comes to writing a good conclusion. A good conclusion is equally important. It summarises the whole essay and hence should be given enough attention.

A strong ending offers the reader a lasting impression. It gives them clarity and they are able to understand the context clearly. It pins down all the important points and hence provides a closure. 

This blog post will discuss how to create an effective assignment conclusion. We will discuss its goal and key elements. We will provide helpful advice for Australian students and help them craft winning conclusions. Keep reading to learn more!

Understanding The Purpose Of A Conclusion

A conclusion in an academic work is extremely relevant. It has many functions as mentioned below:

  • Summarises main points: It Highlights the main Arguments and Findings. Hence it becomes easier for the reader to retain the information. 

  • Reinforces the Thesis: It restates the major point of the argument. It again emphasises how the evidence supports it. Hence it builds up credibility. 

  • Provides Closure: It brings the discussion to a reasonable conclusion. It gives the reader an extensive understanding of the subject.

  • Encourages Further Thought: It might include recommendations or suggestions for additional research. This would urge the reader to study the topic in detail. Hence it provides useful information and focuses on details. 

Essential Elements in a Conclusion

A compelling conclusion consists of the following elements:

  • Restating the Thesis:  While writing a conclusion, focus on repeating the main point. Remember it should not repeat the entire point mentioned above. It summarises the point in a line or two briefly. This helps to go through the points quickly and follow the link. 

  • Summary of Main Points: Provide a concise overview of the main ideas raised in the assignment's body. Refrain from introducing any new topic. A conclusion is not for writing about more information but just summarizing. You should concentrate on the most crucial details.

  • Synthesis of Ideas: Explain how your thesis is supported by the major ideas from the assignment. Draw attention to the relationships between various concepts. Establish a link between the concepts. It will make it easier for the reader to grasp the topic. 

  • Suggestions: Talk about how your arguments have wider significance. You can also make recommendations for additional study. You can provide suggestions for real-world applications.

Lastly, make sure to conclude with a powerful statement. Every statement should make an impact. This could be a closing thought on the subject. you can also use a quote that intrigues people's thinking or a call to action.

How to Write An Effective Conclusion

  • Restate the thesis: The first step is to Go back over your thesis statement. The beginning of your conclusion should repeat the main points. This reminds the reader of the main idea of your work. Don't just repeat the thesis statement word for word. Make it more creative and brief.

    It should reflect your understanding and proficiency in the subject. 

    Example:Original Thesis as used in the body: "The adoption of renewable energy sources will substantially decrease Australia's carbon footprint."

    Restated thesis as used in the conclusion: "Adopting renewable energy solutions is a crucial step to reduce carbon emission in Australia." 

  • Highlight the main ideas:Give a brief overview of your assignment's main ideas. Concentrate on the strongest arguments. Focus on all the main points of your paper.

    Don't go into detail, just provide a crisp overview. 

    For instance: "Throughout this assignment, we examined the environmental benefits of solar and wind energy. We checked the economic feasibility of renewable energy projects, and the role of government policies in promoting sustainable practices."

  • Synthesize the Data:Demonstrate how your assignment's key ideas and supporting data match each other. This will establish a link and strengthen your thesis. This synthesis helps in demonstrating the logic. It maintains the consistency of your argument.

    For instance: "By analyzing the environmental impact, economic viability, and policy support for renewable energy, it is clear that a transition to green energy sources is both necessary and achievable for Australia."

  • Talk about the Consequences / Suggestions:Think about the greater implications of your discoveries. Talk about how your findings might impact practical applications.

    You can also suggest their relevance in policy-making, or future research. If suitable, you can also give recommendations based on your analysis. 

  • End with a Strong Statement :The last step involves writing bold statements. Finish your work with a powerful phrase. It should make an impression. This could be a concluding thought on the subject. You can use thought-provoking remarks or a call to action.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

When writing your conclusion,  remember to avoid these errors:

  • Introducing New Information: Stay clear of adding any new information or argument. Remain focused on summarizing the points mentioned in the text. Adding any new information can confuse the reader. 

  • Being Overly Repetitive: restating significant points is necessary. However, try not to just repeat statements word to word from previous sections. Summarise them and present them with other topics. 

Tips for Creating a Powerful Conclusion

  • Plan Ahead: While writing the main body of your project, also consider your conclusion. This will make sure that your conclusion successfully connects the dots between all of your points.

  • Stay Brief: Make sure your conclusion is short and clear. Don't get engaged in writing details. It should only concentrate on the key ideas.

  • Keep Consistency: Make sure the tone and subject of your conclusion match with the rest of your project. It will keep the readability in check. It will maintain consistency and the reader won't feel lost. 

  • Proofread: Needless to say, always read your work before submitting it. It will help you to correct grammatical errors. It maintains the coherence and clarity of your conclusion.

Examples of Effective Conclusions

Here are some examples of a good conclusion. You can refer to the structure to write a solid conclusion:

Example 1: Research Paper on Renewable Energy

"To reduce the consequences of climate change, switching to renewable energy sources is not only practical but also crucial. Australia may set the standard for sustainable energy practices. It can lower its carbon footprint by investing in solar, wind, and hydroelectric electricity.
The authorities should invest in infrastructure for renewable energy. It should make it a priority and encourage innovation in this crucial area."

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