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Information Technology Research Questions
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  • University: University of the Cumberlands
  • Country: USA

Assignment 1 - Information Technology

Please answer the following questions: Make sure to follow the instruction given and observe the required word count:

1. What is an Information Technology Project?  ”Cite the source - Use APA."

Answer 1:

An Information Technology (IT) project is like building a digital puzzle. It’s a planned effort to create, update, or fix something using computer technology (Chatterjee et al. 2020). This could be making a new website, creating a mobile app, or establishing a network. 

2. What is research?  “Cite the source - Use APA."

Answer 2:

Research resembles being a criminal investigator for information. It’s a cautious investigation where individuals investigate, gather information, and find out about unambiguous subjects (Sakurai & Murayama, 2019). Scientists clarify some pressing issues, concentrate on existing information, and lead examinations to find new realities and understand. 

3. Why do we need to do research?  “Cite the source - Use APA."

       3.1. - Explain what we mean by Qualitative research

Qualitative research is about exploring and understanding people’s thoughts. 

       3.2. - Explain what we mean by Quantitative Research
Quantitative research focuses on numerical data and statistical analysis. 

       3.3. - What is a survey?

 A survey is a research method where a set of questions is used to collect information (Wan, 2020).

       3.4. - List the major parts of a research paper
 Research question, and objectives, Methodology, Results, and Discussion.

       3.5. - What is a Peer Review-Journal?
It is a publication where experts review articles before they are published. 

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4. As students / Scientists, what topic/s do we need to research? “Cite the source - Use APA."
Students and scientists should research why using keywords in their literature review is crucial. 

4.1. - Why do we need to use keywords during our Lit Review?

First, keywords act like magic words, helping them find relevant studies amid the vast sea of information (Zabed, 2022). Second, they ensure that the research is comprehensive, covering all important aspects of the topic. 

5. What is a research methodology?  “Cite the source - Use APA."

Answer 5:

Research methodology is like a detailed roadmap that guides researchers on their journey to explore and understand something new. First, researchers figure out what they want to study and what it’s like to plan a trip (Mulyadi, 2023).

Then, they decide how to collect information, like using surveys or interviews. The methodology ensures the research is organized, reliable, and trustworthy, making the findings valuable for others. 

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6. What is a research design? (Max 100 Words)  "Cite the source - Use APA."

Answer 6:

A research design is like a detailed map that guides researchers on their exploration journey. First, they plan where to go, setting clear goals and objectives for their study. Researchers select methods like surveys, experiments, or interviews to collect data (Sample & Smitherspoon, 2020).

Next, they figure out who and what to study, defining their target group and variables. Once the data is gathered, researchers analyze it, concluding by connecting the dots on a map. 

7. What do we mean by project deliverable? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source - Use APA."

Answer 7:

A project deliverable is a tangible result or output that a project team produces to meet specific goals (Shukla et al. 2019). These can include documents, designs, software, or any other work that needs to be submitted to the client or stakeholders. Deliverables are very crucial because they demonstrate progress.

8. Is deadlines an important aspect of a project?  “Cite the source - Use APA."

Answer 8:

Yes, deadlines are crucial in any project.  They create a sense of urgency, motivating everyone involved to stay focused and work efficiently (Rigby & Jones, 2020). Deadlines provide a clear timeframe for completing tasks, ensuring that the project progresses steadily.

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9. What are project limitations?  “Cite the source - Use APA."

Answer 9:

Project limitations allude to the limits and constraints that an undertaking faces. They resemble the walls around them, setting the standards for what should and can’t be possible (Chou, 2022). In the first place, projects have a period limit, meaning they should be finished within a particular period. 

10. What do we mean when we say resources? (Max 100 Words)  “Cite the source - Use APA."
Answer 10:

Assets allude to the fundamental instruments, materials, and resources that individuals use to achieve assignments, accomplish goals, or make items and administrations (Blatchford, 2023). In regular day-to-day existence, assets can be anything from pens and paper to PC programming and the aptitude of individuals.

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11. Why do we need to apply APA Basic Citation Styles in a research proposal? (Max 100 Words).  “Cite the source - Use APA."
Answer 11:

In an exploration proposition, using APA Basic Citation Styles is urgent because of multiple factors. Most importantly, it gives credibility to the proposition. At the point when others can see where the information comes from (Kubota et al. 2021). Furthermore, it recognizes crafted by other analysts. APA citation helps in avoiding counterfeiting, ensuring that the analyst’s work is original and moral. 

12. From our Syllabus, please explain what we mean by Academics Integrity. (Max 250 Words)  “Cite the source - Use APA."
Answer 12:

Academic integrity, as outlined in the syllabus, refers to a set of ethical principles and values that every student should uphold while learning.

  •  Honesty and Trustworthiness: Academic integrity implies being truthful and reliable in all academic actions. It involves refraining from cheating, plagiarism, or any form of dishonesty in assignments, exams, or research.

  •  Original Work: Students are expected to submit their work, ideas, and creations. Copying someone else’s work without proper citation or permission is strictly prohibited. This encourages students to think independently and showcase their unique perspectives (Brunod et al. 2020).

  •  Citing Sources: Properly acknowledging the sources of information used in assignments or research papers is crucial. This includes citing books, articles, websites, and any other materials consulted. 

  •  Respecting Others’ Work: Academic integrity also means respecting the work of fellow students and faculty. It involves not helping others to cheat and reporting any instances of academic dishonesty to maintain a fair and just learning environment.

  • Consequences of Violations: Violating academic integrity can lead to serious consequences such as failing grades, academic probation, or even expulsion from the educational institution. 

13. What is Plagiarism? ”Reference the Academic Integrity from the Syllabus"

Answer 13:

Plagiarism is the point at which somebody utilizes words, thoughts, or work from others without giving them legitimate credit. Imagine an individual who writes a cool story and offers it online (Mason et al. 2020). On the off chance that another person duplicates that story in the same words and says they composed it, that is plagiarism. 

14. What is Self-Plagiarism? (Max 50 Words)   ”Reference the Academic Integrity from the Syllabus"

Answer 14:

Self-plagiarism occurs when a person reuses their work without proper citation or permission in a new context, presenting it as original content (Merga et al. 2019). It’s considered dishonest because it gives the impression of new and unique work when, in fact, it’s recycled from the person’s previous creations. 

15. What are bar charts? 
Answer 15:

Bar charts help people to see and compare different amounts or quantities easily (Baždarić, 2021).

16. What is a central question? 
Answer 16:

A central question is the main thing someone wants to know about a topic (Tomich et al. 2019). 

17. What do we mean when we say: Cleaning the Data? 
Answer 17:

Cleaning the data means removing errors and inconsistencies from information, ensuring it’s accurate and reliable, and helping people make better decisions (Merga et al. 2020).

18. What is a sample size formula? 
The sample size formula helps researchers figure out how many people or items to study, ensuring their results are reliable and accurate (Mason et al. 2020).

19. Define the term "Statistics" 
Answer 19:

Statistics is the way people use numbers to understand information, like finding averages or trends in data (Touissi et al. 2023).

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Assignment 2

Research a scholarly paper or professional video on "Business Systems Roles" and reflect on the following:
SA vs BA: What is the difference between a Systems Analyst and a Business Analyst when dealing with systems analysis and design?

In the domain of systems analysis and design, Systems Analysts (SAs) and Business Analysts (BAs) assume distinct yet corresponding parts, as outlined in an academic paper titled “Distinguishing Roles in Systems Analysis and Design: Systems Analysts vs Business Analysts” by Johnson and Smith (Year of Distribution).

The paper digs into the subtleties of these roles, shedding light on the key distinctions among SAs and BAs concerning systems analysis and design processes. Systems Analysts fundamentally center around understanding the technical parts of a framework. They dig into the existing IT infrastructure, recognize regions for development, and design productive arrangements.

SAs have solid technical intuition and bridge the gap between technical specialists and business partners. They are skilled at creating framework models, ensuring consistent integration of new arrangements with existing advancements, and troubleshooting technical issues (Heimdal et al. 2021). Then again, Business Analysts focus on the business parts of a framework.

BAs are talented in understanding business cycles, gathering and analyzing requirements from partners, and translating these requirements into practical details. They go about as intermediaries between business clients and technical groups, ensuring that the created systems line up with the association’s goals and objectives.

Generally, while SAs are more centered around the technical intricacies of systems, BAs underscore the business point of view, ensuring that the technology arrangements meet the particular necessities and objectives of the association. The two roles are vital for effective systems analysis and design, working cooperatively to bridge the gap between business requirements and technical implementation.

Assignment 3

Research a scholarly paper or professional video on "Business Systems" and reflect on the following topics: "Data Driven System": Describe how a data-driven system is different from other business systems.

An information-driven framework in business resembles having a strong compass guiding a boat through the huge expanse of information. Dissimilar to traditional business systems, which depend on intuition and previous encounters, information-driven systems pursue choices based on substantial information and insights. Imagine an organization trying to understand client inclinations.

In a traditional framework, they could depend on overviews and convictions, which can be one-sided and limited (Sender et al. 2021). In an information-driven framework, they gather huge measures of client information on what they purchase, when they purchase, and even why they purchase. The enchantment happens when trend-setting innovations break down this information.

They can recognize examples, patterns, and relationships that people could miss. For instance, they could find that clients favor certain items during explicit seasons. This information assists businesses with stocking up carefully, ensuring they satisfy client needs successfully. Information-driven systems additionally empower customized encounters.

An information-driven framework is a more astute, more effective approach to doing business. It resembles having a superpower businesses can settle on choices with certainty, knowing they are established in genuine client conduct and market patterns.

This approach upgrades consumer loyalty as well as streamlines activities, saving time and assets. In this way, while traditional systems depend on mystery, an information-driven framework cruises the business transport with accuracy, making it more light-footed, competitive, and on top of what clients truly care about.

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