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The cover page of an assignment is the first thing noticed by the professors. There are multiple rules and regulations for writing a cover page.
There are two purposes of a cover page:
  • To provide the readers with all the necessary information and
  • Leave a good impression at the start of an assignment.
Assignment help online works for providing the most relevant cover page. Our experts know all the styles. If you are stuck in writing a cover page, just contact us. 
The assignment cover page contains details of the student, assignment, and institution. The discipline as well as the class are also mentioned.

The cover page for an assignment works as a background for making the reader aware of the context


           Following are some reasons stating the importance of a cover page: 
  • The guidelines set for writing a cover page are required to be followed. It ensures that no important information is missed by the student. 
  • The guidelines also make sure that this one page provides enough information about the student and the topic of the assignment. 
  • The guidelines also resist students from adding extra information to the cover page. 
  • The guidelines make sure that the cover page is not turned into a cluttered mess. 
  • Signing the cover page makes sure that the students know about the importance of the guidelines. 
  • A proper cover page also imparts a positive start for the readers with interest. 


We would like to share some more insight about writing an effective cover page. If you are pursuing your academics at one of the Australian Universities, then they provide an assignment cover page template sheet. Some of the universities mention formatting styles for a cover page like MLA, Chicago, APA, and many more. However, the key elements remain the same, which are the following: 
  1. Full name of the student 
  2. Discipline 
  3. The topic of the assignment
  4. Date
  5. Tutor’s name
  6. Institution’s name and necessary information 


  1. The first step is to decide on a catchy title for your assignment. It is also a challenge as mentioned by some students. You have to remember that the topic needs to be clear as well as concise. It should serve as a medium for sending a clear message to the readers about the content. it is very important to remember that the topic should not be very lengthy. A lengthy topic tends to make the reader bore. Some students make the topic, not enough descriptive which leaves a question mark about the information. striking a good balance between lengthy and not enough lengthy is a difficult task. Assignment help online provides the most appropriate topic for a cover page. 
  2. Step 2 is concerned with the inclusion of the number of pages in a serial form (1st page to the last page). The page number is very important as it makes it easy for the readers to find a particular topic from the table of contents. It is required to be included in the right-hand corner. The upper or lower side of the page can opt. 
  3. The third step revolves around the writing of course numbers. It has to be written on the left-hand side of the page and in the top part. The instructor’s name is also to be included. If there remains more than one instructor, all names are to be included properly. 
  4. This is a very important step. Writing your name as well as the course in bold letters is encouraged. This is required to be included on the left-hand side of the cover page. Then, leaving one blank space, the instructor’s name is to be written. Again a blank is kept. After that, the topic of the assignment or thesis is to be written in a blank box. The font for this can be smaller than the rest of the information. this section does not require a bold effect. 
  5. Lastly, follow the above steps in the series as mentioned. You will get a proper assignment cover page in a few minutes. 
Finally, any other important information to be included can be inserted by giving spaces at the place required.


Different formatting styles are used in the college and universities of Australia. The guidelines are also followed in the institutions of the UK, USA, and other countries. Some of the formatting styles are mentioned below with all the necessary guidelines. We hope that it gives you a clear idea about different cover page assignment formats. 

APA or American Psychological Association

APA style is widely and most frequently used cover page assignment. The basic guideline is stated below: 
  • The font remains Times New Roman 
  • The font size remains at 12
  • The width of the margin remains 1-inch
  • The content is to write with double spaced in between
  • A proper title is required
  • Running head is very important to include
  • Name of the author or instructor
  • Name of the college or the university
  • Page number to be included at the top-right corner
Use of any type of date stamp is inappropriate to use. A handwritten date is appropriate. The date of submission is to be mentioned clearly. 
Acknowledgments can also be introduced. It can only be written if it is asked for in the guidelines of the assignment.
APA style cover page
 Fig: Example of APA style cover page 

MLA or Modern Language Association 

This style does not require any extra page for including all the necessary information. MLA style is pretty simpler than any of the rest formatting styles. The following are the basic demands of MLA cover page assignment: 
  • No need to introduce a cover page
  • The font is the same as APA, Times New Roman
  • The font size-12 
  • A margin of 1-inch is required
  • A header of four lines is inserted including the names of the student, professor, discipline, and lastly, date
  • Double-space
  • The location of the name of the student is in the top-right corner
MLA style cover page
Fig: Example of MLA style cover page

Harvard style

           This is also simple and includes the following information: 
  • Designation of the assignment with the student’s name underneath. 
  • The submission date. 
  • The name of the course, professor’s name, school’s name, classroom number, or relevant college/universities’ name and number
 Harvard style cover page
Fig: Example of Harvard style cover page 

Chicago style

This style is also one of the commonly used styles. The students face difficulty in this one as a bibliography is needed at the end of the paper. In this formatting style, the cover page for an assignment can be written without much hassle. The following are the requirements: 
  • The font again remains the same: Times New Roman
  • The font size: 12
  • The width of the margin: 1-inch
  • Title as well as subtitles
  • Student’s name and number 
  • Disciple 
  • Number of the course 
  • Date 
 Chicago Style cover page
 Fig: Example of Chicago style cover page 


  • Formatting: Any error in formatting leads to the loss of marks. It cannot be afforded. The guidelines are required to be followed. 
  • Writing styles: The styles have different specific requirements. The requirements are to be followed to the letter. 
  • Grammar and punctuation: Any error regarding language and punctuation also results in the loss of marks. The assignment can also be sent for re-formatting. 
Challenges are real for making an assignment cover page. Assignment help online in Australia dedicatedly works for providing any type of assistance in an assignment cover page. It is always better to take help so that your assignment does not encounter any loophole for losing marks. We are always available and happy to help you.

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