Which Writing Style Should You Choose for Your Assignments?

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Choosing the correct way of writing may improve your idea expressions to a great extent. You are a student in Australia or have an Australian work permit by knowing what kind of style to write in when your work is more likely to be completed. We will be diving into a variety of writing styles in this blog while also instructing you on how and when to make use of them.

Recognizing Divergent Writing Styles

Writing is usually divided into the following four categories: Narrative, Descriptive, Expository and Persuasive. Every one of these papers has its own structures and target audience, so every individual style accordingly to fulfil their role.

Narrative Writing

Narrative Writing: Tell a Story. There are characters, location(s), a plot and some sort of event arrangement. That second style is often used in creative writing, like fiction and short stories. But it can be of use for certain school and work-related scenarios in Australia as well.

Common Uses of Narrative Writing

•    Personal essays
•    Reflective journals
•    Stories in the form of case studies

Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing is a photograph in words. Descriptive Writing (Symbolic) -> A picture with the pallet of paint -Writing. It gives specific details about people, places, things or events. Used often in creative writing, it can also be used for academic or professional assignments.

When to write descriptively:
•    Field reports
•    Lab reports
•    Notes on the descriptions of anthropological studies

Expository Writing

It explains Expository writing is informative and explanation. It is not supposed to be complex and exists just to simplify an area of subject. Key point: The most common form of writing in Australian universities is the argument-led, or thesis-based style.

The Most Appropriate Type for Expository Writing:
•    Research papers
•    Essays
•    Reports
•    Articles

Persuasive Writing

In non-fiction, persuasive writing or exposition attempts to convince the reader of one side of an argument. It seeks to persuade others of a perception or set of instructions. It employs both logic and reason, as well as emotional appeals.

This is when you write persuasively
•    Argumentative essays
•    Opinion pieces
•    Proposals
•    Cover letters

Here is How You Can Choose the Correct Style for Your Assignment

The following points should be kept in mind to opt for the suitable writing style for your assignment:

Purpose of the Assignment

Decide for yourself what you want to be the result of the writing. Do you need to inform, persuade, entertain or describe? Your purpose will direct you to the right style.

Audience Expectations

Audience: Think about your audience for this assignment. In Australia, your professors and classmates will expect a formal style that is well structured. It needs to be expository. On the other hand, a blog post destined for a wider readership might warrant an informal tone.

Assignment Guidelines

Refer to the assignment guidelines always. Your instructor will provide them to you. These specifications may include the preferred writing style, tone and layout of your presentation.

Subject Matter

Your subject matter and assignment can also determine which style of writing you should use. A scientific report would have one style, formal and precise. However, a reflective journal may need to use narrative (story-telling) or descriptive writing as well.

Tips for Each Writing Style

Well, we make you good at each Appropriate tip to excel in varied writing styles.

For Narrative Writing:

  1. Hook Your Reader - Begin with an interesting opening sentence that will get your reader excited for the rest of their story. 

  2. Develop Characters. It even applies well to a case study - by shedding some light on significant individuals you help in making the story more interesting.

  3. Story structure: Your story should have a clear logical beginning; middle years, and end.

For Descriptive Writing:

1.    Include Sensory Details: Essential to creating a clear impression - sight, sound, smell flavour or texture.
2.    Specific: Write like you are painting a picture and focus on the details that add to it.

 For example, instead of saying the lab was messy, show it with cluttered benches and scattered equipment.

For Expository Writing:

1.    Too long, did not read: If I have to reread a sentence because it’s too long or detailed then something has gone wrong. Aim for clarity.
2.    Back-Up Statements with Evidence - Enhance your arguments with data, references and facts.
3.    Organize your ideas. Structure your writing properly, with headings and subheadings as the case maybe.

For Persuasive Writing:

1.    Understand Who You Are Speaking To: Gear your arguments to the values and beliefs of those you are speaking with.
2.    Provide Strong Evidence: Support your claims with legitimate sources and data.
3.    Address Counterarguments. Acknowledge opposing views. Then, refute them well.

Writing Styles in Australian Assignments

For examples of how these writing styles can work in Australia, look at:

Narrative Writing:

It is a social work course reflective journal It tells you stories of experiences the author has had with clients.
Case Study: Telling the Australian startup success story in a business course

Descriptive Writing:
This is a field report on an environmental science topic with regard to the biodiversity in one area of Australia—art Historical essay on the visual aspects of Aboriginal Painters.

Expository Writing:
It looks into the aftermath of an industry. It focuses on the economy. Read more insights and advice in these stories. They will assist you in learning and applying these writing styles properly.

Combining Writing Styles:
There are times when combining styles can complement each other well. For example, in an expository scientific report, you may want to add a small narrative section, which would be an account or report of how to perform a test. You might use descriptive writing in a persuasive essay. It gives a clear depiction of the problem you are solving.

Getting Feedback:
Have your peers, teachers or mentors provide feedback before you finalize it. This will help you to realize what sections can require enhancement and verify that your writing style is suitable and planned.

Practicing Different Styles:

Write in different styles by working on assignments. This is a great way to become well-rounded and improve your writing skills all around.

For assignments in Australia, they must consider the local context. If, for example, you are writing about environmental problems — provide Australian cases. Think of The Great Barrier Reef, bushfires etc.

Using Clear Language:

In the end, writing must always be clear and in simple terms no matter what style of writing. Stay away from too flamboyant words or complex sentences, which will only confuse the readers. Clarity and Simplicity are Key While Writing Expository & Persuasive Style.


You need to select the best writing style, depending on your assignments. This allows you to talk the communicate properly. Define the purpose of your assignment and its audience. Follow guidelines. And choose the most appropriate style very well suited for the topic.

In Australia, we have a wide range of academic environments. When you get hold of these styles, they will assist you to win with your tasks.

You will also become prepared for several professional and personal tasks involving writing. The next time you grab that pen or settle in at the keyboard for some writing - take a moment to think about which of these styles works best with your message and audience. Happy writing!

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