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Student Visa Extension        

Dear international students, do you want to want to study in Australia? You are welcome with open arms. But you need some authentic and proper paper works before that. Visa application requires to be perfect with no malicious information.

We agree that it is a challenging task to obtain a student visa extension. Nonetheless,we have some happy news for you. Every stage of the application process, we are here to assist you.

If you are on the current page, then you need guidance to get your visa processing done. All of your questions will be addressed if you keep reading.
We aim to deliver comprehensive as well as tailored guidance on the student visa extension process. It needs curation accordingly to meet your pointed needs.

We assist in all types of prerequisites, and the procedure of the application. We will also provide you with proper knowledge of avoiding some pitfalls commonly encountered by students.

You need to understand that the student visa extension requirements are complex. It is the reason why the whole process requires proper attention and dedicated time. 

Thus, if you are experiencing any emergencies or unforeseen setbacks or you just want to extend the visa so that you can stay back in the country, then you have reached the correct place. 

If you are running out of time then the following will serve to be your saviour: 

  1. You need to immediately contact an education agent associated with one of the in-house Registered Migration Agents. 

  2. The next step is requesting a fresh Confirmation of Enrolment. 

  3. Another extension that you would require for acquiring a student visa extension in Australia is the extension of OSHC. 

  4. Then you need to prepare your application documents very precisely. 

  5. Finally, submit your application. 

If the above-abridged version was not enough, then you must continue reading for gaining a wealth of knowledge about a student visa extension.

Overseas students need to have clear concepts and knowledge about the visa processes. it would help you in the long run, if you decide to stay further in Australia. 

What Is The Eligibility For Student Visa Extension In Australia ? 

First thing first, you need to understand if you are eligible to get the student visa extension in Australia or not. 

It is always possible to renew as well as extend your existing student visa according to your wish, but it would interest you to know that you can apply for a new one as well. It can be done before the previous one expires and your study is completed in the due time course. 

As given by Deakin, you are supposed to apply for a new student visa if any of the following situations arise with the DHA authorities before the expiry of your original visa: 

  • You have already or want to commence a new course. 

  • If you are failing or not getting promoted in your course. 

  • If you are a research student and it has been extended as the work is not completed. 

  • If your existing visa is going to get expired before the completion of your research thesis markings. 

  • Termination of your existing visa by The Department of Home Affairs on administration grounds. 

It is very critical to keep a track of the expiration of your visa. It is the basic ground on which you can stay at any other place than your hometown.

Proper racking will help you in getting your new visa in a hassle-free manner. 

Kindly get in touch with the visa consultants to know more about the process. the experts will assist you in getting your visa in a smooth way. 

What Is The Procedure For Extending Student Visa In Australia ?

As mentioned above, before you get on track for extending your student visa, it is crucial to identify the various aspects that are associated with this visa. It includes CoE, OSHC, and many other essential documents. 

It is very much possible that there might occur some changes in the policies associated with Australian immigration rules and regulations. Thus, it is highly recommended that you enlist a service available by professionals. It would help in avoiding the potential resistance during the whole process today and in the future. 

This is the situation where we step in. We have visa consultants who keep themselves constantly updated with the newly incorporated regulations regarding the immigrants’ stay. Stop waiting and contact us immediately. We are eager and happy to help you. 

Contacting An Education Agent Who Can Introduce You To A Registered Migration Agent

There is no denying the fact that preparing an application for a visa can be scary as well as terrifying. You cannot risk such a crucial document.

There can be many reasons why you feel terrified. One of the most common ones is the lack of proper information or guidance for doing so. As a result of this, Australian immigration can refuse your visa application.

Once your visa application gets rejected, you will hire an agent that is registered with a Registered Migration Agent. This will determine the availability of clarity of various information. It would help you in appealing the judgment. But you need to remember that the appealing option is only for those who are applying for visas onshore. 

The remarks for refusal as well as a cancellation will be engraved forever in the history of your visa application. You will be asked questions every time regarding the matter. You will be examined more closely. 

Therefore, our experts will help you in getting approval for your visa in one attempt. The experts can draft a document checklist for a piece of legal advice from the Registered Migration Agent Australia. 

How Do You Request A Fresh Confirmation Enrolment ? 

Acquiring a new Confirmation Enrolment or CoE from your respective academic organization is a very important second step toward visa extension for students in Australia. 

You can obtain this document for your current course or the new course you are trying to opt for. This is a very critical document and needs to be proper. The government authorities as well as the visa personnel would require to know the length of your visa extension. It would be determined by the course time you are thinking to pursue. 

Keep a check on your existing CoE and apply for a new one before the previous one expires. It is highly possible that the stated time in your present CoE covers the length of your current stay. The reverse is also true in exceptional cases. 

You can get the recent version of this document in your student email account. You need to bug about the extension if there are shortcomings. But, you also need to provide the academic authorities enough time for processing your document and return it to you in the remaining time. 

Get The Duration For OSHC Before Applying For A Student Visa Extension As Per The Norm In Australia ?
This is a step that you need to accomplish by yourself. It will obviously not get extended by itself so as to match with the new extended period of your stay. 

You are required to include the new OSHC policy number carefully in the application for your student visa extension. This is required as the Australian government would maintain the Overseas Student Health Cover during your stay in Australia. 

You can stick with your previous insurance organization or find a new one as well. Ensuring the update of OSHC policy is reflected in the length of stay you want to include in the extension application. 

You would need the assistance of your healthcare provider to update the OSHC policy. 

Preparing The Documents 

It would be better if you make a checklist of all the documents required to be prepared. In this way, you would not get forget about anything. 

The checklist tool available on the website of the Department of Home Affairs is very helpful. The following documents are required for extending student visa in Australia: 

  • Personal documents 

  • Birth certificate 

  • Passport identity page 

  • National identity card 

  • All the pages of the Curriculum Vitae and household registration book 

  • Marriage certificate for the married ones 

  • OSHC policy number (the updated one) 

  • HAP ID 

  • The proof of a financial statement

  • CoE

Last But Not The Least, Submitting The Application 

You can submit your application online with assistance from Registered Migration Agent. You would require to attach a soft copy of all your application. 

The Department of Home Affairs will issue a letter in your name as soon as they will receive your application with proper documents and information of acceptance. They would also provide you with BVA or Bridging Visa A. 

After the successful submission of your student visa extension, you would be required to pay the necessary fees. You need to keep checking your updates on a regular basis. 

What Is The Cost Of Extending A Student Visa In Australia ?

The student visa extension will cost you $650 for a primary applicant. It is required to be paid at the time of application submission. For additional or dependent applicants of 18 years and over, added sum of $485 is required. For those under 18, $160 will be required.  Also, $700 will be charged for subsequent temporary applications. 

If you stay for more than 28 days in the country after the expiration of the visa, then you will be subjected to an exclusion period. In simple language, it means that you will be deported and not allowed to enter Australia for the next three years. 

What If Your Student Visa Extension Application Gets Rejected ?

If your student visa extension gets rejected, you can always apply again. But this time it would be a bit difficult as a rejection is included in the history of your visa approvals. 

Still, Need Help? 

We offer an extensive service for graduate visa extension, study visa extension, international visa extension, student visa extension, and many others. You need to take the correct decision at the correct time so that no rejection is added to your profile. We would guide you in every step of your visa extension application. We guarantee that you would get the visa extension at one time.  

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