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Applied Professional Practice For Event Manager
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  • University: Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Country: United Kingdom

Section1 Professional Identity

I have a proven track record of excellence in the field of event management. Recently, I worked as an Event Manager for EcoPlay Sportindia Pvt Ltd, where I was in charge of liaising with clients to determine the event's essential parameters, keeping meticulous financial records to ensure we stayed within budget, gathering audience data to inform planning decisions, securing venues, vendors, and performers, and evaluating the event's success.

As a former Product Specialist - Student Success Specialist (Student Experience) at Byju's - Think & Learn Pvt Ltd, I was responsible for guiding the students under my care during their time at BYJU's.

I monitored their engagement with the material as a whole and helped them along their educational path by pointing them toward relevant materials. In addition to taking full responsibility for post-sale lifecycle management, I also offered on-call coaching help for particular video, content, and app navigation concerns.

In addition to my time at Creative Alchemist School of Art, Science, and Technology as a Corporate Relations Intern, I also spent time as a Front Office Associate at Wipro Pvt Ltd. My academic background consists of a Bachelor of Business Studies in Tourism & Hotel Management from Jain University and a Master of Science in International Tourism and Events Management with Professional Practice from Glasgow Caledonian University (Deemed to be University).

I have expertise in areas such as marketing and communication, customer service and experience management, Microsoft Office, team leadership and management, multitasking, and time management, and the planning and organisation of travel, tourism, and events.

As a Front Office Associate, I have participated in initiatives such as the India International Travel Mart, the World Solo Drumming Championship 2022, and Industrial Training & Exposure.

Section2 Fieldnotes

An account of your work related activity during the module. Ensure you have agreed with your tutor the activities you will be doing, that your forms have been signed and the skills/knowledge mapping has been completed before undertaking the activity . You must include evidence of completing the activity eg screen shots or completed tasks – expand the box below as required. Remember ethics if required!

Core Session 1

Activity 1

Personally, I place a high emphasis on striking a healthy work-life balance, and this belief drives me to never burn myself out and always make time for fun. Punctuality is another one of my core values since it is essential to success in the workplace. To put this principle into practice, I stick to a strict schedule and avoid doing anything at an inappropriate moment.

Being responsible is important to me because I think that individuals should be given the same consideration that they show to others. As a reflection of this principle, I make it a point to treat others with respect so that they will treat me with respect.

I consider education a cornerstone of success, and I strive to further expand my knowledge both in and out of the workplace. I also place great importance on teamwork since I think we can accomplish more by working together. Because of this, I make it a point to get along well with my group members.

Finally, I try to have an open mind and remember that imagination needs an outlet, such as creativity. These principles define me as a person and as a professional, and I work hard to put them into practice in all I do.

Activity 2

It is crucial to continually analyse and assess the efficacy of our online presence, as evidenced by the findings of the audit of our online apps and media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Gmail were found to be the most popular online media sites, each serving a little different function and having different network properties than the others.

Facebook and LinkedIn are useful for work since they provide access to a wide network of qualified peers and professionals. The majority of Instagram users connect with one another privately. Job seekers may benefit from Indeed, and Gmail can be used for both work and play.

Despite its inclusion on the online media list, Snapchat has proven to be of little benefit and is now considered superfluous. In order to guarantee that our professional aims and values are reflected in our online media channels, it is crucial that we regularly update and examine them.

Activity 3

After giving some thought to my professional identity online, I have concluded that my LinkedIn page is woefully out of date. As this is a networking site for professionals, it is vital that I always reflect on my most recent experience and expertise.

On the other hand, I use Indeed regularly to look for work and learn about developments in my field. When it comes to my own digital footprint, I use Instagram sparingly and mostly for personal reasons, whereas I rely on Facebook for my social interactions with loved ones.

Looking forward, I will make a concerted effort to make the most of LinkedIn as a professional networking tool by posting more frequent updates to my profile.

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Core Session 2

I learned a lot by interacting with the GCU Learn resources on networking. I discovered the importance of networking in advancing one's career and the variety of approaches one may take to make networking efforts fruitful. Reading about how to craft a "Killer CV" helped me realise how crucial it is to have a professionally written and personalised CV to present my qualifications to prospective employers.

The Careers Service presentation taught me how to make the most of my networking opportunities by making use of conferences, organisations, and social media sites like LinkedIn. Thanks to this session, I have been able to evaluate my current approach to networking and determine where I can make improvements. For future reference and to keep tabs on my development, I have written a brief report of this reading and my own networking behaviours in the field notes part of my journal.

Exercise 4 also had me create a resume, which I have included in my notebook. I have made an effort to highlight the abilities and expertise that are most relevant to each position I have applied for. I think this exercise has enabled me to better articulate my qualifications to prospective companies and strengthen my application materials.

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Core Session 3

The third core session, which focused on cognitive and non-cognitive tests and stretch exercises, provided me with invaluable insight into why it is essential to cultivate both types of talents for my career. The cognitive exam helped me evaluate my skills in areas like logic and reasoning, as well as creative thinking. My emotional quotient, social aptitude, and drive were all assessed by the non-cognitive exam.

The lesson also educated me on the link between the Big Five and career success. Because of this, I am now more equipped to capitalise on my assets and mitigate my liabilities in my many roles.

The material on Indeed.com that dealt with the enhancement of cognitive abilities, as well as other material on non-cognitive abilities, proved to be quite helpful. It helped me improve my cognitive and non-cognitive abilities in concrete ways that I can use in my ongoing training and education.

In sum, I feel that I have gained a better understanding of why it is crucial to hone both my cognitive and non-cognitive abilities for professional success, thanks to today's session. Now that I know where I stand, I can focus on improving the areas where I need it most and move closer to my professional goals. In addition, I have revised my resume to highlight my development in this area, which I hope will set me apart from the competition.

Core Session 4

As part of Core Session 4, I analysed the material of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) website in search of relevant professional activities, such as job openings and conferences. The website was helpful in that it provided a wealth of information and was simple to navigate for anybody interested in learning more about leadership and management.

Particularly interesting to me was the list of available management and executive roles across various fields and businesses that was included in the "career opportunities" section. This component helped me better understand the many employment opportunities that would be a good fit for me and my background.

The part on professional development options was very informative; it pointed me in the direction of educational activities that may help me grow as a leader and manager. This part also included information on how to join the ILM, which might open up new avenues for professional growth and networking.

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Core Session 5

I spent session 5 of the core curriculum exploring possible careers and outlining a strategy for the next five years. This exercise helped me immensely since it gave me the opportunity to think deeply about my professional aims and formulate a strategy for achieving them.

To begin, I looked into other careers that would make the most of my strengths, interests, and core beliefs. I was able to learn more about the employment market and investigate several career options as a result of this.

After considering my alternatives, I settled on a five-year strategy that would help me achieve both my immediate and long-term employment objectives.

Career planning involves establishing attainable objectives, determining the knowledge and abilities needed to accomplish those objectives, and creating a strategy to obtain those resources. I also established a deadline for completion, which served to keep me committed to the project at hand.

I also created a professional growth plan that details how I want to expand my skill set, expand my professional network, and remain abreast of developments in my chosen field.

To achieve this goal, I participated in several forms of professional development, including courses, mentorship, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge through reading and research.

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Section3 Reflection

After each seminar, reflect on the theoretical work related concepts and your own skill and knowledge levels in that dimension.   

Dimension 1 Workplace concepts: Work Style and Innovative Behaviour

Both Work style and Creative Behavior are Crucial at Work. Methods, routines, and approaches to work are all examples of work style, whereas the capacity to come up with novel and efficient solutions to challenges is an example of innovative behaviour (Sparks, 2019).

In my experience as an Event Manager, I have found that the ability to quickly shift gears and respond to changing circumstances is crucial. In addition, being well-organized, paying close attention to detail, and having the capacity to communicate clearly with clients and team members are all crucial.

I have found that my time spent working in event management has helped me become more innovative in my approach to tackling problems. The success of an event depends on the organisers' ability to think creatively and find original answers to unforeseen problems (Ricard et al., 2017). Being flexible and ready to incorporate emerging industry trends and ideas into event planning is also essential (Wipulanusat, Panuwatwanich, and Stewart, 2017).

Yet I am also aware that there is always more I can learn and do to better. My goals for my time in the Master of Science in International Tourism and Event Management programme are to deepen my knowledge of leadership and creativity in the workplace. In addition, I intend to keep looking for ways to further my education and professional development so that I can keep abreast of new developments in my field and enhance my existing abilities and knowledge.

Dimension 2 Workplace concepts: Ethics and decision making

Both morality and sound judgment are necessary in the business world (Noval and Stahl, 2017). The ability to examine and enhance one's own knowledge and abilities in the realm of ethics and decision-making in the workplace is essential for any professional (Sulaiman et al., 2021).

Understanding how to make moral choices at work can be aided by theoretical frameworks like utilitarianism, deontological ethics, and virtue ethics (Valentine, Hollingworth, and Schultz, 2018). Ethical leadership, ethical atmosphere, and corporate social responsibility are all concepts that can help guide individuals and businesses toward more morally sound decision-making (Guerrero-Dib, Portales, and Heredia-Escorza, 2020).

In terms of my personal abilities and knowledge, I consider myself to have a firm grounding in forming moral judgments. I have studied business ethics and received training in this area, so I am well-versed in the many frameworks and concepts that govern conduct in the corporate world. I always try to make choices that reflect both my own and my employers' core beliefs.

But I am also aware that I could do better. I intend to further my education and training in order to strengthen my capacity to make morally sound choices. I also make an effort to have open conversations about ethics with my coworkers and to get their input on my own ethical judgments.

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Dimension 3 Workplace concepts: Culture and Cultural Diversity

Through my job and education, I have acquired extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the area of workplace ideas known as "Culture and Cultural Diversity." In my opinion, a well-rounded team with members from many different backgrounds is essential to a company's growth and success (Clark and Polessello, 2017). Yet it takes work and awareness on a daily basis to manage cultural variety successfully.

Hofstede's theory of cultural dimensions is one of the theoretical frameworks I have studied in this area with respect to my professional activity (Raewf and Mahmood, 2021). Power distance, individuality vs. collectivism, and the avoidance of ambiguity are just a few of the cultural elements that may be better understood with the aid of this theory (Evans and Suklun, 2017). Recognizing these differences can aid in conflict avoidance and the management of cultural differences.

Working in multinational teams and taking part in cultural exchange programmes have also helped me grow in this area. These events have broadened my horizons and taught me to value and respect the viewpoints and beliefs of those from various backgrounds. My communication skills and ability to thrive in a variety of cultural contexts have also greatly increased.

In sum, I am of the opinion that the success of businesses in today's globalised world depends on the incorporation of ideas about culture and cultural diversity into the workplace. Organizations may boost their innovative, creative, and problem-solving capacities, and foster a more welcoming and supportive workplace, by practising cultural competency and openness.

Dimension 4 Workplace concepts: Entrepreneurial mind-sets

Value creation in the workplace depends on employees who are willing to think creatively, take calculated risks, and welcome new ideas (Nguyen, 2022). Being flexible, creative, and open-minded in work is essential, and I recognise this. The entrepreneurial spirit in me encourages innovation, the pursuit of new possibilities, and the acceptance of some degree of risk in pursuit of my goals.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is crucial in today's fast-paced and competitive corporate world (Rodriguez and Lieber, 2020). Opportunity discovery, customer value creation, and internal innovation are all aided by this technique (Ramadani et al., 2020). Thus, I have made it a priority to hone my entrepreneurial abilities, such as analysis, problem-solving, and initiative. These abilities have allowed me to discover new avenues for growth and to create ground-breaking solutions for my company.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit has also helped me form solid bonds with my clientele and other important parties. It is helped me open my mind to new experiences and persevere in the face of adversity. I have developed personally and professionally by forcing myself out of my comfort zone and encouraging myself to think beyond the box.

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Dimension 5 Workplace concepts: Collaborative Leadership

In the workplace, collaborative leadership is an essential factor since it stresses the value of teamwork (Scott and Queen’s, 2017). Collaborative leaders motivate their teams to work together, open lines of communication, and make everyone feel like they belong (Bourgault and Goforth, 2021).

My present and past positions have required me to take on leadership responsibilities where collaboration was crucial (Dittes et al., 2019). To ensure the success of the event I managed, I had to work closely with my staff, vendors, and clients. I have to keep the crew on the same page and keep the lines of communication open.

In my role as a product expert, I coordinated efforts across teams to give students the best service possible. Along with the academic staff, I coordinated product shipping for BYJU and helped students find the materials they needed.

Working on several projects has helped me gain insight into, and practise, the art of collaborative leadership. Working together with many different people was essential to the success of the India International Travel Market, where I was the team coordinator. My background in collaborative leadership has given me the skills I need to collaborate successfully with a wide variety of organisations and encourage cooperation aimed at reaching shared objectives.

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Create and shape your professional identity and prepare a PDP; Professional Development Plan.

Create your own professional development plan, use professional learning and development frameworks.  Use your own professional body documentation to underpin your plans and decisions, use website and relevant references

Professional identity

The way I see myself in the workplace is crucial to my success. That includes everything I care about, how I think, what I know, and how I act at work. Working as a corporate relations intern, front desk associate, product expert, and event coordinator has taught me the value of maintaining a professional demeanour at all times.

I have honed my abilities in marketing and communication, customer service and experience management, team leadership, and multitasking via my job and academic experiences in the travel and tourist industry. Furthermore, I have a good grounding in these areas thanks to my study in International Tourism and Events Management with Professional Practice and my Bachelor of Business Studies in Tourism & Hotel Management.


From what has been said and explained, it appears that I am at a formative phase in my professional development. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies with a concentration in Tourism and Hospitality Management, and I am presently working on a Master's degree in International Tourism and Events Management with Professional Practice, both of which will allow me to further my expertise in the sector.

Working as an Event Manager for EcoPlay Sportindia Pvt Ltd, a Product Specialist - Student Success Specialist (Student Experience) for Byju's - Think & Learn Pvt Ltd, a Front Office Associate for Wipro Pvt Ltd, and a Corporate Relations Intern for Creative Alchemist Institute for Art, Science, and Technology has provided me with invaluable experience and the opportunity to hone transferable skills in areas such as event planning and organisation, marketing and communication, customer service.

In addition, I have gained a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and the value of collaborative leadership as a result of the lessons I have learned about the importance of ethics and decision-making in the workplace (Nguyen, 2022).

As I move on with my Master's degree studies, I intend to take advantage of internships and other chances to obtain practical experience and deepen my understanding of the topic. I would like to learn more about starting my own business in this field and embracing new chances as they arise.

Honesty, integrity, and openness are core tenets of my professional identity, and I strive to uphold them in all that I do. I also place high importance on teamwork since I believe that the sum of many minds is greater than the sum of just one (Dittes et al., 2019). I am a goal-oriented, dedicated, and hard-working person. I welcome the opportunity to expand my knowledge and develop my skills since I know there is always more to learn and more to do.


My long-term professional objective is to continue my career in event management and climb the corporate ladder. In the future, I hope to finish my master's degree in International Tourism and Events Management at Glasgow Caledonian University. With participation in this programme, I will be able to expand my theoretical understanding and get valuable job experience.

Furthermore, I wish to develop my abilities in project management, team leadership, and creative problem-solving. To that aim, I want to further my education by enrolling in appropriate classes and seminars and actively seeking out possibilities to take on more managerial responsibilities in my existing position. For my career to progress, I see these abilities as essential.

Long-term, I want to launch my own event-planning business and forge a successful career for myself in the industry. This will put me in charge creatively, letting me come up with unique solutions for my customers. My ultimate goal is to establish myself as an industry pioneer and build a business culture that promotes equality, honesty, and teamwork.


Many approaches will need to be used if I am to realise my professional ambitions. One tactic is to keep your eyes out for training and education opportunities like seminars, workshops, and conferences. I also need to improve my networking skills, both inside and externally, to make connections that will help me move up the corporate ladder. In addition, I need to take steps to strengthen my leadership abilities and personal brand, such as publishing articles, delivering speeches, and taking on leadership responsibilities as a volunteer. Lastly, in order to advance in my job, I need to actively seek out new challenges and chances that will allow me to do so.


In order to go where I want to go in my career, I will need access to a number of tools, including formal training, informal training, mentorship, and social events. By utilising these tools, I will be able to increase my expertise, broaden my professional horizons, and gain insight from seasoned experts in my area.

I also understand the value of establishing and maintaining connections with peers, mentors, and thought leaders in the field, all of whom may contribute to my professional development.

In addition, I will need to make sure I have the time and energy to commit to attaining my goals, and I may require financial resources to spend on educational or professional development opportunities. I have come to the conclusion that the keys to my professional success are a mix of my own initiative, careful planning, and access to useful resources.


Goal Timeline
Finish Master in Event Management from GCU December 2024
Get more industry experience Ongoing
Improve collaborative working capabilities May 2023 to August 2023
Apply for job openings May 2023 to August 2023

Section 5 References (Must be Harvard )

Bourgault, A.M. and Goforth, C., 2021. Embrace teamwork to create and maintain a positive workplace culture. Critical Care Nurse, 41(3), pp.8-10.

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Vietnam. Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, p.25151274221130006.

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Section6 Appendices  

List core values Motivations for Values Behaviours that Manifest into values
 Work life balance I hold the believe that life should be balanced between work and social life I ensure that I do not overwork myself and also ensure that I always  keep some time aside for leisure
 Punctuality Ensuring efficiency is key in professional life I maintain a timetable for all my activities. I ensure that I never deviate from it
Accountability I believe that the respect one deserves is dependent on the respect that they give to other people I always ensure that I am respectful so that people are considerate and respectful to me in return
Learning  One should consistently keep on learning. I always keep myself open to learning new things about my professional field as well as about the world
Collaboration Collective efforts result in higher efficiency I gel well with other members of my group to work together towards common goals
Accountability One should be always responsible for their actions I always take full responsibility of my actions in any professional or personal setting
Creativity Creativity is an outlet for imagination I always keep myself open to thinking outside the box.
List your Online media Last used Purpose Quality of network Keep or ditch?
 facebook  today  professional  high peer contacts  keep
 instagram 2 days ago  social  personal  keep
 LinkedIn 2 days ago  professional  professional contacts  keep
indeed  1 week ago  professional  job search  keep
 Gmail  today  professional and personal  professional and personal  keep
 snapchat 1 day ago  personal  personal  ditch
 social media 

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