Top 5 Wellness Resources for Nurses and Midwives

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As a medical professional, you, too, need help. While healthcare professionals are not affected by the stigma of seeking help, they can often put their own well-being on the side when their profession requires them to care for people worse off than them all the time.

This is one of the reasons why many people do not often speak regarding the help required by nurses and midwives. 

Working in healthcare can be incredibly stressful for professionals who need to see death or offer end-of-life care to patients. Fortunately, several helplines and other resources are available today for medical professionals.

Here are the top five wellness resources listed for nurses and midwives in Australia.

Wellness Resources For Nurses & Midwives

1.    TEN: The Essential Network for Health Professionals

The Essential Network for Health Professionals is one of the most convenient and confidential mental health support. This online health hub is run by medical professionals for others just like them.

This resource offers several help options for medical professionals, ranging from a mental health check-up to five free clinical sessions with mental health professionals. You can also avail of their digital mental health program known as Navigating Burnout Program.

2.    Nurse & Midwife Support

Nurse and midwife support is the most curated help resource for nurses in Australia. It is a completely free online and over-the-call support helpline for everyone.

They can help you get the necessary help for mental health problems as well as help you connect to other online resources like podcasts, blogs, and stories to help you get the support you need.

The service is confidential, and it is run by experienced professional counsellors who can help you deal with the challenges of life gracefully.

3.    Online & Phone Help Resources

Stress reduction, developing mindfulness, and building resilience are some of the things that every healthcare professional needs help with in today’s fast-paced world.

Apart from the resources mentioned above, there are several other online and over-the-phone resources available for healthcare professionals across Australia.

Here are some of the most relevant and helpful resources that can help these professionals.

•    MensLine Australia (Call): 1300 78 99 78
•    Suicide Call Back Service (Call): 1300 659 467
•    Beyond Blue (Call): 1300 22 4636
•    Lifeline (Call): 13 11 14
•    SANE Australia (Call): 1800 187 263
•    Mental Health Line (NSW) (Call): 1800 011 511
•    Kids Helpline (Call): 1800 551 800 (This resource is specifically for people aged between 5 – 25 years)

4.    Employee Assitance Programs

As a healthcare professional, you can also opt for help from employee assistance programs set up by your workplace. These resources can help you get the appropriate help for your psychological and emotional well-being.

If you have workplace problems or even personal problems, you can discuss them with the experts at EAP, and they can guide you through the problems as best they can.

If you are working in a hospital or clinic, you can speak to the HR department of your workplace to learn more about the EAPs of your workplace.

5.    In-Person Consultation

In-person consultation is another option for getting the help you need. Sometimes, sitting with somebody face to face and talking about your issues can be the help you need to feel better.

Human interaction in a non-judgmental and nonconfrontational manner can make a huge difference for people who are always dealing with life-or-death situations. You can find specialists in person through online searches or from friends and colleagues.


These are some of the best wellness resources for nurses and midwives. As a professional, it is important to take care of yourself, just as you do for others.

These help resources are going to help you get the necessary guidance for when things get tough. Even if you are a nursing student, some of these wellness resources are suitable for you to get the necessary wellness help. 

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