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Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignment Help

The Clinical Reasoning Cycle is one of the most important models which has been included in the curriculum of nursing students. The major aim of the mentioned educational model is to make the students empowered with knowledge. 

It makes the student confident while applying theoretical knowledge in the practical situation of handling a critical condition through different steps of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle.

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The term clinical reasoning cycle was coined by Levett-Jones in 2009. It consists of eight stages required by the nursing student to follow so that no deviation takes place in the practice environment of emergency. The eight stages are regarding the patient collection of cues or information, process information, identification of problems or issues, establishing goals, taking action, evaluation of the outcome and reflecting on the process and new learning. 

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The clinical reasoning cycle has one motive to save and accurately treat the patients at the time of emergency. The students are required to incur information about the patient as much as possible. But, the dilemma remains on how to proceed with the procured information and what are the correct ways to move forward with.

Here, comes into play the theoretical knowledge provided in the classes and then segregating them according to the stages of the clinical reasoning cycle. The information is required to be processed and retaining all the information can become problematic for the students due to a lot of issues. The issue can be the lack of time or tiring schedule or just an unclear concept.

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Importance Of Clinical Reasoning Cycle

The clinical reasoning cycle is associated with the development of a clear understanding for professional nurses about the present situation of the patient so that they can devise the most effective care plan for the betterment of the patient’s condition. 
Sometimes, the use of the clinical reasoning cycle is done to discover the harsh truth about the medical condition of the patient, whether the patient is terminally ill or not, if there is a chance of recovering the patient’s medical condition or not, if the patient’s condition will deteriorate in near future or not? These are done so that the family of the patient is made aware of the harsh facts and no false hope remains.

If the clinical reasoning skill of a nurse is poor then the conclusion will not be accurately drawn about the medical condition of the patient, and the latter will be at risk. 

If the medical practitioner is not able to diagnose the problem effectively, is unable to devise a proper treatment plan, inefficient in managing the complications of the patient’s medical condition, the patient might suffer hugely from the incompetency and can experience adverse effects.

All the mentioned problems can be rectified or do not occur in the first place if the nurse is properly acquainted with the clinical reasoning cycle which is very critical for the recovery of the patient.

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Analysis Of The Clinical Reasoning Cycle Given By Levett-Jones 

As indicated by the Tracy Levett Jones (2009), it is a process which is conducted by the nurses like collecting cues, classifying the information, understanding the present health condition of the patient and complications associated with the medical condition of the patient, preparation of the treatment plan and implementation of the devised intervention, observing the outcome and finally reflecting on the full procedure.

The skills for the development of a proper clinical reasoning cycle can be developed by any nurse by paying attention to each stage of the cycle. The collection of the correct cues together with appropriate action taken to resolve the situation timely against a particular or identified patient for a correct reason is important. 

If you want to include the clinical reasoning cycle in a paper, a very clear idea is present in the samples provided on our website. After that also, if you do not get a clear understanding of the process, then you can simply rely on our professional writers who are ready at any time to write your paper. 

The Eight Steps Of The Clinical Reasoning Cycle

 The eight fundamental steps of the clinical reasoning cycle given by Levett Jones are the following: 

  1. Considering the situation of the patient: This step revolves around the involvement of the nurse or any medical practitioner in the collection of information related to the presented situation of the patient. The patient’s current health status is also required to be gathered. 

  2. Data collection: In the process of treating a patient, it is very important to know about the previous medical condition that a particular patient has gone through so that the complications can be understood. The health practitioner is required to maintain as well as collect the medical record of the patient properly. 

  3. Processing the information: In this step of the clinical reasoning cycle, the health practitioner is required to process the collected information about the health status of the patient. Considering the probable outcomes for the decisions are required to be considered taken by the patient. 

  4. Identification of the problems: After collecting all the necessary information and processing, as mentioned in the above steps, the medical practitioner is required to ascertain the reason behind the representation of the current health status of the patient. 

  5. Setting the goal: In this step of the clinical reasoning cycle, the nurse or health practitioner is required to derive the treatment plan which is to be provided to the patient and also list the reasons behind the use of the mentioned treatment processes. 

  6. Taking action: the setting of the goal is important as it becomes the target that is required to be achieved by the nurse. Every team member is supposed to be informed about the plan and actions taken for the recovery of the patient. update of the patient’s condition is also required to be provided and known by all team members. Those steps are required to be taken according to the set outcome to be achieved. 

  7. Evaluation of the outcome: The medical practitioner is required to evaluate the actions taken depending on the status of the patient. If the condition of the patient gets better then the actions taken were positive and vice-versa. It will simply demonstrate whether the plan of action has been proven to be successful or not. 

  8. Reflecting on the process: The medical practitioner or nurse or supposed to reflect on the full process that he/she undertook for the betterment of the patient. it will help in learning the positive and negative practising skills which can be enhanced and improved respectively. 

The Effective Way Of Using The Clinical Reasoning Cycle

The health practitioner is bound to use the clinical reasoning cycle effectively. It helps the medical practitioner to develop skills for clinical reasoning as well as critical reasoning while serving the patient. In this way, the nurse will avoid the risks which can cause adverse effects on the patient. 

The clinical reasoning cycle and its stages as mentioned above, help in the development of judgment qualities of a health practitioner. It aids in the development of correct reasons which need rectification for restoring the normal health status of the patient. clinical reasoning cycle helps the nurse in the development of problem-solving thinking as well as decision-making skills. 

It is also a part of training that the nurses should do properly try to become competent in it. It helps the most when the nurse is dealing with critical patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the medical sphere, the decisions taken by the medical practitioner revolve around the betterment of the patient. But, to do so the medical practitioner requires to take in a lot of information, process it, plan the care and then implement it. After this, evaluation is done considering the situation of the patient and finally reflecting as to the gaps which are there. The clinical reasoning cycle is an eight-step cyclical process that guides the nurse to take care of the patient properly. The eight stages include considering the patient’s condition, collecting cues, processing the information, understanding the patient’s condition, making and planning and implementing the same, and evaluating and reflecting on the whole process. We have the best experts to provide the best clinical reasoning cycle assignments with a guarantee of impeccable quality.
Eight stages of the clinical reasoning cycle help a nurse or medical practitioners to do their job accurately and competently. The following are the eight steps: • Considering the patients’ condition • Collecting cues • Processing information • Identifying the problem • Taking action • Evaluation • Reflection We at the DigiAssignmenthelp are the best assignment provider
The clinical reasoning cycle is one of the most important models included in the nursing curriculum to make the nurses competent and skill full so that they can handle the crunch situation properly and competently. It helps in identifying the troubling situation of the patient and devising a care plan for the same. The importance should be known to all medical practitioners as inefficiency will be proved hazardous to the patient’s life. Nurses with proper knowledge of the clinical reasoning cycle can handle an emergency or complex situation very calmly and easily with proper interventions in place.
Critical thinking and clinical reasoning are interrelated to one another and are interwined. Clinical reasoning is associated with a highly critical disposition and a way to analyse things to improve the current situation. It comes under a set of cognitive skills which affects the mind of different individuals differently. Critical thinking in nursing is a precise, accurate, clear and fair way of thinking which can improve clinical reasoning. To develop efficient critical thinking about clinical reasoning, the following set of skills are required: • Complete perspective • Creativity • Inquisitiveness • Perseverance • Intuition • Flexibility • Academic integrity • Reflexivity • Confidence • Open-mind

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