How To Request An Assignment Extension At QUT

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Finally, as a student at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), you could need more time for an assignment. Some unforeseen happenings might lead you to ask for an extension, personal problems might arise or the workload became too tough that it grew out of control.

But asking for one will mean you submit your best work. This is a complete guide on how you can ask for an extension on an assignment at QUT.

1. Understand the Policy

Check if QUT has a policy on extensions before you ask for them. QUT has structured rules when it comes to rendering extensions, directed against maintaining justice and uniformity. To be fair, most extensions are allowed for good reasons such as sickness, personal/family issues or any other interference.

QUT Extension Policy in the following Points

1.    Extensions are typically done on a week-to-week basis.
2.    You are required to provide evidence with your request, for example, a medical certificate and other relevant documentation.
3.    So, the earlier you request when you realize that some more time is needed (ideally before the due date of the assignment).
4.    Extensions not a right, to be at the discretion of the unit coordinator

2. Gather Necessary Information

Have all the information on hand and collect your documents as well before submitting. This includes:
1.    The course code and title
2.    The assignment title and date due
3.    The reason for your request
4.    Any reference doc helps. This could be medical letters, counsellor notes or anything else relevant.
5.    This will help you look better prepared, as well as demonstrate that you take this seriously and work in an organized manner.

3. Contact the Right Person

In QUT, extension requests are usually managed by the unit coordinator or the lecturer managing that particular course. Check your unit outline or look on the course's online portal to see which this is. In the end, it is important to reach out for help at the right place and do not guide your inquiry wrongly in order to cause a delay in the processing of the request.

4. Work On A Polite Request

Your request should be clear about what you want. This is the basic architecture you should have:
Subject: A Favor - Assignment Extension requested
Email Body:
To: [Unit Coordinator’s Name] I trust you are well. 

Body: Extension for the [Assignment Title] (due on [Original Due, Date]) in_________ ([Course Code and Title]), If I fail to meet the deadline, it will only be because of [reason why], but nothing else. Attached are supporting documents [e.g., a medical certificate]. Could you please give me an extension to [Proposed New Due Date]? It was definitely more time that would allow me to complete the project as accurately as possible. I am grateful that you are taking me into account. Please be as considerate thanks.

Best wishes,
 [My Name] 
Student ID: []

5. Submit Your Request

Send in your request by email or use whatever mechanism has been laid down (by the unit coordinator/course guidelines). Be sure to do this as early on as you can, so your lecturer has plenty of time to think about your email and then respond!

6. Follow Up

If several days have passed with no reply, it is ok to send a friendly reminder email. An occasional friendly reminder that your email may have been lost among the many emails they receive conveys you are monitoring engagement. 

Example Follow-Up Email:
RE: Follow-Up to Assignment Extension Request

Email body:

: Dear [Unit Coordinator's Name], I hope this email finds you well. Please excuse the overdue email. Extension for the [Assignment Title] - in [Course Code and Title]) But I actually sent it on [original request date] I know you are busy. However, could you please confirm if the extension granted to me - until [Proposed New Due Date] has been approved? 
Thank you so much for reading, 
[Your First and Last Name] 
[Contact number]

7. Plan Your Longer Time Wisely

Be productive with the extra time if you get what you want. Make a timeline for your new assignment or recruitment effort. Some mini-deadline to keep you in check This will prevent you from having to rush at the last minute and submit an unfairly low-quality assignment.
1.    Divide the assignment into bite-sized pieces
2.    Establish Goals for Each Study Session
3.    Keep track of what you read in a planner, or use an app like Google Calendar.
4.    Get the most difficult parts out of the way first to not procrastinate.

8. But Your Request Could Also Be Denied, Right?

But no matter what you do, your request for an extension might still be turned down at times. If this happens, don't panic. These are a few of the steps you can take not being able to see your video stats. 

If you're finding the decision tough then don't worry too much, there is always support available and you can use QUT's student support services. They offer academic help. They even provide counselling and other facilities. These would include better workflow management properties.

1.    Talk: Inform your lecturer or tutor of what is happening. Even fitting within the deadline, perhaps they can provide some guidance or help.
2.    Focus: Concentrate on the parts of your job which are most important, and conserve time. Maybe, the unfinished but well-prepared homework is just enough. Still better than sending - nothing.

9. Prevent Future Issues

1.    Minimize Extension Needs in the Future by Taking a Proactive Approach
2.    Manage Your Time: Make time for studies so that there is enough time to complete the task. When doing tasks, make sure they are small, and you can get through them easily.
3.    Organize: Utilizing a planner or digital calendar will help you keep track of due dates and critical deadlines.
4.    Seek help early. If you are having difficulty with course material, seek assistance from tutors, classmates and academic support services (available in the Learning Commons on campus.)

QUT has extra resources to help you out

1.    Prepare yourself with our assignment resources and manage your workload from the QUT team for these helpful resources.
2.    Student Support Services are available to students at QUT. For these, you may receive counselling, academic advice and help with loans. They will provide you with assistance to get through issues and help in the success of your studies.
3.    There are many resources at the QUT library. So, some of these things are research databases, study guides and workshops. They provide assistance in your assignments.
4.    QUT Blackboard and the Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) Course Materials. They can also be utilized in discussion forums where you might need help from your peers or instructors.
5.    Most of our programs are workshops and seminars. To start with, they are on time management for study, academic writing and stress management. These workshops can offer you useful study skills and strategies to boost your academic success.


The QUT course details for how to apply assignment extension.Following the right steps makes it simple. Make sure you are clear, and concise and provide documentary evidence to support your claim. 

Spend only two minutes to boost your success by ensuring you know the rules at QUT. Also, talk to your lecturers. So now, you have your time slots to work around and let the best of yourself shine in you. That last note: Asking for help, and asking for an extension are responsible. They assist you in handling the load of academic work better.

Most importantly, be proactive and utilize some of the great resources QUT has. Now, you might formulate a new study plan that balances everything. It cuts down on extensions. It also enriches the academic experience in Australia.

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