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Working with Families: Clinical Care
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Families play an extremely important role in helping patients get the care they need. They provide strong emotional support and aid with decision-making. They also give valuable insight into the individual’s preferences and medical history. 

It is important to take into account the assistance that families contribute. They help professionals to provide patient-centred treatment.

In healthcare settings, professionals work closely with families. Nurses not only look after the person but meet the needs of their families too. It is a part of comprehensive care. We will slowly discover the many benefits of family involvement. 

Nurses work on different strategies to build strong relationships. Family centred is important for better health outcomes. Read and learn more about this approach.

Role Of Family Centred Approach 

Family-centred care prioritises attending to patients’ physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs. It gives families all the information and assistance they need. It includes helping them in discharge planning and care coordination. 

The nurse attends to their needs and preferences all along the way. Healthcare professionals can enhance health satisfaction through this approach. It leads to better treatment programs and overall health outcomes. 

How To Build A Good Relationship With Family?

  • Open Communication: The key to any good relationship is communication. Nurses should have honest and open conversations with families. They should pay close attention to their concerns. They should listen attentively and answer any questions.

    Nurses also play an important role in encouraging them to share their preferences. They provide the members with accurate and clear information about the disease and treatment options. Hence they keep them informed and hear out all concerns. 

  • Participation in Care Planning: Families should be actively involved in the treatment and care plans. Healthcare professionals should discuss the available treatments with them. They also assist with defining goals and deciding on the care with the medical staff. This way they are aware of the procedures and can make more informed decisions. 

  • Respect for Autonomy: The healthcare professionals are bound to acknowledge families' rights. They can make decisions regarding the care of the admitted person.  Families have the autonomy to participate in decision-making. They share their preferences, values, and cultural beliefs. Their preferences must be respected by medical professionals. 

  • Information and Support: The family might not be familiar with the treatment procedures. Nurses are required to support families to comprehend the patient's condition. They discuss the available treatments with them and explain further how they can look after the individual.

    They offer resources to improve their knowledge in overseeing care. Some of the methods are written materials, online resources, and support groups. 

  • Transition planning and care coordination: Families extend support which assists with long-term care. If the patient is transferred from one facility to another, he gets the required care. Nurses also adopt discharge strategies and offer advice on how to look after the patient at home. 

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What Are The Challenges?

  • Communication difficulties: Communication should be from both sides. Sometimes, it is challenging to deliver bad news and discuss the process. The family might fail to grasp the whole scenario. This could lead to issues in the care plan. The staff might struggle to find a middle way when it comes to taking decision making. Hence both should try to keep the conversation clear. 

  • Cultural and Diversity Issues: The treatment is influenced by the Families' cultural differences, beliefs, and customs. These could sometimes lead to disagreement over decisions about treatment preferences and methods. It falls on the nurses to be sensitive to the cultural differences. On the other hand, the families should also try to support the professionals. 

  • Emotional Distress:  families go through distress when their loved one is admitted. This can make it difficult for them to actively participate in care planning and decision-making. They might end up providing the wrong preferences. It could also have an impact on providing quality care to the patient. 

  • Restricted Resources: Hospital treatment can be expensive. Families may not have enough money or resources to fund the treatment. They might not be in a position to afford support services. It can make it difficult for them to afford quality care or follow treatment recommendations. This can lead to a delay in recovery of the person. 

  • Disagreement with Team: The family and the medical team might not agree on treatment choices. This could lead to tension and spoil the relationship. It has an impact on the treatment too. Hence both should work out the expectations, care preferences, or treatment choices.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality: Families may be unwilling to share important details. they might fear for the privacy and confidentiality of the patient's medical records. Hence the nurses should communicate effectively. They should win the trust of the family. The family should also provide accurate details for the right diagnosis. 

In summary,  the family-centric approach assists with providing high-quality treatment. Healthcare workers can increase patient satisfaction. They can build honest connections, and improve communication. It assists to give comprehensive treatment and achieve the best possible health results. 

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