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Xiaomi Customer Feedback System
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XIAOMI Customer Feedback System


Xiaomi is one of those gadget makers which has left a very strong impression on the technology industry. It has successfully achieved a huge target of reaching every common people and providing luxury at affordable prices.

The success of Xiaomi is attributed to the facility of CRM or Customer Relationship strategies. The company has spread customer service on a very large scale.

One of the major goals of the company is to have a strict focus on the innovation of providing quality products to meet the demand of the preferences. It can be widely accepted that preferences are ever-changing and coping with fast advancements in the target market is quite challenging.

But, Xiaomi has successfully been on its way to being consistent with the provision of the latest developments, installed within the smart gadgets.

The CRM strategy is discussed further which is based on the below-mentioned aspects’: 

 The strategy used by Xiaomi has its base on the online platform. The company converses with its consumers on Chinese social platforms.

Recent highlight shows that the company has curated a mobile community which is known as MiTalk. This community enables the consumers of Xiaomi to share their personal experiences on this online platform about the device they are using of Xiaomi’s.

The platform is very efficient in the fact that it manages company interactions very efficiently and smoothly. It also helps in the establishment of a relationship with the consumers together with the potential customers. 

From the above discussion, it can be said that the online platform has become a very critical part of Xiaomi for linking its customer with the company.

Industrial analysts have named Xiaomi as a faceless company, making humungous profits. The company is making huge profits when compared to the mobile manufacturers as well in the past few years.
Xiaomi is also associated with WeChat together with its online mobile community to be present for its customer in need. The WeChat platform makes the company preserve responses and also, set keywords.

These systems will facilitate the establishment of quick responses being provided to the consumers. The consumers can use the keywords like restart or repair to get connected directly to customer services with the motive of contacting at one go. 

 Xiaomi is one of those recognized organizations which has its root based in effective CRM strategy to bridge customer interaction. The marketing strategies used by Xiaomi on the online platform have made it a digital marketing company.

Through its effective and connecting strategies, the company has broken all boundaries and surpassed some major big companies like Apple and Samsung. It can be said that Xiaomi is on its way to becoming the largest-ever smartphone manufacturer in China. 

The CRM strategy adopted by Xiaomi is never just for the native users but it targets global audiences at once. The app store has also aided in the fast delivery of services to consumers. 

 To continue effective communication with its consumers, the company has focused on updating its CRM. For instance, the company indulged in the creation of an information inquiry platform that serves by recording all the complaints solely as well as suggestions can also be dropped secondarily. 

 The strategies used by Xiaomi concerning CRM have been very effective in aiding communication and customer interaction. The company makes huge sales with the help of its digital marketing only.

The company has made it possible for its consumers to avail of the products online with the help of an efficient CRM strategy. This technique has facilitated people across the globe to get access to Xiaomi products. 

Characteristics Of XIAOMI’S Business-Customer Relationship

The success of Xiaomi is linked with the philosophy of “Be friends with our fans”. If it is observed, the company is one of the leading smartphone vendors in the streets of the market of China.

The attitude displayed by the company is the key reason for its never-ending profits and prosperity. The company-consumer relationship displayed by Xiaomi can be attributed to the following characteristics:
Xiaomi has been close with various social platforms as well as techniques, just for engaging with the fans. The strategy followed for marketing in social media platforms has converted its 11 million followers into loyal consumers. The approach, not only attracts consumers because of its attractive prices but also because it provides the consumers with full information about a particular product.

There are different channels, that enable consumers to complain from social media platforms also. 

 The application of the mentioned CRM strategies has aided Xiaomi in the improvement of its customers’ experiences. It has been observed that the consumer relationship management panel has employed convenient methods for making it easy to track the former’s needs and interact with them accordingly.

This provides meaning to the interaction between the consumer and the company. This has hugely benefitted the company with the increment in sales and higher customer satisfaction. The mentioned strategy has confirmed that the customers will again buy and not loiter off. 

The CRM strategy applied by Xiaomi is aligned with the change in consumer behaviour in China. The Chinese people or consumers have shown great interest in buying quality products at par prices and also, rely hugely on the social media platform to get proper product information.

Therefore, it can be said that the CRM strategies used by Xiaomi are aligned with the changing trends and influences the consumer greatly to adopt online shopping.

 It can be said that the online marketing ways taken up by Xiaomi as well as interactions on social media platforms are unique. The WeChat platform has aided the company in attending to its consumers more efficiently than before. This facilitates quick response generation for the consumers’ complaints and getting positive feedback on solving the issues.

Consumers trust Xiaomi to a great extent. It has captured consumers’ attention by making luxury affordable. Trust dominates its sale and its ability to interact with the consumers effectively facilitates building a strong company-consumer relationship. The company uses this trust to have a strong hold over the major smartphone market in China as well as India

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