Top 7 Universities For Law In Australia

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Best University for Law Australia

The land down under, Australia is one of the most important countries in Oceania. Australia offers affordable, top-tier education for students in other parts of the world. Many top universities in the country attract applications from top students worldwide. They come from almost every country. 

Education in Australia is excellent. It is one of the most unique places in the world. It allows students to experience life like never before.

The study of law is one of the oldest and most respected professions. Australia is one of the most academically rich countries. It offers many opportunities for qualified students to get the best law education.

So, if you are a qualified student looking for the top law schools in Australia, here’s a list that will help you.

Top Law Universities in Australia You Should Check Out

Monash University

Monash University's law program is 60 years old in 2024. It is arguably one of the top law programs in Australia. They offer a full curriculum. It focuses on learning legal concepts through legal clinics.

They also offer great opportunities for students. They can do legal research under esteemed Monash law scholars and educators. The law program has existed for decades.

They have a long list of notable alumni. The alumni help current students understand and navigate modern law. Monash University is a group of 8 members in Australia. It has selective admission criteria for students. So, prepare well before applying here.

University of Sydney

Sydney university law school is one of the top law schools in the world. The best part about studying at the University of Sydney is access to the top law faculty in the world.

The university of Sydney has access to the best educators. They range from famous law researchers to the top legal practitioners in the world. It helps you get a firm grip over important concepts of law thanks to the excellent faculty and robust curriculum.

You also get to network with top professionals in the industry. This helps you create job opportunities. With an acceptance rate of only 30%, make sure you are appropriately prepared before applying to this esteemed law school.

Deakin University

The Deakin University is one of the top institutes in Australia for law education. With a practical approach to learning law, the curriculum at Deakin is one of its best features.

The Deakin law school was established in 1992. It has educated top law scholars for decades. This gives them the experience to help current students understand modern law.

Thanks to a great faculty, education at Deakin is unlike anywhere else in Australia. Its acceptance rate is good. So, if you work hard, you have a good chance of getting into this esteemed university.

RMIT University

RMIT University is one of the oldest universities in Australia. It is esteemed and has a robust law program. The program is as good as those at the top universities in the world.

RMIT University's business and law school offers a detailed curriculum. It is especially for students interested in business and corporate law.

A degree from RMIT can open many jobs for students. This is because the university has a shockingly low acceptance rate. This ensures that only the best of the best students get to pursue their education from RMIT, leading to better career outcomes for students.

Bond University

If you want to get an intensive educational degree, Bond University is the best option for you. They offer a three semester per year educational curriculum that is focused on teaching of the highest order. This ensures only the best faculty are placed at Bond University.

It helps you network with esteemed law professionals and get great research opportunities. You will have top mentors from the industry. The educational experience is the best part of this university as described by most students who have attended the school.

Bond University is privately owned and operated. It has an acceptance rate of 60%. So, make sure you put in your efforts to pursue law education from Bond.

Queensland University

A lot of universities offer a practical learning approach for law, but none do it like Queensland University. Their moot court settings allow students to try cases. They learn the different intricacies of law in the most important setting.

As the number one ranked law school in Queensland, they offer excellent seminars and research opportunities for students. The faculty is also one of the top draws for this university as law experts from around the world are especially brought in to help students.

They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The acceptance rate is just 40%. So, make sure you are prepared before applying to study law at Queensland University.

Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University is one of the best safe school options for students who want to study law in Australia. Their acceptance rate is friendly. Their curriculum is great. It helps students get the most from learning.

The faculty helps students unlock their hidden potential to become the best lawyers they can be. The university was founded in 1991 and it has seven campuses spread across Australia. For foreign exchange students, they also have a campus in Rome, Italy.

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