How To Use Colloquialism In Writing And Speaking?

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Colloquialism, by definition, is a manner of speaking or writing that’s developed in a specific region. This involves the use of common phrases and terms to create a sense of authenticity in the content you’re developing. 

A short example of that in the context of Australia would be saying, “G’day, mate.” This is a common phrase spoken and written in Australia, and using this type of common terminology can help make content seem more organic and directly aimed at an Australian audience. While this is an isolated example, colloquialism is not just about reinforcing stereotypes.

There’s a lot of subtlety that needs to be practised around this subject. So, let’s look closer at colloquialism and how it can be appropriately used in writing and speaking.

Understanding Colloquialism

One of the most important things about colloquialism that needs to be understood is that when done wrongly, you are just using slang in your speech or writing.

In most cases, using slang language is not considered professional or appropriate. So, it is very important that you understand how to use colloquialisms so that you are making your content authentic without being offensive. 

One of the most important things to make sure that your use of colloquialism is not deemed inauthentic or offensive is how you place it in your content.

The context matters a lot in this regard and you need to ensure that your use of colloquialism is always in a positive light and not as sarcasm or as a loose comment on any matter. To help you understand the concept better, let’s look at specific ways you can use what you just learnt in writing and speaking.

How To Use Colloquialism in Writing?

There are four things that you should keep in mind when using colloquialism in writing; what are these four things? Let’s find out.

1.    Understand Context

Have you heard the term “tone deaf”? That’s used in cases where the writer doesn’t understand the context and uses colloquialism as a means to appear relatable but ends up sounding ingenuine.

So, make sure you understand the context of your writing and determine first whether you should use colloquialisms or not. Only when you have a clear understanding of your context should you use colloquialisms in writing.

2.    Be Consistent

What’s one of the best ways to give away that you’re trying to appear relatable and not actually be relatable? By being inconsistent with the tonality of your content.

Being consistent is not a choice; it is a necessity, especially when you are writing informal content where colloquialisms can be used. So, make sure you are consistent in your tone and respectful above all.

3.    Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience can help you craft content that’s actually relatable and understood in good faith. If you are using a colloquial reference that your audience isn’t aware of, it’ll not have any discernible impact on your audience. So, make sure you study your audience and understand your demographic before you write.

4.    Build Personality With Colloquialism in Fiction

Lastly, if you are writing fiction, make sure you use colloquialism to build your character and not just use it as a means to make it seem relatable to the audience.

Using colloquial language in your dialogue is crucial to helping your character seem authentic to the place and time that they belong. But make sure you follow all the pointers mentioned above to make it work in your favour as intended.

How To Use Colloquialism in Speaking?

Using colloquialisms in speaking is a little bit more tricky because it may involve you having to say things that are not native to you or your language.

This can lead to mispronunciation, which is just as bad as disrespecting a country or community. So, how do you do it right? For starters, be sure to pronounce things as best as you can. Then, follow the steps mentioned below.

1.    Be Natural

When you are speaking, you need to be comfortable with what you are going to say. So, make sure any colloquialisms or references you have in your speech come off naturally. Even if they are edgy, confidently saying them with conviction can help people see that you don’t mean anything bad.

However, being uncomfortable or showing any signs of stress while you are delivering your speech will almost always cause people to be suspicious of your intentions. So, be natural.

2.    Use Moderation

Using colloquialisms in your speech is like putting salt in your food; you wouldn’t want to put too much salt in it now, would you? Practice moderation; trying to fill your speech with colloquialisms and references can seem like you are pandering or just being ingenuine. Moderation is the key.


Now that you know what colloquialisms are and how they should be used in writing and speech, go out and write authentic-sounding content that impacts your audience.

If you are still having trouble figuring out how to write content that’s appropriate, you can use our help at Digi Assignment Help. Our expert assignment writers can help you write any essay or speech you need to complete with authentic colloquial references while maintaining the strict line of being respectful and genuine. If you’re interested, check out our website and book our services today.

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