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Marketing for Diagnosis and immediate care through AI
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  • Course Code: 404MAN
  • University: Coventry University Group
  • Country: United Kingdom

Assignment Task

You are required to design a Poster using the marketing concepts and deliver a 10-minute video-recorded pitch to your company’s promotion campaign manager for the launch of a brand- new service/product.

Your choice of organisation should be within the healthcare industry and should be agreed with your tutor. Your pitch must highlight how the new product could support the achievement of organisational objectives. 

Submission Instructions:

The poster can be submitted in JPEG format or PDF. The video pitch should be recorded using Screenpal or an equivalent recorder software tool to ensure good audio and video clarity.

There should be a title page which clearly identifies the following:
*    Name and code of the module
*    Title of the Assessment
*    Assessment number
*    Time limit of 10 (+/-2) minutes for the video must be adhered to.

Diagnosis And Immediate Care Through AI


In the current day scenario, artificial intelligence has been gaining major importance in all spheres of life.

As per the opinions of Secinaro et al. (2021), medical institutions across the world have also been implementing artificial intelligence to maintain effective communication with the patients and even conduct proper diagnoses as well as provide assistance to the concerned patients.

The following paper will aim to discuss a new idea that would be creative and innovative alongside helping enhance the attraction of patients across the hospital which in the long term would lead to increased revenue generation across the global healthcare industry, especially the UK healthcare industry.

Company overview

The Meriden Hospital is one of the well-known healthcare institutions that have been active across the Coventry region in the United Kingdom. The hospital has been a part of the Circle Healthcare Group and has been functional for the last 17 years (Circle Health Group, 2024).

Located in Coventry, Warwickshire, UK, the hospital has been maintaining a reputation for the delivery of high-quality treatment and services to patients.

The team of medical professionals across the chosen hospital consists of dedicated and specialised staff who have been providing exceptional services in terms of patient care by utilising their clinical expertise in the matter.

The hospital is well known for several services that are inclusive of orthopaedic surgery, spinal surgery services across the ophthalmology, gastroenterology and gynaecology departments, cosmetic surgery, and even ENT services (Circle Health Group, 2024).

The hospital provides services to the concerned patients with the help of 16 consulting suites and 52 dedicated rooms for patient care thus ensuring an efficient and comfortable environment that would lead to enhanced healing of patients (Circle Health Group, 2024).

The concerned authorities at the hospital have been aiming to introduce technologically developed factors like artificial intelligence for diagnosing and providing the required emergency services to in-house as well as outdoor patients who have been visiting the medical institution.

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New Service Idea

As highlighted in the previous sections, it could be stated that artificial intelligence has been making effective contributions to the overall improvement of the facilities provided by medical organisations like The Meriden Hospital.

The given organisation has been aiming at introducing remote patient care consultation services which would help in maintaining effective diagnosis and provide immediate assistance to the concerned individual with the help of artificial intelligence tools. The medical institution would like to introduce devices enabled with the

Internet of Things which would help in monitoring the in-house patient for fluctuations in their medical situation. The medical institution would also maintain the installation of gadgets that would be capable of accessing the internet and maintaining connectivity with the required medical professional.

This would help monitor the in-house patients across the hospital. In the case of outdoor patients, the hospital aims to arrange for facilities like the development of an application or a specific platform which would help connect the patient to the concerned doctor or the medical department.

The medical institution aims to introduce artificial intelligence in detecting the issue highlighted by the concerned patient and thereafter providing the concerned individual with the required services or even connecting to the emergency services in case the situation calls for the same.

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Marketing Mix

The following section sheds light on the marketing mix across the chosen medical institution in discussion, The Meriden Hospital.

Product: The chosen medical institution in discussion. The Meriden Hospital has been maintaining an effective understanding of the services that are extended to the target patients across the chosen operational markets.

The chosen medical organisation has been known for maintaining excellent services to the target patients who have been dealing with medical issues and ailments.

The institution has been extending effective services to the required patients and the implementation of artificial intelligence across the operations of The Meriden Hospital would further help enhance the brand popularity and performance across the UK markets.

Pricing: The Meriden Hospital has been known for maintaining value-based pricing strategies for the services that it extends to the target clients of the company, the patients in this case.

As highlighted by Miles et al. (2021), the prices maintained by The Meriden Hospital are low as compared to other private hospitals alongside maintaining the quality of services that the medical institution offers to the concerned patients.

The implementation of artificial intelligence for diagnosis and immediate care of patients would attract membership charges of around 20 pounds per month thus maintaining the organisational popularity across the UK markets.

Promotion: The Meriden Hospital is advised to advertise regarding the introduction of new services over various social media as well as traditional advertising channels (Mohamadpour et al., 2024).

These are generally inclusive of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well as the email marketing strategies that are adopted by medical institutions to highlight their services towards the existing patients who have been seeking treatment from the concerned medical institution (Elrod & Fortenberry Jr, 2020).

The hospital aims to invest around 15 million pounds for promotional and marketing activities which would help in attracting a greater number of patients to the organisation thus promoting revenue generation as well.

Place: The Meriden Hospital has been maintaining operations under the banner of the Circle Healthcare Group and has been aiming to expand across the territorial boundaries of the United Kingdom.

The medical institution has been aiming to expand to several other locations across the UK and needs to extend medical services for the residents across the UK (Circle Health Group, 2024).

The institution has been aiming to introduce artificial intelligence in dealing with the medical issues that are being faced by the residents of the country with the help of remote monitoring systems and artificial intelligence.

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Marketing Strategy

The Meriden Hospital is advised to conduct proper promotional activities across social media channels as well as traditional advertising areas like television ads and billboards.

The medical institution code is advised to highlight the new services over Facebook and Instagram to attract the attention of prospective clients, the patients in this case (Instagram.com, 2024; Facebook.com, 2024).

The hospital could also advertise its new services over television broadcasting and interactive billboards that are strategically placed to attract the attention of patients who have been seeking remote medical assistance.

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In conclusion to the above discussion, it could be stated that The Meriden Hospital could achieve better performance and improved revenue generation in case the organisation introduces artificial intelligence for effective development across the healthcare industry of the United Kingdom.

This would further enhance the revenues as well as the competitive positioning of The Meriden Hospital across the UK healthcare sector. 


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