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Care Skills Demonstration
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  • Course Code: 5N2770
  • University: The Open College
  • Country: Ireland


You are required to write three reports on the following skills/tasks undertaken within the care setting:

Task 1: Assisting a client with a meal or feeding a client a meal. 
Task 2: Assisting a client with Personal Hygiene {tub-bath, bed bathing or showering}
Task 3: Assisting a client to a commode or assisting with toileting a client or emptying a catheter bag.

Skills demonstration

Task 1

Skill Report: Assisting a client with a meal


I recently assisted Ms. Smith, one of my clients, in making dinner. Ms. Smith is an elderly single woman who needs assistance with daily tasks. She previously experienced a stroke, which has left her with moderate dysphagia, which makes it challenging for her to swallow. Ms. Smith is a lively, chatty woman who enjoys her independence yet appreciates our help.

Preparation for task:

Before assisting Ms. Smith with her dinner, I ensured she had everything. She needed to be asked, and you had to explain what would happen next. I provided the eating room was tidy and peaceful for everyone's benefit. I prepared a plate, fork, spoon, water glass, and serviette. I ensured no dietary restrictions would prevent me from feeding her by double-checking her care plan.

Determining the level of assistance:

I determined how much help Ms. Smith could require in the future by seeing how well she could feed herself at previous meals. She admitted that she occasionally had issues swallowing solid foods when I enquired more about any challenges she may have had while eating. Our chat led me to believe that she may require some assistance while eating.

Equipment needed:

It was necessary to have a plate, fork, spoon, water cup, and serviette to complete this activity successfully. I also took a pair of gloves in case they were needed.

Infection Control:

Before using any equipment, I thoroughly washed my hands to stop transmitting germs. I made sure Ms. Smith's hands were clean before we sat down to eat. I did not touch anything that was not directly related to the task, and I appropriately disposed of any used items.

Communication skills:

Interacting with customers effectively is essential while cooking meals for them. I communicated with Ms. Smith both orally and nonverbally as we planned and completed the task. I made sure she could hear and understand me by making close eye contact and speaking slowly and clearly. I asked several open-ended questions to get her to express her ideas and emotions.

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Task execution:

I did this by helping Ms. Smith to a table chair and arranging it so that her food and silverware were easily accessible. I gave her food in bite-sized portions to make it simpler for her to chew and swallow. Throughout the dinner, I offered her sips of water as required and ensured she could drink. I also gave her signs and reminders to encourage her to take her time and savour her meal.

Good client care:

I tried to be attentive and patient over the meal to demonstrate that I cared about my customers. I requested Ms. Smith to discuss her eating preferences and changed the menu as needed. I also applauded and complimented her for motivating her to maintain her healthy diet.

Health and safety:

Several concerns about people's health and safety were associated with this undertaking. Preventing Ms. Smith from choking on her food came first. I stopped this by breaking her food into small pieces and requiring her to finish it before swallowing. It was also essential to practise proper sanitation and halt the spread of illness. I went above duty by donning gloves and often cleaning my hands.

Communication with team members:

After finishing the task, I added the details of the meal to Ms. Smith's care plan. This included food items, dietary modifications, and other remarks or factors. I also gave the rest of Ms. Smith's care team an update on her meal and additional relevant information.


Because Ms. Smith seemed satisfied with everything, the dinner went well. She thanked me for aiding her and continued to complete her meal without incident. Sometimes, she appeared to have difficulty swallowing, so I should have been more careful about giving her water during dinner. I will make it a point to give her water more frequently to prevent this issue.

Ms. Smith expressed her appreciation for the assistance and satisfaction with the result. She did, however, voice a desire for a wider variety of foods. I recorded this observation in her care plan to be useful for future meal planning.

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Task 2

Skill Report: Assisting a client with Personal Hygiene

I recently assisted Mr. Johnson in keeping up with his hygiene. Due to his Parkinson's condition, Mr. Johnson, 72, needs assistance with routine everyday duties. He can transfer himself but needs help getting dressed and showering due to his weakness and trembling. Mr. Johnson is clear about what he needs and highly values his freedom and personal space.

Preparation for Task:

Before assisting Mr. Johnson with his hygiene requirements, I obtained his consent and reviewed the procedure with him. I increased the heat and closed the windows to make the room cosy. I grabbed towels, soap, shampoo, a handheld showerhead, a shower seat, and a shower chair. I also checked the loo for spills or other hazards.

Determining Level of Assistance:

I assessed Mr. Johnson's level of independence to determine the type of assistance he would require. After observing his tremors and weakness, I deduced that he would need service getting in and out of the shower. I also asked him about his likes, dislikes, and potential problem areas to give tailored treatment.

Equipment Needed:

Towels, soap, shampoo, a handheld showerhead, and a shower bench or chair were all the necessary equipment for doing the task swiftly and efficiently. These items were all in good condition and readily available.

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Infection Control:

I routinely washed my hands and wore gloves to avoid spreading any germs. I also took care to sanitise and clean the loo before and after the task. Mr. Johnson's skin started to deteriorate, so I assisted him in brushing his teeth and made sure he was thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Communication Skills:

I used spoken words and nonverbal cues when speaking with Mr. Johnson. I maintained eye contact, spoke slowly and clearly, and ensured he felt comfortable and heard. I listened intently to understand his needs and preferences.

Task Execution:

I began by assisting Mr. Johnson in getting undressed and settling down on the shower bench. I set the portable showerhead's height and water temperature to his preferences. I washed his entire body and gave him a brief warm water rinse. I helped him brush his teeth and ensured he was dehydrated to prevent skin breakdown.

Health and Safety:

While engaging in this exercise, there were possible dangers of skin deterioration and falling. I ensured Mr. Johnson had a stable shower seat and chair to use while taking a shower, and I cleaned the bathroom of potential trip hazards. I was cautious about bathing him frequently and adjusting his position to prevent his skin from splitting.

Communication with Team Members:

I shared my results with the rest of the team by amending Mr. Johnson's care plan. I took note of anything that needed more attention or if his preferences had changed. This made it possible for the entire team to agree on his treatment.

Evaluation of Task:

The task had been completed, and Mr. Johnson seemed satisfied. He appreciated the tailored care and the regard throughout the procedure for his privacy and dignity. On the other hand, I understood that I might have done more to reassure him by carefully outlining each procedure step. I will describe the procedure in more detail in the future to guarantee the highest standard of care.

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Task 3

Skill Report: Assisting a client to a commode or assisting with toileting a client or emptying a catheter bag

Preparation for Task:

The customer for this service is Mr. Johnson, a 75-year-old man with a history of strokes. He needs help to walk by himself. He needs assistance with various bathroom tasks and emptying his catheter bag. Since he has begun getting home care from the carers, Mr. Johnson feels at ease with them. His communication abilities are excellent as well.

Determining the Level of Assistance:

Before starting the assignment, I ensured Mr. Johnson was at ease and had time to himself. I persuaded him to do it and explained the steps for him to take. I made sure the toilet was in an easily accessible place and that the bathroom was clean and organised. I put on gloves and an apron for protection.

Defining the Help's Scope:

Mr. Johnson's mobility and toileting independence were assessed, and the findings showed that he required ongoing assistance. I recognised it would be difficult for him to do this independently because of his health concerns.


To complete this task, I needed access to gloves, an apron, a toilet, paper towels, and hand sanitizer.

Infection Control Practice:

I properly washed my hands before and after working on the project to prevent the spread of sickness. I sanitised my hands before putting on my gloves and apron. I carefully disposed of the gloves and apron and disinfected the bathroom after each use.

Communication Skills:

As we planned and executed the task, I made my point to Mr. Johnson using verbal and nonverbal communication skills. I guided him step-by-step through the procedure while giving him time to develop solutions. I carefully used excellent body language with him, including nods and grins.

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Task Execution:

The steps taken were as follows:

  • I went with Mr. Johnson to the toilet because he needed to, and I ensured he was comfortable.

  • I took out the catheter and threw the bag in the trash.

  • I wiped Mr. Johnson with toilet paper to ensure he was clean and dry.

  • I assisted him in returning to his bed to ensure his comfort.

Health and Safety Issues:

The nature of this issue increases the risks of infection and falls. I took measures, such as wearing gloves and a mask, to prevent becoming sick. To lower the possibility of accidents, I ensured the toilet was secure.

Communication with Other Team Members:

I shared the assignment with my employees and ensured Mr. Johnson's care plan reflected it. The work's start and end dates, the volume of assistance provided, and any issues or comments were all recorded.

Task Evaluation:

Throughout the whole procedure, Mr. Johnson felt comfortable, and it was successfully finished. Because of his hearing problem, Mr. Johnson needed help to converse with. I will depend more on textual and visual cues in my future conversations. Mr. Johnson was appreciative of the support he got and was satisfied with the outcome

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