How to write a resume with no experience?

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Do you think that resumes are needed only when you need to apply for a job in a top-tier company or an MNC? 

No, that’s not the case because resume or curriculum vitae has become an indispensable document for almost every official task, from getting an admission at a university to job application at a corporate company.

If the details listed in the document are not up to the mark or the content sound too monotonous, your resume won’t have the desired appeal and might lead to straightaway rejection from your employer or the school admission staff.

Considering you are writing the resume for college or university admission, you won’t have any record for past experiences, which further make curation difficult. 

Is Resume Important For A College Or University Student? 

The first question that arises on your mind is whether the resume is of at all any importance for applying at a college or university in regards of further studies, especially in Australia.

Truth be told, most Australian academic institutes evaluate the curriculum vitae to sort the most prospective candidates for their new educational sessions. Hence, if you do not make them appealing and impactful, your chances of getting a call from your dream institute will drop drastically.

But that’s not all! The benefits of a resume for a student with no prior experience go beyond creating an impression on the admission faculty. In fact, the zeal to curate an appropriate CV is greatly influenced by your knowledge about its advantages at a broad scope.

So, in this below section, we have illustrated a few reasons for which you should pay extra attention to the resume before submitting it at your dream Australian education institute.

  • Resumes play a crucial role in assisting students for better identification of their strengths and weaknesses. Based on the inference, setting future goals and objectives becomes much easier. 

  • The way you curate your resume will determine if you are responsible enough to complete the tasks assigned to you or capable of handling even the complicated tasks with a calm state of mind. 

  • Often students gather skills outside of their academic field or expertise on a specific subject. Resumes play a great medium in highlighting these specialties and attracting the focus of the reader on the capabilities. 

  • If you have gained expertise in any soft skill, like ability to speak multiple languages, you can use the resume to highlight the same and gain advantage during candidate selection at Australian universities. 

  •  You can also showcase the rewards and merits obtained so far throughout your academic life with this simple yet impactful document. 

Steps to write a resume having no experience 

Now that we have listed the five major benefits of composing a resume, it’s time to start working on the same. However, when you have no experience in handling the task, creating an impactful document will be overwhelming for you.

As a result, the rooms for making silly errors will be quite high, resulting in a disoriented resume. So, to help you out of this unpredictable situation, we have curated a guide, explaining the facts you must consider to curate the perfect resume despite having no prior experience. 

Include a strong header section

The first thing you should focus on for creating a perfect resume is the header section. It acts as the focal point, providing important information about yourself to the reader. So, include your name, address, email, and contact information in this section. Skip using any jargon words, nicknames, and other forms of irrelevant information here.

Focus on a concise and impactful summary

Your summary needs to be as concise as possible. However, it must include your career goals, futuristic vision, and other details involving your academic excellence. Every statement should have a connection with one another to create a positive impact on the readers. 

Put emphasis on academic qualifications

The next step you need to remember is to put great emphasis on your academic qualification, no matter how meager it looks to you. Apart from listing the school achievements, you should also include information about any part-time diploma course you have completed to bridge academic gaps. 

Highlight any recent project or course 

If you have completed any project recently or undertook any course offered by other universities or companies, do not forget to list them separately in the resume. 

Include your skills gained

Enlist all the skills you have gained so far, including computer proficiency, coding knowledge, and others. These skills can help you pass the interview by helping the admission faculty to understand your capabilities. 

Do not miss the extracurricular activities

Your resume should also have the extracurricular activities you are proficient in. Most Australian universities pay special attention to these pointers while evaluating the candidates via their resumes, which is why you cannot leave out this section. 


Although we have presented a guide to create a perfect resume when you have no prior experience in the same, the task might seem challenging for you further. It would become more of a hassle when you get such an assignment in your college.

So, rather than putting in your efforts with no positive result, connect with our consultants at Digi Assignment Help. We will help you curate the perfect resume as a part of your college or university assignment while ensuring the content adheres to the Australian education industry. 

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