How to Request an Assignment Extension at Monash University

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We get it if you can't finish the evaluation because of things beyond your control. You can request additional time if this occurs. Your options will vary Depending on the assessment and your specific circumstances.

Need an extension?

Short Extension (Two Calendar Days)

The first application for an evaluation in a specific unit does not require an explanation when a brief extension is requested. A justification is required for any further assessment applications in that unit. Apply with delay but by 11.55 pm on the due date of your assessment.


Suppose you cannot finish your evaluation by the due date because of an immediate and severe hardship, such as a serious illness, needing care for another person (including your children), or an accident. In that case, you may be eligible for a two-day extension.

With a few exclusions listed below, you can request a brief extension for most exams, including quizzes and assignments.

When you’re not eligible

If you require additional time for an assessment and have previously been granted a shorter extension, you must submit a new application under special consideration.

Specific assessments cannot be extended, such as 

•    a group assessment
•    an in-class test/assessment (including presentations)
•    a practical assessment (including laboratories)
•    a mid-semester test
•    a scheduled final assessment. 

How to apply ?

  • On the day of your evaluation, submit your application at your earliest convenience, but no later than 11.55 pm.

  • No justification or further materials are required for the initial request for a brief extension of time to complete an assessment in a given unit.

  • You don't need to attach supporting documentation if you request a brief extension for a separate evaluation within the same unit; all you have to do is choose a reason.

Extension Through Special Consideration ( Generally Longer)

Suppose you need more time to finish your evaluation than planned because of an unforeseen and severe circumstance. In that case, you can request a particular consideration extension by submitting the necessary paperwork. Apply with delay but by 11.55 pm on the due date of your assessment.

You should continue working on your assessment and strive to submit it promptly if your position improves. If they reject your application, you run the danger of incurring a late fee. The evaluation feedback you receive can be postponed if you request an extension.


Any assessment, except a scheduled final assessment (exam), can be extended (often by more than two days) through special consideration if you can prove your extraordinary circumstances. Examples of such situations include: 

  • A medical condition (such as COVID-19) 

  • A mental health condition 

  • A family situation (such as a broken relationship) 

  • A victim of crime or worries about personal safety

  • Work-related and financial concerns

  • Duties as a member of the armed forces, a juror, or an emergency service provider 

  • Duties as a member of the athletic, artistic, or performing arts community who is registered with the Elite Student Performer Scheme or who represents the university in other important events and programs

  • Responsibilities as a caregiver, which may include your children

  • Religious or cultural obligations 

  • Other unusual circumstances beyond your control.

The dean or faculty delegate decides which assessments are not eligible for special consideration, such as placements. If you cannot finish the assessment and it is not available for special consideration, see the Handbook for alternate arrangements.

When you’re not eligible ?

We are unable to grant you a grace period for matters such as:

  • Not completing a mandatory module, leading to the loss of Moodle access

  • “Technical issues” you might have averted this by ensuring that the files you uploaded were valid, giving yourself plenty of time to submit them, and using the appropriate equipment. 

  • You may have been representing a club or society as a volunteer. 

  • You could have applied for a deferred assessment instead of a planned final test.

Additionally, your application may be rejected if your extraordinary circumstances necessitate extensive extensions during and after the teaching term. 

How To Apply ?

Send in your application right away, but by 11.55 pm on the due date of your assessment. Be careful to include any necessary supplementary materials to back up your claim of unusual circumstances.

It is acceptable to apply without the required supporting papers; however, we reserve the right to reject your application if we do not receive the requested materials within three business days and if you do not specify when they will be available in your application.


If you want an extension granted, you must be honest and provide all the facts they need without trying to trick them or get a leg up.

The application gets disapproved and the case gets reported to  the Student Conduct and Complaints to investigate for academic misconduct if you supply misleading statements or forged supporting documents.

If you need any help regarding your Monash University assignment extension, you can always contact Digi Assignment Help.

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