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Calculus Assignment Help Online

Calculus is a branch of mathematics. This deals with the study of change and motion. It involves the analysis of functions, their rates of change, and the accumulation of quantities. It is divided into two main categories: differential calculus and integral calculus.

Although calculus might not be directly applied in every aspect of our daily lives, its concepts and techniques indirectly influence various aspects of our modern world. Here are some examples of how calculus is used in practical applications:

  1. Understanding Natural Phenomena: Calculus helps us to model population growth, understand the spread of diseases, describe the trajectory of celestial bodies, analyze weather patterns, and study the behaviour of fluids etc.

  2. Technology and Innovation: Calculus forms the basis for developing algorithms and computational methods used in fields like computer graphics, data analysis, machine learning, cryptography, and optimization.

  3. Medicine and Healthcare: Calculus is utilized in medical research, particularly in the study of drugs and in the study of disease spread. Calculus-based models are used to understand population dynamics, predict the effectiveness of treatments, and optimize drug dosages for individual patients.

These examples illustrate how calculus is employed in various real-world applications, shaping and improving the way we live, work, and interact with our environment similarly Calculus Assignment Help shape the lives of students studying in Australia. With our professional help, you can score better grades and gain a deeper understanding of Calculus.

Different Branches of Maths help provided With Our Online Calculus Assignment Help

Mathematics is a vast field with numerous branches. Here are some major fields of mathematics which students in Australia find difficult.


It is the branch of mathematics that deals with the study of numbers and basic operations performed on them. It focuses on fundamental mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Probability and Statistics:

Probability theory deals with the study of uncertainty and randomness, while statistics involves the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data.


Algebra is involved with the study of mathematical symbols and also the rules for using these symbols.

Don’t fear if you can’t find your topic here. These are just a few examples of the many fields within mathematics. Calculus Assignment Help will assist you with every field of mathematics and lead your way to success!

What topics come under Calculus?

There are two main categories of calculus: differential calculus and integral calculus. However, if we consider different subfields, calculus can be classified as follows:

  • Differential Calculus: focuses on the study of rates of change and the concept of the derivative. It deals with finding slopes of curves and analyzing the behaviour of functions.
    (d/dx) (xn ) = nxn-1

  • Integral Calculus: revolves around the concept of the integral, used to compute the accumulation of quantities over a range. It involves finding the area under curves and calculating total quantities.

    ∫ a dx = ax+ C
    ∫ (1/x) dx = ln |x| + C

  • Vector Calculus: also known as multivariable calculus, extends differential and integral calculus to functions of multiple variables. It deals with vector fields, line integrals, surface integrals, and volume integrals.
    vector calculus

  • Calculus of Variations: focuses on optimizing functionals, in finding the path or function that minimizes or maximizes a certain quantity, often expressed as an integral. It has applications in physics, economics, and engineering.
    Example :
    calculus of variations

Calculus Assignment Help for University Students

Don't let calculus assignments hold you back. Take advantage of our Calculus Assignment Help and excel in your university studies. Our team is dedicated to your academic success and is here to support you with the topics of advanced calculus.

  1. Sequence and Series: Advanced calculus covers the convergence and divergence of sequences and series, including power series and Taylor series expansions. Taylor series expansion is as follows.
    Taylor's Series
    This is known as Maclaurin’s series.

  2. Functional Analysis: Functional analysis is a more advanced branch of calculus that deals with infinite-dimensional spaces and function spaces. It involves the study of linear operators, Banach spaces, Hilbert spaces, and applications in areas such as quantum mechanics and signal processing.

  3. Multivariable Calculus: It involves studying partial derivatives, multiple integrals, vector-valued functions, line and surface integrals, and topics related to vector calculus. Let us understand with an example.
    Ques. An object moves along a path with velocity vector < cost,sint,cost > , starting at(1,1,1) at time 0. Find the function r(t).
    multivariable calculus

Calculus Assignment Help for School Students (Grades 9 to 12th)

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your calculus assignments? Struggling to grasp complex concepts and solve intricate problems? Don't worry, we've got you covered! 

  • Partial Derivative: A partial derivative measures how a function changes with respect to one of its variables while keeping the other variables constant. It is a way to extend the concept of a derivative to functions of multiple variables.

    Find the partial derivative of x4+y3-2x2y with respect to x.

    ∂/∂x(x4+y3-2x2y) = ∂/∂x x4 + ∂/∂x y3+∂/∂x  2x2y

  • Differentiation: It is a fundamental concept in calculus that involves finding the derivative of a function, which represents its rate of change. It allows us to analyze the behaviour of functions, determine critical points, and solve optimization problems.

    Q. What is differentiation of tanx+cotx ?
      Sol. ∂/∂x(tanx+cotx)
      = ∂/∂x(tanx)+∂/∂x(cotx)

  • Integration: It is a fundamental concept in calculus that involves finding the antiderivative of a function. It is the reverse method of differentiation.

    Q.Integrate sec x with respect to x
      secx dx =ln=secx+tanx|+C

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Free Calculus Sample Papers

Are you looking to sharpen your calculus skills and enhance your understanding of this fascinating branch of mathematics? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce that we are offering free calculus sample papers to help you master this essential subject.

How Do You Do An Assignment In Calculus?

When approaching a calculus assignment, it's essential to follow a systematic and structured approach. Here are some steps to help you tackle a calculus assignment effectively:

  1. Read and Understand the Instructions: Carefully read the assignment instructions to grasp the requirements, specific topics, and any guidelines provided by your instructor. Identify the scope of the assignment and make note of any particular techniques or concepts that need to be applied.

  2. Review Relevant Concepts: Ensure that you have a solid understanding of the relevant calculus concepts and techniques. If there are any areas you're unsure about, consult additional resources or seek clarification from your instructor.

  3. Solve the Problems Step-by-Step: Start solving the problems one by one, following a logical and organized approach. Work through each step carefully, showing your calculations and reasoning. Apply the relevant calculus techniques and progress towards the desired solution. Be sure to label your variables, write clear equations, and show all intermediate steps.

  4. Present Your Solutions Clearly: Organize your solutions clearly and coherently. Write in a neat and legible manner, using proper mathematical notation and symbols.

  5. Proofread and Edit: Before submitting your assignment, proofread it thoroughly to catch any grammatical or typographical errors. Ensure that your explanations are concise and coherent and that your solutions are logically presented.

How Our Calculus Assignment Help Is Different from Others

Our Calculus assignment help stands out from others in several key ways, ensuring that you receive exceptional assistance and support in completing your assignments. Here's how we differentiate ourselves:

  1. Expertise and Qualified Professionals: Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals with expertise in calculus and related fields. They possess advanced degrees in mathematics and have a deep understanding of the subject matter. 

  2. Customized Approach: We understand that every assignment is unique, and each student has different learning needs. Our approach is tailored to your exact needs. 

  3. Conceptual Clarity and Explanation: We prioritize conceptual clarity and ensure that you not only receive the solutions to your assignment but also gain a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts. 

  4. Quality Assurance: We are dedicated to delivering high-quality results. We double-check all calculations, verify the logical flow of the solutions, and review the overall presentation to ensure that the work meets the highest standards.

  5. Timely Delivery: We understand the significance of completing deadlines. Our team works efficiently to complete and deliver your calculus assignment on time. 

  6.  24*7 Help Support: Our goal is to support your academic journey and help you succeed. Don't hesitate to contact us whenever you need assistance—we're here for you 24/7! Whether you have questions, need clarification, or require assistance with your assignments or studies, our support team is available to address your concerns and provide guidance.

  7.  Affordable: We provide you with high-quality, affordable assignments tailored to your needs. Get professional assistance without breaking the bank.

By choosing Calculus assignment help, you can expect expert guidance, personalized support, and high-quality solutions that are tailored to your needs.

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FAQ Around Calculus

The two main branches of calculus are differential calculus and integral calculus. However, two additional branches of calculus have emerged in more recent times i.e. Vector Calculus, Calculus of Variations.
The toughest math course varies for individuals, but subjects like advanced calculus, abstract algebra, and real analysis are often considered challenging.
Differential equations, which involve solving equations that describe how quantities change over time, are often considered the hardest branch of calculus.
Calculus is used in physics for motion and force analysis, engineering for design and optimization, economics for modelling and optimization, medicine for modelling biological processes, and many other real-life applications.
In Australia, calculus is typically introduced and taught in senior secondary school years, specifically in Year 11 or Year 12 mathematics courses.
In advanced calculus, you search deeper into topics such as multivariable calculus, vector calculus, sequences and series, advanced integration techniques, differential equations, and applications in various fields of mathematics and science.
The time it takes to learn advanced calculus varies based on individual factors such as prior knowledge, study time, and dedication, but it typically requires four to six months of focused study.
No, a solid understanding of algebra is essential for learning calculus as it forms the foundation for many concepts and techniques in calculus.
Generally, calculus is considered more challenging due to its abstract concepts and complex problem-solving techniques. However, both subjects build upon each other, and a strong foundation in algebra is crucial for success in calculus.
Calculus was developed independently by two mathematicians, Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, in the late 17th century.

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